Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 20

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 1: The Principles of True Peace
Speech 4: The New Future of Humankind, Pg 76-80 

Heaven’s strategy to unite the church

This Mr. Moon, who carries the name of the Lord of the Second Coming, has suffered most severely as a leader. Then what kind of church is this Unification Church? It is simple. The name “Unification Church” suggests that you are trying to unite the church. Can you unite the church? Since their division, the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Orthodox Church passed through a history of nine hundred and fifty years, and until now, they have been unable to reunite. The Protestants divided into more than four hundred denominations. These churches have fought against one another for hundreds of years. Think of the idea of uniting them! You may even think that Mr. Moon of the Unification Church has gone a little crazy. Nonetheless, my conclusion is that it is simple. By what means can it be possible? It can be possible through the principle of living for the sake of others.

Based on this reasoning, even though I was subjected to all kinds of attacks and slander by the other existing churches during the last thirty years, I stayed quiet. It was not because I was dumb. I walked my way silently, without saying a word, because I knew that the heavenly law follows a brutal and harsh principle. I needed to go my way as God and Jesus would. I became aware that Heaven’s strategy is to be struck first and then to make a demand. For instance, if Satan murdered a virtuous, high-level Christian, God could ask for compensation that amounted to hundreds of times greater value. Even if all existing churches came together to oppose the Unification Church, if the Unification Church were blameless, they would have to compensate God for what they had done. This is logical.

We need to understand that God is yearning for the appearance of the one person, the one organization, the one people, and the one nation that can go beyond the individual and the family and the tribe, people, nation, world and, furthermore, the universe, and live absolutely for the sake of God. Faced with the Will of God, who is searching everywhere, the Unification Church of today is endeavoring and struggling to advance to such a position. I hope you will remember us as such an organization.

We can conclude that through this step-by-step principle and formula, the realization of our ideals can be possible. The husband needs to live for his wife, the wife for her husband, and the parents need to live for their children. Furthermore, the family then lives for the tribe and the relatives. Moreover, the tribe lives for the people. And the nation, instead of prioritizing itself and trying to bring other nations in the world to submission, needs to say that it will live for the sake of the world, even if it means sacrificing itself. You have to know that God is looking for such a nation.

The principle that makes the realization of the ideal possible

There is no special law set aside to protect a dictator or a dictatorial empire. You need to know that when a nation prioritizes itself and tries to tread over innumerable peoples and nations and says that others must live for its own sake, that nation is a dictatorial state and the enemy of God.

As you know, today’s communism reached a decisive turning point in 1957, when the relationship between the Soviet Union and communist China began to break down. Communism in both countries began to fall apart because the Soviet Union asserted what it called world communism, but it was solely for the sake of the Slavic people. Because the Soviet leaders dream of a communism based on the Soviet Union as the eternal superpower state, this communism will break down. However, if the communism of the Soviet Union had been an ideology of sacrificing itself for the sake of world communism, communist China and the Soviet Union would not have split up. The Soviet Union found it impossible to establish a belief system with a standard transcending nationalism. Therefore, it has begun to break down.

From a viewpoint based on God’s Will, how can today’s United States go forward as a leading democratic nation? If the United States is indeed the superpower of democracy, it needs to sacrifice itself in order to lead democracy to live for the sake of the world. However, instead, it remains in a position of living solely for its own sake, even when this means abandoning the world. And we know this to be the reason that the United States is suffering in today’s miserable situation.

From this viewpoint, where is the worldview and the ideal that can guide the world in the future? If there were a nation and a people that could transcend itself, that would save the world even if it had to sacrifice itself in the process and endure a miserable situation, a time surely would come when the world would need that nation, some time before the twenty-fifth century or the thirtieth century. When that time came, it would be the nation that would guide the world.

Today’s Korea also cannot put Korea first. I believe that the direct path that the Korean people of today, living in misery, must find and follow is that which will establish a Korea living for the sake of Asia, for the sake of the world, and, furthermore, for the sake of God.

In this regard, the Unification Church is fighting with communism head-on, ready to sacrifice itself if necessary. We are working hard to prevent the downfall of the democratic world, and we are prepared to make extreme sacrifices if needed. When an organization stands on this solemn principle, by sacrificing itself if and as necessary, God will surely be with it.

Who would have thought that Jesus, who died young, in his thirties, accused of being a traitor to his people on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, possessed the building blocks to create a nation through which the democratic world could be constructed which, in turn, could lead the entire world? My life followed the same logic. For this reason, the Unification Church is continuing to pioneer its path in silence.

I taught the members of the international task force who have come here from twenty-five nations around the world, “You have to love the world more than your own nations!” God has laid out this path, and a true religion has to follow it. So they have come all the way to the land of Korea today in order to create a movement of loving the Koreans more than their own people. I hope you will remember this. 

Let us head toward the ideal world

God yearns for a nation that can take responsibility for the world. You need to know that He is longing for a church that can sacrifice itself for the sake of the world. If you were to ask Him, “Heavenly Parent, do you wish to be the God of Christianity or the God of the Unification Church?” He would say that He wants to be neither the God of Christianity nor the God of the Unification Church. He wishes to be the God of the world.

A group that walks a path for the sake of others on a higher level is exemplary; therefore, it can last eternally and prosper, become the center of its environment, and thus come to have authority automatically. You need to know that, from that place, one can possess the eternal love and eternal ideal that come from Heaven. That is the formula for the husband to live for his wife, for the wife to live for her husband, for the parents to live for their children, and for the family to live for the tribe.

In this way, we find the one formula that can encompass the view of life for the individual, the nation, the universe, and even the view of life for God. It is the ideal for the family to live for the tribe, for the tribe to live for the people, for the people to live for the nation, for the nation to live for the world, for the world to live for God, and for God to live for us. Only when you are able to say, “The great God and the love of the great God exist for me” can peace, happiness, ideals, and true love be realized. To state this conclusion differently: What belongs to me would belong to my wife; what belongs to the parents would belong to the family; what belongs to the family would belong to the tribe; what belongs to the tribe would belong to the people; what belongs to the people would belong to the nation; what belongs to the nation would belong to the world; what belongs to the world would belong to God, and what belongs to God would belong to me.

The world where such a thing is possible, where every entity lives for the sake of others, whether as an individual, as a family, as a society, as a nation or as the world, and where everyone lives for the sake of others, no matter where they go, is the most wonderful ideal that we all yearn for. This ideal world has the true love, true peace, true happiness, and true freedom that we long for.

When such a world becomes real, having achieved unity based on God, it has to be the kingdom of heaven on earth. You need to understand that fallen humanity is advancing toward such a world, a world that will realize the new future of humankind, the world of new hope. I will conclude my speech by saying that I hope you will remember this for a long time to come. Thank you very much.

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