Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 249

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 6: The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World
Speech 4: Women Will Play a Leading Role in the Ideal World I, pg 902-906

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The unification of South and North Korea, which is our long cherished wish, is possible only through the spirit of true love, of loving even our enemies and living and making sacrifices for their sake. Just as parents look after their children and siblings look out for each other, we need to be able to meet with our North Korean brothers and sisters with God’s unchanging true love, and truly feel and share their pain as if it were ours.

The intersection where God, Adam and Eve can meet one another and settle down based on true love forms a ninety-degree angle. The path of true love that connects God and humankind vertically can only be perpendicular, since that is the shortest route. And the path of true love that connects perfected Adam and Eve as husband and wife is a level, horizontal line. So, the point where these vertical and horizontal paths meet automatically forms a right angle. This point of intersection has absolute value and becomes the one center and model that binds true love.

However, the archangel twisted this angle before Adam and Eve could reach maturity, and this constituted the Fall. When a carpenter builds a house, what does he consider first, the horizontal or the vertical? If he considers the horizontal first, that means that he already is taking the vertical into account. Similarly, the word “woman” came to be because the man already had been taken into account. And the word “man” is premised on the woman. The word “above” takes “below” into account, and the word “right” implies the existence of a “left.” In a similar way, the word “horizontal” entails the notion of “vertical.”

In all these examples, the fact that you recognize the implied existence of something means that you recognize the relationship between two things that exist for each other’s sake. Since each exists for the other, that is the basis of true love. 

Then where would the meeting point be between God and the original Adam and Eve? God’s love and True Parents’ love, God’s life and True Parents’ life, and God’s lineage and True Parents’ lineage come together at the right angle where the vertical meets the horizontal, and nowhere else. This is the official point that establishes true love.

God is the vertical Parent of true love, and Adam and Eve are the Parents centered on the horizontal true love. When you are born inheriting the love, life and lineage of these two kinds of parents, your mind becomes the vertical self and your body becomes the horizontal self; and when this vertical self and horizontal self unite, human beings can become the eternal companions of God’s true love.

God has true love, true life and true lineage, and because we come from Him, we ought to have true love, true life and true lineage. Human beings were born to relate as parents and children united in God’s true love; and so, just as God’s body and mind unite naturally through true love, the body and mind of human beings also are to unite naturally through true love.

However, the body of fallen human beings, which inherited Satan’s love, life and lineage, stands on Satan’s side and the mind stands at the forefront of God’s side, and they are constantly fighting. As is apparent, self-centered love in today’s societies manifests in relation to the body, not the mind. The body has become the dance hall of the devil. The body has become a ball and chain, oppressing all human endeavors.

The mind is in the position of the plus in Heaven’s stead, and yet the body has established itself wrongly as another plus and is pushing and pulling the mind. During our lifetime we have a duty to correct this situation. Knowing this, God created religion as a repair shop for this purpose.

For this reason, religion teaches people to strike the body through fasting or through sacrificing for and serving others, thereby compelling the body to submit to the mind. In other words, the life of faith nurtures this lifestyle for a period of three to five years, or even longer, until it becomes habitual, in order to weaken the body’s desires until it conforms to the wishes of the mind. Religion also emphasizes that one pray without ceasing.

Since God remains always in the vertical position, He cannot work unless He goes through the mind. Satan, on the other hand, can work from all directions. Because Satan can circle us for three hundred sixty degrees, God is bound to lose out to the work of Satan. The mind stands vertically, and it must be focused. The vertical does not have a horizontal base, and it cannot proceed to establish the horizontal base. For this reason the mind is inclined to be attracted to the environment. Accordingly, from a vertical position, we need to make conditions and strengthen our mind three to four more times in order to subjugate our body. We need to do this for three to five years to cultivate it as a habit.

Other than these two ways, there is no other alternative to bring us back to our original state.

Unless we human beings go through the gate of religion, which helps us to cultivate ourselves, we cannot find the path to our original hometown. We cannot do this only through the paths of philosophy, knowledge, or even the conscience. Our vertical mind and horizontal mind must unite as one.

