Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 247

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 6: The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World
Speech 4: Women Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World I, pg 895-898 

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Women Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World I

May 11, 1992
Incheon Indoor Gymnasium, Incheon, Korea 
Women’s Federation for World Peace Rallies in twenty-one cities in Korea
(True Mother’s speech)

Most respected guests from Korea and abroad, and members of the Women’s Federation for World Peace:

It is my great honor to be able to speak on my views about world peace before so many women leaders from every field of life. The title of my speech today is “Women Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World.”

In the era in which we live today, we are ushering in a truly important transition. We can go beyond ideological barriers, linguistic and cultural differences and racial conflicts, and enter a world of oneness. We all yearn for the end of wars, oppression and exploitation and for the beginning of a promising future of true freedom, peace and prosperity.

To this day, the system of thought called Godism, advocated by my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has played a decisive role in overcoming the unceasing human suffering of the past, caused by the misuse of power, and in opening the door to the post-Cold War era. Now, in this historic transitional age, we are heading toward reconciliation and cooperation. I would like to speak once again about this system of thought disclosed by Rev. Moon, which he also named head-wing thought. I propose that this great formula for the construction of an eternal world of peace based on Godism will serve as the guiding principle for women who will pioneer the future world.

God originally created the object partner of His love in order to feel joy. To make a work of art, sculptors work through the night. They burn up their youth, devoting all their energy to their work. Where does this heart stem from? Wouldn’t that heart resemble God, who created the object partner of His love in order to taste joy? When you look at the world, you can see that the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and even human beings all exist in pairs. Why do they all exist in pairs? It is so that they can interact with each other.

In the mineral kingdom positive ions and negative ions interact. If you bring together two elements randomly, they will not always fuse together. If their properties are not complementary, not even God can make them react. On the other hand, if their properties are complementary, then not even God can keep them apart. It is apparent that God created even the interactions in the mineral kingdom as a model of the ideal process of creation through love, though on a lower level.

For this reason, centering on the essence of true love, the heart of God, the heart of humankind, all created things and even the animal kingdom are bound to communicate with one another. When you enter such a state of mind, you can communicate even with a rock. The problem is that you have not yet been able to enter such a state. When you enter the deep land of mystery, everything in nature is your friend. When you enter the state of love filled with ecstasy and you laugh, everything in the world of creation and even God Himself will harmonize with you.

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t you have a husband or a wife whom you love? How much do you love them? Would you exchange your beloved wife for money? Would there be a wife who would exchange her husband, whom she truly loves, for all of heaven and earth? When you come to think of it, men were born because of women, and women were born because of men. It was all because of true love, which is living for the sake of others. God created and empowered men and women in order to realize the ideal of love through the harmony of yin and yang. Only true men and women can be united in true love and, based on true love, God and human beings can unite.

Marriage is successful through the infusion of true love originating in the vertical, absolute value of God, after men and women connect horizontally through their absolute, true love. As you can see, God, the absolute Being, has established true love in the highest and most valuable position, as the center of absolute values.

At the place where a true man, a true woman and God unite completely, based on true love, we can find the key to resolving all our problems, including our view of life, view of the universe, and view of God. God’s true love invests and invests again, gives and gives again, and forgets having given. As long as the memory of having given remains, love cannot circulate infinitely. Since love is an infinite motion, you ought not to dwell on the memory of having given. Love can flow because, even after you have given incessantly, again and again, you do not fixate on the memory of having given.

Then, who gave you love so valuable that you would not exchange it even for heaven and earth? Your parents did, and when you trace it back to its root, God gave you that love. God gives this love of infinite value from the position of the Parent, and then He forgets. Even if the sons and daughters who have received that love betray Heaven, He gives again. It is because of God’s endless love that you were able to come here today and make up this audience.

For this reason the path followed by true love is not having others live for one’s sake; rather, it is a path of sacrifice where one lives for others. For this reason, when God creates the object partner of His love, He desires to stand in the position of living for their sake and invests everything He possesses 100 percent, over and over again. The original central figure possessing such a heart is God, the Creator of heaven and earth.

In living for the sake of others, true love gives everything 100 percent, 1,000 percent, and creates a vacuum. It follows the same principle as when air in an area of low pressure generates a circulatory motion from an area of high pressure. Accordingly, when you try to live absolutely for the sake of others, you will activate infinite power.

Esteemed members of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, it is said, “Women are weak, yet mothers are strong.” This means that, though women by themselves may be weak and frail, when they stand in the subject position of love as a mother or play a central role of love as a wife or a daughter, they become incomparably strong. When they give 100 percent for the sake of their object partner, the void created by their giving is filled with God’s love and the power of God’s love is put in motion.

Therefore, even for women, when they take after God and assume the subject position of passionate love, the power of that love manifests as an amazing strength that can save the family, the nation and the world. By her passionate, patriotic heart to save her nation, a sixteen-year-old girl, Yu Gwan-soon, miraculously engulfed the entire nation of Korea in the waves of the independence movement.

As is apparent, God stands in the subject position of love, of giving for the sake of human beings, and He exists eternally because His original nature continues this process of giving and giving again. That is why the logic of eternal life manifests itself in the path of true love. If human beings, whom God created as His companions of true love, had reached maturity in accordance with God’s Will and inherited His absolute and unchanging true love, a history of fundamental world unity would have unfolded and there would not have been this wretched history of wars and bloodshed.

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