Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 306

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 7: The World of the Culture of Heart
Speech 20: Event to Mark the Distribution of Fifty Thousand Copies of Father’s Autobiography, pg 1131-1134

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My autobiography is the testimony of my life

Honored guests, my autobiography is not the record of an ordinary person’s life. It is the True Parent’s testimony and journal, honestly describing my remarkable life of fulfilling God’s Will. It is a record of my desperate battles with Satan, which I carried out in order to save humanity. Its pages express the drops of sweat that I shed as I wrestled with the spiritual axis of the earth, standing on the verge of death. It is a model and guide of true love, and the story of a true family that overcame many life-threatening crises in its determination to invest its sweat for earth, tears for humankind and blood for heaven.

I hope that you will open the doors of your hearts and read my autobiography closely. Please take my hand as I walk on this lonely course of saving humanity. Let us not only secure your eternal life and that of your family; let us also bring all of humanity to God, so that everyone may receive salvation and eternal life.

Our ultimate goal is to establish God’s kingdom and His righteousness, so that we may live attending God as the center. Jesus spoke of God’s kingdom. What kind of kingdom would that be? It would be the ideal kingdom of peace, which takes the form of a true, ideal family in which three generations, grandparents, parents and children, live together united in love, in mutual trust, respect and interdependence. It would be a nation of God’s sovereignty, the ideal world of which humankind has dreamed.

Korea is the nation that has preserved these traditions and customs better than any other. The Korean traditional extended family system, in which three generations live together as one family, has been passed down through its five-thousand-year history. It is the family system that all humanity can use as a guide for family ethics. This is why Heaven prepared Korea from long ago to be the central nation in God’s kingdom of Cheon Il Guk.

I am promoting a movement to realize a society where all people become one family based on interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values. It begins with a single family. In such a society, everyone will break down the walls in their hearts, nations will remove the boundaries between them, and so on up to the cosmic level. Therefore, it is our providential calling to create our own true families. These will advance the establishment of the Kingdom of Cosmic Peace and Unity on this earth, centered on God.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a historic time of great transition. It is the time of the great cosmic revolution that is changing the course of history, uniting the spirit world and the physical world, and creating the ideal kingdom of heaven. This is what God has longed for since the beginning of time.

We can no longer postpone or prolong the fulfillment of His wish. Heaven has already proclaimed that January 13, 2013 will be “Foundation Day.” That day will be the actual beginning of God’s kingdom of Cheon Il Guk. That day will be the origin. Less than two years remain until then.

Therefore, it is time for all people to humble themselves and offer themselves to Heaven’s decree. The fateful time is upon us today, when we must build a world under the guidance of True Parents. They are carrying out the earthly providence of God, the King of Peace, as His substantial body.

The speech given at the assembly for the proclamation of the word is a message from heaven

Ladies and gentlemen, now is a serious and yet blessed time, when this revolutionary and cosmic change is coming into your lives. Therefore, I would like to convey Heaven’s message by summarizing the concluding remarks in my address given at the “Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who, as God’s Embodiment, Proclaim the Word.”

First, all families need to educate themselves every day. The father, mother, sons and daughters need to completely unite to attend God as their center. Education in the family should be thorough. Parents and children need to unite by coming together to read the textbooks that True Parents have bequeathed, and also True Father’s autobiography.

Second, the father, mother, sons and daughters in each family need to attain the standard of an absolute father, absolute mother, absolute sons and absolute daughters, who live their lives with God’s love. In this way, they will establish a family that is absolutely rooted in God’s love. Heaven has now permitted the grace of the realm of Seunghwa, which confers rebirth and resurrection. It is bestowed on whole families in which the parents and children have achieved complete unity under God. Thus, you need to establish such absolute families.

Third, you must commit yourselves to opening the reign of tranquility and prosperity, the victorious reign centered on God and True Parents, during True Parents’ time on earth. Thanks to the grace of True Parents’ suffering, humankind has moved out of the era of restoration through indemnity. True Parents shed blood and sweat to overcome this era. Please remember that we all have the responsibility to liberate the realm of hell, with its families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world. We should do so during True Parents’ time on earth.

Fourth, do not forget that we are at a critical point in time, having less than two years remaining until we enter the era of peace under God’s direct dominion. I ask you to reflect deeply upon the fact that we have entered the era of the realm of the Cosmic Sabbath of true love. In that realm, all families need to live together and share their joys as tribes spanning eight generations, embracing the ideal of all humankind becoming one family.

The world of one family under God is unfolding before your eyes, where all people are equal and all nations are like siblings.

Let us all pray for this great project

My plans for developing the area of the Hoover Dam and other areas surrounding Las Vegas here in the American West will soon become well known. These projects will contribute greatly to fulfilling the ideal of one family under God. I hope that you will participate in these grand projects for the sake of humanity, and become reliable workers who pray and shed sweat together with us.

If you become one with me in heart, as revealed in my autobiography, then this city of Las Vegas, whose wickedness and evil has led to it be called “sin city,” will become a major global contributor to the foundation of the Abel UN centering on God. Las Vegas will become a shining city that is governed by God’s true love. I have no doubt that Las Vegas can become a shining city. Instead of sin city, it will be a “sun city,” a city with a bright future.

I pray in True Parents’ name that Heaven’s blessing will be with you, your families and your nation. Let us offer hope and value to God as we arrive at the final point of this great historical transition.

Thank you

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