Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 308

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 8: The Reunification of Korea and World Peace
Speech 01: Korea in the World, pg 1140-1143

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Let us overthrow communism in the name of God

Today the worldwide membership of the Unification Church from sixty countries has taken a stand and united in the name of God with all people of the world, to carry out His Will in this meaningful place. The Unification Church is a flag bearer and bridgehead in the battle against communism, standing in the frontline of the free world in the belief that communism is the last enemy of God. This religion, which manifests God clearly, provides the truth, faith and teaching that can overcome communism.

The aim of all people of faith in Korea must be to free the city of Pyongyang. The North Korean people, who are enslaved by communism, are waiting for God to liberate them. Kim Il Sung and his followers dug underground tunnels for the purpose of invading the South. We people of faith, with our higher perspective, need to build a bridge to Pyongyang that brings freedom and unity, and have the courage to liberate our brethren with the same love and heart.

We have to pray, and also fight, in order to ignite a heavenly explosion of truth and love in the center of the city of Pyongyang. Fourteen million North Korean brethren are waiting for God’s hand. Our hands, these hands, must be the very hands of God.

In the Old Testament, Goliath stood imposingly, nine feet tall and armed with a spear, while before him stood the boy David with only a stone in his hand. Today we need to hear David’s battle cry. He did not cry, “You, my enemy, receive my stone!” or “Though I am very small, I am very strong. Come and fight with me!” David cried, “You come to me with sword and spear and javelin; but I come to you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.” (1 Sam. 17:45) David defeated the giant Goliath with God’s power. We must oppose Kim Il Sung, defeat Mao Zedong, and bring an end to the Soviet Union in the name of God. We can gain victory only through faith. Let us completely and bravely fortify our line of defense. Let us fight to the last at the cost of our lives in the holy battle for God. The final victory will be ours. God is on our side. 

Communist strategy disguised as a peace offensive

Ladies and gentlemen, today we must know the strategy of communism. I who stand here know communism better than any other person. After Korea’s liberation from Japan, when I was in North Korea doing missionary work, I faced death many times. The communists considered me their enemy, captured me and imprisoned me in Hungnam Prison in 1948. This compulsory labor prison was actually a death camp, where political and religious prisoners died sooner or later. I spent nearly three years in this prison, and was finally liberated by United Nations forces sent by God in 1950. I have experienced deeply the reality of communism. I know too well its strategy and tactics.

In 1930, a key staff member of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party, Dimitry Manuilsky, speaking to core partisans at the Lenin School of Political Warfare, described the strategy of communism as follows: “Communism cannot coexist with capitalism. It is too early to attack; our time will come in twenty or thirty years. We can gain victory only through surprise attack. Let the capitalist world eat well and sleep well, by all means. The best way to do this is to initiate an absolute peace policy. Knowing nothing, they will enjoy peace and will respond to peace negotiations. In this way the capitalist countries will stupidly cooperate in digging a trap for themselves. We pretend to be their friends and gain time. And while they are relaxing we will deliver a decisive iron fist.”

This was the very strategy of the Soviet Union written by Lenin; this was the very strategy of Mao Zedong to govern the mainland of China; this was the very strategy of the North Vietnamese to control Vietnam, and they all succeeded. And this was the very strategy of Kim Il Sung when he was looking for the chance to invade the South. However, we will never be deceived by this strategy again. And we will never again tempt Kim Il Sung to miscalculate. Today let us show Kim Il Sung our capability.

Unificationists will defend Korea, the homeland of their faith

Our fifty million fellow countrymen, who love our homeland, are willing to defend this country at the cost of their lives. We will never allow communism to set foot in our territory. We have powerful allies. The United States is a powerful ally, and Japan is a powerful ally. Heaven helps those who help themselves. If we denounce Kim Il Sung in the name of God, and if we defend this country in the name of God, our country will never become another Vietnam.

However, ladies and gentlemen, that is not all! Kim Il Sung must know about the forces present at this World Rally for Korean Freedom on the May 16th Square. There is another very strong ally that Korea and the Korean people need to know about. It is the worldwide members of the Unification Church, who believe that Korea is their religious homeland.

They are absolute anti-communists who love Korea completely. How much do they love Korea? According to their belief, Korea is their religious homeland and their holy land. To a faithful believer, an invasion of this holy land is an invasion of his or her own home, his or her own body.

This means that the worldwide members of the Unification Church love Korea as they do their own bodies. Accordingly, the worldwide members of the Unification Church take it as their duty to protect Korea, their religious homeland.

Ladies and gentlemen, some one thousand representatives from sixty countries are gathered here. They are intimate friends of Korea who firmly believe in this land and are ready to protect and defend it with their lives.

These people gathered in this historical plaza believe it is God’s Will that they protect their religious homeland to the end. If North Korea provokes a war against the South Korean people, they are resolved to organize a campaign for world unity and participate in the war as a volunteer army to defend both Korea and the free world. 

Korea is a nation God loves

“Until the Eastern Sea runs dry, the white-topped mountain falls, God will guide and shield our country, for eternity.” Since our liberation from Japan, we have been singing this as our national anthem. We have learned that this national anthem is God’s revelation to the Korean people. God revealed that through His guidance and protection our country would stand for eternity.

God truly loves the Republic of Korea.

Since our forefather Tangun founded the Korean nation, we went through many hard times due to our location between larger nations. Yet, we never invaded a foreign country. God helped us to steadfastly keep the traditions of our people. It was God who brought liberation to our country on August 15, 1945. It was God who mobilized sixteen nations to protect this country during the Korean War; otherwise it would have fallen like South Vietnam. It was God who set up a powerful new leader, Korea’s current president, and a new order in our society in 1961, when this country was confused and facing a crisis brought on by communist infiltration from the North.

Now God is helping us gain victory on the final battlefield between God and Satan. Just as in the First and Second World Wars, it involves many nations: North Korea, the People’s Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the Republic of Korea, Japan and the United States. With this special favor and protection from God, let us be courageous and stand up without hesitation.

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