Then what was the origin of the Fall that led our mind and body to disunite with God’s ideal? The Bible states that it was because our first ancestors ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When this happened, what part of the body did they cover? Was it their mouths? Was it their hands? No, it was neither one of those. They hid their lower parts. This means that they had a love relationship with Satan as their center. This is the origin from which the lineage of evil was multiplied.

It was through the reproductive organs that true love, true life and the true lineage of human beings was to have come. Nevertheless, these reproductive organs, which were to have been so holy, turned into the terrible place that destroyed heavenly law; they became the den of evil. In this way false love, false life and false lineage were sown instead.

The first ancestors, Adam and Eve, fell during their teens, before they had reached maturity. Since evil was realized in this way, the lineage of evil multiplied throughout the history of the human world. Therefore, in the Last Days, which is the harvest time, young people in all parts of the world will act out the destruction of the ethics of love similar to the way Adam and Eve did, thereby following the trend of degeneration. When you witness this phenomenon, you need to understand that the era of Satan’s full authority has come upon this earth. That moment in time is the Day of Judgment during which God will wield the iron rod.

As is recorded in biblical history, the cities and nations that were immoral in the sight of God were destroyed. There was no more compelling reason for the burning of Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone or, later, the destruction of Rome. They were destroyed because the people did not cherish their chastity. They did not honor the ideal of the purity of love and instead immersed themselves in obscene acts.

Look at the world’s advanced nations today—for instance, the United States, the European countries and Japan. Who can stop the tidal wave of free sex and immorality engulfing the East and the West? As if hedonism, stimulating only the peripheral nerves, and confused love were not enough, the world is now also full of empty people clamoring for mind-altering drugs.

All of these paths that dominate the body lead toward death. The mind does not desire them. The mind holds up its hands and weeps. The conscience has not fulfilled its mission to guide humankind on the noble road of the law of nature to God’s bosom, the original starting point.

Someone has to come forward and lead humanity from this fallen environment to the path of salvation. Humanity, which has fallen and gone over to Satan’s side, resembles wild olive trees. Among them are wild olive trees of the religious realm—the human beings whom God has found and set apart—and they are the wild olive trees under God’s ownership.

For this reason God can lead them without reservation. He has prepared them so that, when the Lord of the Second Advent appears, it will be easy to cut and engrave them all at once. These wild olive trees then will become true olive trees and return to their original state.

For this reason, religious believers also need to find the original True Father. is is because they were born without having received the seed of life from the original True Father. To put it another way, they did not achieve the ideal of oneness as the true sons and daughters connected to the lineage of God centering on original true love. It is for this reason that the Messiah has to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you know who the Messiah is? The Messiah comes as the True Parents to pull out the false roots that the false parents planted, and to return false parenthood to its original true form. They fulfill thereby the important responsibility of banishing Satan and constructing the kingdom of heaven, the world of freedom and liberation welcomed by all.

Ladies and gentlemen, when you become sons and daughters who have inherited God’s love, life and lineage, as well as True Parents’ love, life and lineage, the origin of true peace in which the mind and the body do not fight each other will blossom within you, just as it does in God. The world of eternal peace will begin from where your mind and body are united.

Respected members of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, let us all fulfill our duties as servants with the heart of parents. Let us shed sweat for earth, tears for humanity and blood for heaven, appease the sorrows of our Heavenly Parent, the marvelous master who created the universe, shouldering the cross of constructing one world of peace, and let us march forward on the path of world salvation.

Let us not forget that, though our destination seems as far as the other end of the world, our starting point is that reality where our mind and body are united based on true love. We need to bear in mind that when our families become the settlement of eternal happiness and true love, they can realize our desired ideal nation and world.

Our Women’s Federation for World Peace movement will help start the Family Federation for World Peace movement, in which all peoples of the world can participate. It will lead the five races to construct a world of true love where generation after generation will live and give for the sake of others while enjoying eternal life. Let us all resolve to challenge ourselves to act and take the lead in this historic enterprise.

Praying that God’s blessings will be with you and your families, I would like to conclude my speech.

Thank you.

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