Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 226

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 5: Absolute Values and New World Order
Speech 22: True Unification and One World, pg 819-821

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True Unification and One World

April 10, 1990
Sobin Center, Moscow, USSR 
Eleventh World Media Conference


It is a great honor and pleasure to convene with you this historic eleventh World Media Conference in the city of Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union. The theme of this conference is, “The Advancement of Global Communication and Cooperation,” and I feel there is no place more appropriate to gather for these discussions than right here in the Soviet Union.

Furthermore, it is an added pleasure for me to open these proceedings because we are simultaneously conducting the third conference of the Summit Council for World Peace and a gathering of the Association for the Unity of Latin America. Both of these excellent organizations are also committed to the quest for world peace.

For me to come to Moscow is an emotional experience. I would like to express my appreciation to the Soviet government, especially the officials of Novosti Press Agency. You have welcomed us to your great capital in a most hospitable manner. My wife and I, and our entire family, are moved by your kindness. I am sure that all of the guests in this room, who have come from every corner of the world, including former heads of state and government, will join with me in expressing deep gratitude to our hosts in this country. Would you join with me in giving them a round of applause? 

I was recently asked by members of the Soviet media regarding my views on the importance of a spiritual renaissance as a precondition to social, economic and political progress. I would like to take this opportunity to elaborate on some of those views. I believe that such a spiritual renaissance is vitally important. To achieve it, we need to deepen our understanding of the human condition. This calls for some reflection on philosophical and religious topics. It may not directly concern either communications or media, but for me it is the fundamental understanding necessary to secure true peace in our world. Furthermore, it is the essence of what I have discovered through my lifelong search, and the core of my teaching.

God’s original ideal

When we observe our universe, we recognize that every being exists through the union of paired elements. This is true on all levels, beginning even with the mineral realm. Molecules are produced from the harmonious interactions of positively charged atomic nuclei and negatively charged electrons. In the case of flowering plants, existence and reproduction require the union of male and female reproductive cells produced within the stamen and pistil.

The pair system is even more obvious on the level of animals. Fish, birds, mammals and other types of animals exist as male and female. Finally, human beings, the supreme creations of God, are either men or women.

The first man, Adam, and the first woman, Eve, were the original ancestors of humankind. What is the purpose of the pair system? Why did God create in this way? The Creator divided all things into male and female so that they might unite through their give-and-receive relationship of love. Through the action of love, each species multiplies and extends its lineage.

Human ambition is limitless and infinite. Then what is the true goal of this infinite desire of a human being? For woman, it is man. For man, it is woman. Man and woman can find true love only through each other. In history, differing views of life, the universe and God have presented unresolved problems. The solution to these problems can be found when a true man and a true woman unite with God in true love, creating absolute oneness. This is the source of absolute values. Man exists for the sake of woman. Woman exists for the sake of man. Each is to be the other’s object of love.

God is a being of absolute love. He wanted to create human beings as His object partners of love, to whom He could pour out His love. In so doing, He would naturally look forward to the return of that love from men and women. In this way, God would feel infinite joy. In order to become perfect objects of the love of God, Adam and Eve needed to be united in love first. Therefore, before Adam and Eve could stand as a mature human couple resembling God and receiving and returning His love, they needed to go through a period of growth and reach maturity.

The principle of true love is not one of being served; it is to serve others. When God Himself initially created His objects of love, He invested every ounce of His energy—100 percent of His being. This established the pattern of true love. In other words, God established the tradition of true love in the form of total investment. At that point, true love became the center of the universe, and even almighty God chooses to be obedient to it.

When God created, He totally spent Himself, creating a vacuum within Himself. In the earth’s atmosphere, when a low-pressure area is formed, air at higher pressure is automatically attracted to it. Whenever someone serves others to the absolute degree, energy rushes in to fill that person up. Therefore, all the love that God has given to create His perfect object partners ultimately has to be returned to Him by men and women.

Only love transcends all barriers. When you are united with God in true love, you have dominion over all of God’s creation, both physical and spiritual. When you live completely for others, you are reaching the very essence of God’s own being. God’s vibrations become your vibrations. God’s feelings are naturally transmitted to you. Living this way, you become a body in resonance with God’s heart and love. Just as two tuning forks can resonate together, you and God can always be in mutual resonance.

That is the ultimate, original state of the human being. When you achieve that state, the love of God becomes your love, the life of God becomes your life, and the lineage of God becomes your lineage. The world that God created becomes your world. We are to share the love of God with all things in heaven and earth. We are to be citizens of the kingdom of heaven, with the heart of parents.

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