Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 246

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 6: The Role of Women in Creating the Ideal World
Speech 3: The Unity of the World and Humankind’s Responsibility, pg 890-894 

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Revolutionary women and the only begotten Son 

At the beginning of history, the lineage of Satan was planted in the maternal womb. With Tamar, the womb was restored to the side of God. The side of Heaven took control over the right of the first son and the right of the second son so that God’s original lineage could be established. It was in this way that the tribe of Judah came to form the foundation on which the Messiah would later be born. As a woman, Tamar placed herself in the position of having deceived father and son. She denied her father-in-law and his sons in order to separate the position of Eve from Satan. As a result of Tamar successfully separating the womb from Satan, a basic tradition was established whereby God’s children could be conceived and given birth without Satan’s invasion. It was then up to the Israelites and Judaism to carry on this standard of victory in the womb until such time that the Messiah could be sent as the True Parents.

Because Satan had already been able to establish his nations in the world at that time, the sending of the Messiah had to wait until such time as the Israelites could establish a national base sufficient for indemnifying the other nations of the world. God waited nearly two thousand years until there was a sufficient foundation and a woman who could stand in the position of Eve, to carry out His providence. This finally took place through Mary, the mother of Jesus.

When Adam and Eve fell, they were already engaged to marry at a later date. In the same way, Mary and Joseph were betrothed to each other in accordance with God’s providence. Similar to Rebekah and Tamar, Mary was a revolutionary woman called by God to take part in the process of re-creating Adam. Mary risked her life to form an absolute unity with God, and placed herself in the position of having deceived father and son in order to fulfill the providential history of restoration through indemnity.

It was in this manner that Jesus was conceived. During the time that Jesus was in Mary’s womb, Satan could make no claim on his lineage. Jesus was born of the womb of a victorious woman as the first fruit of the first love, which could be claimed only by God. It was the first time in history that a child was born as God’s only begotten Son. Even among the saints, there exists no one else whose birth followed such a process for making a separation from Satan’s lineage. Thus, we refer to Jesus as a saint among saints.

This was the reason the Christian cultural sphere was able to spread throughout the world.

Finally, in this century, God has worked to use the victory of the Second World War and the Christian cultural sphere to accomplish the unity of the world. The Second World War had a particular meaning in the context of God’s providence. In this war, the effects of the Fall transmitted by Eve to the brothers Cain and Abel were magnified onto a global scale. Thus, the island nation of Great Britain stood in the position of Eve. The United States, a nation historically “given birth” by Britain, stood in the position of Abel. France stood in the position of Cain, holding the birthright of the firstborn.

These three countries formed an alliance led by the United States and cooperated together as the Allied Powers. On Satan’s side, the Eve country, Japan, the Adam country, Germany, and the archangelic country, Italy, formed the Axis Powers. God’s hope was to establish a united world on the basis of the victory of the Allies, who had been placed on the side of Heaven. 

Into the wilderness 

God’s fervent hope for the postwar world was that God and the True Parent, the Adam who brings true love, could form a central point, around which humankind could receive the True Parents. God has carried out His historical providence of indemnification centering on triads of countries. In the context of the worldwide dispensation of the True Parents, Korea has been placed in the position of the Adam country, Japan in the position of the Eve country, the United States in the position of the Abel country and Germany in the position of the Cain country. Japan was once an enemy country of the True Parents; the United States and Japan were once enemies, and Germany was once an enemy of the United States. The True Parents, in order to fulfill what Christianity and the United States did not accomplish after the Second World War, have fostered cooperation among these four countries at the center of the providence and walked a twenty-one year course of re-indemnification. Through their success, they have established the realm of victory. The Unification Church, which has victoriously crossed over the hill of Calvary on the individual, family, national, world and cosmic levels, has given the United States a new sense of direction. It has given new hope to Christianity, as well as to the communist and Islamic worlds.

On the Korean Peninsula, the Jacob and Esau of the twentieth century are faced off against each other in the form of the two Koreas. The True Parents, working with true love in this conflict, confronting Kim Il Sung in the position of the false parent, have restored through indemnity the realm of the victorious parent. Through this process, Korea was established as the Third Israel that has accomplished history’s ultimate victory and has become the chosen nation of a new and united world. Korea as the Third Israel is the base from which the True Parents and their children are able to accomplish their fervent hope for a united world of peace. It holds a central position for building heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

It has to be understood that, from a providential standpoint, the great prosperity experienced by Korea, Japan, the United States and Germany in the postwar period has been due to the fact that these countries received God’s blessing, again, with Korea as Adam, Japan as Eve, the United States as Abel and Germany as Cain. In the garden of Eden at the time the Fall was perpetrated, the archangel was with Adam and Eve. In this age, when the seed is planted on the level of the individual, it bears its fruit on the worldwide level. Korea, the Adam country, is neighbored by Japan, the Eve country, as well as by three archangel countries—the United States, China, and Russia, all vying for advantage on the Korean Peninsula. With the protection of God, however, these countries are developing an alliance among themselves centering on Korea. Jesus was not able in his time to bring about unity among the nations of Asia. Today we are seeing the fulfillment of God’s will to indemnify this on a worldwide level. Similarly, the significance of the coming of the Asia-Pacific cultural sphere is that a substantial sphere, both material and spiritual, such as Jesus sought to accomplish in his time, can be constructed in Asia. In other words, the countries of Asia must now establish a united world centering on the True Parents.

The time to attend 

Now is the time to attend the True Father, who has established the victorious tradition in world history, and the True Mother, the global representative of women, who has gained victory as the representative woman in history. By doing so, we must establish a true concept of manhood as well as the true concept of what it means to be a mother, a wife and a daughter. In the context of new families, we must set forth anew, toward a new society, nation and world, and become forerunners in inheriting the tradition of the True Parents and harvesting the victory. We women have the mission to give proper guidance to those who lead lives of moral decadence and disorder, so that the tragedy of the Fall of Adam and Eve may be resolved within the context of history.

Beloved women members, the Women’s Federation for Peace in Asia has gathered you here for the important purpose of establishing the Women’s Federation for World Peace. In the “Age of Women” that is now dawning, our members have to embrace our husbands and properly educate our children, so that we may be a model movement for practicing true love throughout the world. We must gain the active cooperation of our husbands and children for the development of the Women’s Federation for World Peace.

Our women’s movement is not for women alone. First, a movement of true love for our husbands and children must bear fruit in ideal families.

The ideal families formed in this manner will come together to form ideal nations and an ideal world. For this reason, the Women’s Federation for World Peace must someday develop into a federation of families for world peace. For the sake of world peace, we women have to take the lead in government, finance, culture and society. The basic values we must uphold in this federation of women are found in Head-wing Thought and Godism.

These values are what unite left and right and overcome atheistic materialism. They are certain to be the guiding ideas of the world in the twenty-first century.

As women, let us remember our forebears Rebekah, Tamar and Mary, who fulfilled major responsibilities in the history of God’s salvation providence. Let us inherit the strength of will by which these historic women overcame life-threatening dangers and difficulties. Let us establish our families as homes for true parents, true husbands and wives and true children, so that we may join in the holy cause of changing this fallen world into a heavenly world. Let us march forward toward a world of peace centered on the True Parents, who are the center of true love.

I pray God’s blessing may be upon you, your families and the beautiful world to come.

Thank you.

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