Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 227

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 5: Absolute Values and New World Order
Speech 22: True Unification and One World, pg 821-824

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Our separation from God

The law of cause and effect is clearly evident in history. Whatever you have sown, you will surely reap. Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, abused love as they engaged in immoral sexual relationships while they were still growing. This was the human Fall. God wanted them to grow in purity until He blessed them in heavenly matrimony, to become the foundation of God’s true love, true life and true lineage. All people, having descended from this perfected and blessed Adam and Eve, would have naturally become the sons and daughters of God, enjoying the love of the Creator and living in the kingdom of heaven on earth and in the spirit world.

However, while Adam and Eve were still teenagers, before they had matured and received God’s Blessing of marriage, the archangel tempted Eve and engaged in fornication with her. In this way, the archangel became Satan. By engaging in premature sexual relations with fallen Eve, Adam also fell. This is how the beginning of human history was sown. Today, we are reaping the consequences. Immorality is rampant. Teenagers in particular are the victims of widespread sexual degradation. Modern society in advanced nations is virtually the same as Sodom and Gomorrah of biblical times. God abhors this immoral behavior. We need to fear the wrath of God. His punishment is imminent.

The struggle between good and evil

God is at the center of goodness. Satan is at the center of evil. The history of humanity has been the history of struggle between good and evil— between God and Satan—working through men and women. But the respective strategies used by God and Satan have been diametrically opposite each other. Satan, being arrogant and greedy, always attacks the side of goodness. God’s camp is always hit and suffers, but this gives God the opportunity to bring justice. The side of good is vindicated and occupies new territory. Satan’s side has to withdraw and decline.

For example, in World War I, the belligerent nations were ultimately defeated. The same was true in World War II, where the Axis powers, after initially attacking, were finally defeated by the Allies. Every exploiting power will ultimately decline, while whoever suffers persecution for the sake of goodness will ultimately be raised up by God.

My own life exemplifies this. I have been struggling for the sake of goodness and the cause of God, but the opposition has been relentless. Years ago, I was tortured and beaten, and I have been imprisoned numerous times. One would think that my movement would die out and be forgotten, but the opposite has occurred. I have built a worldwide foundation and have continuously advanced and prospered. 

Conscience: teacher and parent

Within every person there is a most precious and lifelong teacher. That teacher, however, has been mistreated, trampled upon and abused. That teacher is the human conscience. Your conscience always speaks out for your own benefit, trying to connect you to true love. Like a parent, your conscience urges you to be a good, unselfish individual, and guides you to do the Will of God. But within each person there is also a rebel that always goes against the conscience. That rebel is the physical body.

The body has trampled on and abused the conscience miserably. When you become aware of this, can you take the side of your body, which has been the enemy of your conscience, and which has greatly damaged your life and personality?

Your conscience must be your constant internal teacher and parent, leading you to complete unity with the ultimate Parent of humankind, God. The conscience, then, is the agent of God within you and may even be called a second God. Do you think you need to be sympathetic toward and protective of your body, the enemy of your conscience? Or do you think you need to restrain and discipline your body in order to vindicate your conscience? Your body pursues only carnal desires. When it is hungry, it steals and satisfies itself. It always seeks comfort and wants to take advantage of others. The body has its own realm. To conquer the realm of the body is an awesome responsibility that every person needs to undertake.

When this is achieved, the mind as the vertical self and the body as the horizontal self are completely harmonized into oneness, and a person reaches perfection, united in love with God for eternity.

The role of religion

God is the source of true love, true life and true lineage. Since we humans originate from this source, we too must experience true love, true life and true lineage. However, because of the Fall, tragically, we never achieved the position of being God’s children. Instead, men and women have received love, life and lineage from Satan.

Due to the Fall, love today is basically self-centered. That self-centered love does not originate from the mind but is centered on the body. The body is where Satan’s activities are conducted. The body is Satan’s dancing place, his mooring post. The mind represents God’s position, or the plus position. The body, which ought to assume the object or minus position, tries to make itself another plus; continuously teasing or fooling the mind. In our lives, it is crucial to correct this relationship.

Therefore, God established religion to rehabilitate fallen people. Through religion, God is teaching people how to strengthen their God-centered mind and reverse the body’s dominion over their life and personality. That is why religion often demands fasting, sacrificial service and a meek and humble attitude. These are methods of reducing the body’s power and causing the body to submit to the mind. Normally, in religious life, it takes about three to five years to change from the habit of a body-centered life and create a new, spirit-centered way of life.

Furthermore, as the Bible says, you must pray without ceasing. This is vitally important because Satan controls the environment of the fallen world. Satan tempts and distracts fallen people from all directions twenty-four hours a day, while God is able to work from only one direction, the vertical direction of the mind.

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