Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 148

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 1: The True Family and I, pg 521-524

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Couples become one through God’s true love

The Messiah will become a True Parent, and centered on that lost true love, will work to establish a completed family on earth on the foundation of true life and true lineage.

That is the purpose of the providence of salvation. Due to the Fall, God lost the True Mother as well as the children of Adam’s family. This means that God could not have true children. There was no family connected to the blood lineage that was to come from God’s love.

Due to the Fall of the parents, we became connected to false life, false love and false lineage, which have caused our minds and bodies to be in conflict with each other. Adam and Eve became enemies, which caused their two sons to fight with each other.

The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration, led by God. It restores the lost sons and daughters, the unity of mind and body, the absolute unity of husband and wife, and the absolute unity of parents and children in the true love of God. This true family, which is qualified to live eternally with God, ought to be connected to Christianity, which is in the position of bride to the Lord. By establishing such a blood relationship with God, we can realize united families, tribes, races, nations and a unity of nations that would form a united world. This would culminate the providence of salvation for all religions.

Distinguished leaders, for your nation to receive God’s blessing, you need to become a people whose minds and bodies are united in God’s true love. You also need to unite as absolute husbands and wives. When the number of families in any nation that can unite as absolute children of God grows, then God will come to live in that nation. If this happens, automatically that nation will become the central nation in service to the world.

Human beings possess this innate nature. If a beloved one lives in the countryside in poverty, his or her partner wants to live there too. No matter where it is, we want to go and live in the place where our beloved is. In the same way, if there is a place where God’s beloved sons and daughters dwell, that place, for richer or poorer, will be the kingdom of heaven.

Today the founder of the Unification Church is here speaking to you. If you ask me what is the mission of the Unification Church, I will say it is to be a place where God’s true love is present. It is to be the place where we want our mind and body to unite in true love and where we want to form ideal marriages with absolute unity between husband and wife. By means of a teaching that can make all people into inseparable brothers and sisters, we are carrying out the mission that God has given us.

The meaning of the international marriage Blessing

The love of true God and the love of the True Parents cleanses everything that was stained by false love, false life and false lineage. Our marriage has established the True Parents’ position. The large international marriage ceremonies we conduct are the ceremonies to sow the seed of true love, true life and true lineage that results from the unity of God’s love with man and woman’s love.

The Blessing of marriage is a ceremony to restore families that were formed by marriages that, due to the Fall, received the seed of false love, false life and false lineage. Having families from around the world participate in these Blessing ceremonies will connect them to God’s original love. It is my fervent desire that all people receive the Blessing and become families and a people who can establish the kingdom of heaven on earth.

The purpose of the Unification Church is to succeed in establishing relationships of brotherhood and sisterhood that transcend nations. Through this method, we want to realize the ideal of one great universal family centered on God, and thus proclaim the ideal of true parents, true spouses, and true brothers and sisters. In this way, we will begin the world culture of heart. From earth to heaven, we will be liberated to complete the world of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

During the fifty years since the end of the Second World War, Rev. Moon has been persecuted and criticized by the entire world. The time has come for you to know it was not because he committed any crime. Instead it was to save you. Unlike in the past, people now realize I am a most admirable man.

By the hand of Rev. Moon, communism collapsed. It was Rev. Moon who awakened Mikhail Gorbachev and Kim Il Sung. To save the United States, which is careening toward a collapse, I established a foundation for Americans to feel hope. Also I am addressing the difficult political tensions of North and South Korea and in the Middle East.

You need to know the Republican party triumphed in the United States, thanks to the influence of Rev. Moon. Perhaps you are unaware of these facts. However you need to know that if any nation preempts the United States in receiving and absolutely embracing Rev. Moon, that nation will become the leading nation of the world.

Everything that Rev. Moon has said has been fulfilled. Though it felt like the entire world did everything it could to put an end to me, I did not die and I am firmly leading the world back to God. If today I can speak to you out loud, it is because God loves me. You need to know that I survived because God absolutely protected me. For that reason, I believe that you must seriously study the Unification Church. 

Heaven is a place of liberation, freedom, unity and happiness

We met together today and so this is a day of deep significance. I have shared a very important message with you and I place my trust in you. I kindly ask that you not forget what was discussed today. I also ask that to follow the proper path, you make a redetermination. Based on this new awakening, bring God’s Blessing to your families and your nation. This is the way ideal families will begin to appear on this earth.

As you probably know, Rev. Moon and his spouse are known throughout the world as the True Parents. If it is true that we, as True Parents, are connected to God in true love, true life and true lineage, I would like you to remember that a realm of freedom, unity and happiness will begin from a true family and you. This will allow the hope of peace to blossom upon the earth. Thank you very much.

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