Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 228

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 5: Absolute Values and New World Order
Speech 22: True Unification and One World, pg 824-827

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The restoration of God’s ideal

In the eyes of God, the fallen world is a world of spiritual death. His Will is the restoration of that world of death into a world of life. Restoration is another way of saying salvation. When the original, ideal state has been lost, it needs to be restored. When a healthy person becomes sick, a physician has to come and bring the person back to original health. By the same token, the original, ideal condition intended by God was lost. Therefore, the work of God has been to restore this fallen world to the original, sinless state.

To accomplish that task, God sends the Messiah. However, before the Messiah comes, God prepares a chosen group of people to be ready to receive the Messiah. That is what the Bible calls an orchard of wild olive trees.

The orchard of wild olive trees represents a certain sphere in the fallen realm that God can still direct and control. After it has been prepared, the Messiah comes. The Messiah then cuts down all the wild olive trees in God’s orchard and gras into them the true branch of life. In this way, all the wild olive trees become true olive trees. In other words, human beings are returned to their original state.

The religious people of today are these wild olive trees in God’s orchard. Even the most devout religious person must still seek the Messiah because he has not yet received the true lineage of God. The Messiah comes as the True Parents of humankind, restoring the positions of Adam and Eve. Therefore, to be connected to God’s true lineage, each person needs to unite with the True Parents and become a recipient of true love. By so doing, each person can become a true son or daughter of God. In this way, the Messiah brings salvation to humankind.

The Messiah, in the position of True Parents, must root out the trees that have grown from false seeds, subjugate Satan and connect humankind into oneness with God in true love, making all people true sons and daughters of God. In this way, the kingdom of heaven on earth can be created, where men and women will finally be able to enjoy true freedom.

What is the way of unification? Let us consider the first human family. First of all, there is God. Second, there are the human beings, Adam and Eve. Adam is masculine and Eve is feminine. They compete with each other to be the first to secure God’s love. If they are selfishly motivated, there will be no unity. However, if they are unselfishly motivated, Adam will say, “I want to reach God first solely for you, Eve.” The woman will be overjoyed. She, in turn, will say, “I want to reach God only for your sake, Adam.” Then the husband will be fully satisfied. There is no struggle; there is unity even in their competition.

That is not simply a way for a husband and wife to be happily united; it is more than that. It is the very key to the unification of all people.

God-centered worldview

Throughout history, God has been working through the human conscience. In spite of God’s efforts, however, every attempt made thus far to restore people to the original starting point—the heart of God—has failed. It still remains for someone to liberate humankind from this satanic environment and lead a successful search for truth and true love. That is the mission of the Unification movement.

Godism is a God-centered worldview, the essence of which is the ideal of true love. Godism has two distinct missions: to bring unity between God and human beings, and to bring unity between mind and body.

Since I have discovered the solution to these two fundamental problems—the unity of mind and body, and the unity of people and God—I have to proclaim this truth as clearly and effectively as possible, without hesitation.

If you follow this teaching, I assure you that you can definitely conquer your body’s carnal desires. Your body can become 100 percent united with your mind. You will then be eligible to become the true object partner of God and establish a true love partnership with God.

Whenever two people are bound together by true love, they are entitled to three important rights: first, the right of inheritance; second, the right of dwelling together; third, the right of participation. Take, for example, the relationship between husband and wife. The husband might be the president of a great nation, while his wife might be a woman of very humble origin and little education. If they truly love each other, however, they are equals. They own all things in common, live together and participate on an equal level.

In the same way, when a man and a woman are connected to God through true love, they will also enjoy the rights of inheritance, participation and living together eternally with God. When you reach this depth of heart, you will constantly experience the presence of God, and God will truly dwell among people.

True Parents

True love always travels the shortest distance at the fastest speed. Therefore, true love coming from God to earth travels the shortest distance, forming a vertical line. The love between man and woman also travels the shortest distance, forming a horizontal line. When the vertical true love meets with the horizontal true love, the crossing point absolutely has to be at a ninety-degree angle. There is no other way these lines of love can intersect.

Who is God? God is the vertical True Parents, with true love at the central position. Being our vertical Parents, God is intimately close to each of us. When we welcome the perfected human ancestors—perfected Adam and Eve—as True Parents, we create a ninety-degree crossing point between the vertical true love of God and the horizontal true love of True Parents. We thus have two sets of True Parents. From them we receive true love, true life and true lineage. This creates one world that completely resonates with true love. 

The Soviet Union

Ladies and gentlemen, I am very grateful to have the opportunity to share with you these reflections on the nature of God and humanity. I am also very happy to be here in the Soviet Union. My heart truly goes out to the people of the Soviet Union. Many of you have gone through unbearable suffering, and that saddens me. I love your country and your people very much. I clearly envision a moral and economic renaissance for the Soviet Union that will dramatically affect the entire world. I will do all I can to encourage and support that renaissance.

You are undertaking a new Soviet revolution, but this must be a revolution without blood or bullets—a revolution of the heart and soul.

I have been speaking about the importance of the family. But I want to tell you that in the depths of my heart, I feel that the Soviet people are a part of my family. I assure you that my wife and children feel the same. Also, I assure you that members of the Unification movement worldwide will do their utmost to work together with you for the future prosperity and well-being of all humanity.

I believe the Soviet Union will play a key role in God’s plan to build a world of true and lasting peace. This vast union of nations, which stretches from the Far East, bordering my country of Korea, to the very heart of Europe—the birthplace of western civilization—has a natural destiny to be a bridge between Europe and Asia. We have to regard ourselves as being members of one global family living in one global house.

May God bless the Soviet Union and all its people. Thank you for coming and participating in this historic conference.

Thank you very much.

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