Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 248

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 6: The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World
Speech 4: Women Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World I, pg 898-902

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When body and mind are united based on true love, you become the companion of God’s own love—His eternal object partner. Not only that, you also become the heir of His eternal love. The properties of love include the right of inheritance, the right of cohabitation and the right of participation. If a loving husband is a president and his wife is not even an elementary school graduate, when they become loving a husband and wife, what belongs to the husband belongs to the wife and they have the right to stay together always, night and day, and also to participate in each other’s affairs. Since love has these three great properties—the right of inheritance, the right of cohabitation and the right of participation—when you stand in the position of perfect union with God’s absolute and unchanging true love, you can stand with God wherever He may be. You have the right to live together with Him and participate in His work at all times.

When this comes to pass, you can see God without closing your eyes and be moved to tears. There is a realm of experience in which a person who has encountered the sorrowful heart of God will stop suddenly, even in the middle of going somewhere, and cry their heart out. Even in the fallen world, there have been many cases in which the love of a mother is such that if her child met with an unexpected accident away from home, she knew about it intuitively. Even arousing from sleep, she cried out her child’s name as she woke up sobbing.

When you have prepared yourself to absorb into your body and mind 100 percent of God’s essential true love, which will live for the sake of others for tens of thousands of years, the roots of God’s love will be anchored in your heart. You will feel everything that He feels, and your body automatically will resonate with those feelings. In fact, the body is designed to be a resonator of the mind’s world based on true love. You have to realize that, in order to achieve the united world of body and mind, first God’s love must be restored. However, this task remains unfulfilled.

From the viewpoint of the logic of resonating with true love, when we human beings truly love and enter the realm of mutual oneness, we can say that God’s life is our life, God’s lineage is our lineage, and the created world in God’s possession is our created world. Then we will be registered in the kingdom of heaven with the heart of the father and the mother embracing heaven and earth.

Now, which comes first, love or life? Love comes first. The life of humankind was conceived through love based on the ideal of love, and so it follows that the essence of human life is love. Therefore, we can say that it is nature’s law of life, originating from the essence of love, to live for the sake of others, and that in fact, human beings were born for the sake of others from the very moment of their birth. If I were born only for myself, or if everyone else had to exist only for my sake, the concept of love never could become reality. This is because love is real only when one desires to give to others and to sacrifice for others. The person who sacrifices for the sake of the family can bring about love in the family.

You may think that if you sacrifice for the sake of others, you will lose everything. In truth, it is the opposite. If anything, you become the subject being of love and the owner of everything, and you also are elevated to a higher dimension. A person who sacrifices and serves for the sake of the class becomes the class president, and a person who sacrifices for the sake of the village becomes the leader of the village. Furthermore, a person who sacrifices and serves for the sake of the nation becomes the owner of the nation.

The principle of love is that when love sacrifices for something that is greater, the level of that love is elevated. When you sacrifice for something greater, rather than being absorbed by it, you can stand at its center and face a new dimension. The reason that Christianity became a religion of resurrection is that it teaches to sacrifice for others.

Even when he faced dying on the cross as an innocent man, Jesus prayed, “Father … not what I want, but what You want” (Matthew 26:39). Regarding the Roman soldiers who stabbed him with their spears, he beseeched God to forgive their sin along with the sin of everyone else who did not know what they were doing. Like God’s life, Jesus exemplifies a life lived and sacrificed for the sake of others. It became the origin that created the history of resurrection, and thus became the essential core of Christian thought and tradition. When you sacrifice even your life for the sake of others, you gain life of a higher dimension.

My beloved members of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, when you think about it, my visiting North Korea with my husband and meeting with President Kim Il Sung and various other party members on November 30, 1991, was an exceptionally high-risk endeavor.

As you well know, Rev. Sun Myung Moon is a religious leader and the leader of the Victory over Communism movement. The North Korean leaders have considered him their archenemy, and they have even carried out all kinds of schemes, both in Korea and abroad, to eliminate my husband. And yet, depending solely on God, we were able to go to North Korea and proclaim, “Unification cannot be brought about through Juche ideology. Unification is possible only through Godism.” We had a heart of love, desiring only to save them and to live for their sake, and we had a martyr’s spirit, ready to endure any sacrifice necessary to open the gates to the reunification of the homeland. We actually put into practice the words, “Those who are ready to die will live, and those who seek to live will die,” similar to Jesus’ saying in Matthew 16:25.

True love can serve as the basis for conquering even hell. When you come to possess true love, all sorrows and pains transform into joy within that true love. In other words, true love is the desire of the original nature of humankind, which remains as an absolute authority that is greater than any authority asserted through power, knowledge or money.

In this regard, throughout history God’s strategy to save humankind and Satan’s strategy to block Him are exactly opposite in nature. God’s strategy is to be struck first and then to receive, whereas Satan strikes first and then is dispossessed. Consider the history of the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War. In all of these, the side that struck first had to surrender. However, if someone robs God, God does not kill him and recover what was taken. Even though He has the power to appear imposingly as the master of the universe and strike and take things back by force, He still suffers as He receives the first blow.

By sacrificing themselves, parents walk the path of leading their disloyal children to repentance. To establish the high road of the law of nature, God personally goes to Satan and teaches him to do this and that, just as when a master comes to visit his or her pupil.

However, history has shown us that Satan struck the master who went to teach him. Do you know what happens after you are struck? You are eligible to receive recompense for damages. Confucius endured much persecution. Jesus was accused of being a rebel before the Roman Empire and was killed. Only after a long period in history were they acknowledged as saints. Has there ever been anyone recognized as a saint while they were alive on earth?

As is apparent, though such saints suffered miserably in their own times, through the progression of historical ages they were elevated. When you ask to be paid for damages, do not ask for the payment to be completed in ten or twenty years. The longer it takes, the more of the world you can claim. So, when you ask for compensation, after enduring and persevering for thousands of years, and then calculate what you are owed, you will find that the “money” deposited in the “bank” has yielded interest that has compounded until, in the end, you find that you have more than enough money to buy that bank.

God seeks while waiting to recover something. He employs the strategy of being struck first and then receives back what was taken. When the evil world persecutes you from all quarters and oppresses you, heavenly fortune will help you to leap forward and go beyond all opposition.

God has allowed my husband and me many opportunities to undergo such experiences. Being persecuted is actually a secret method of inheriting the enemy’s right of possession. In this way, the person whom God loves is always under the protection of heavenly fortune. Even if God has an enemy whom He wishes to overcome, God will not punish that person because God knows that that person has parents and a wife, as well as sons and daughters who love him. Since God also has crossed the valley of tears, when He experiences the heart of His enemy’s parents, wife and children, who love him more than anyone else, He simply cannot eliminate this enemy.

When you really come to feel God’s heart, how could you possibly seek revenge? When you come to know God’s heart, you want to help your enemy instead. Only then can you focus on love, which is the great road of the law of nature, and can you travel that great road which embraces all as one. Only then will heaven and earth move in unison, and will God shed tears. He will be delighted because you resemble Him.

Since God takes this viewpoint, we can understand why we need to love our enemy. Such a power comes neither from knowledge, money nor authority. Only true love has that power. Therefore, for your beloved sons, daughters and parents, South and North Korea must go beyond thinking of each other as enemies and yearn for reunification in the spirit of true love, of living and sacrificing for the sake of others.

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