Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 149

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 2: The Ideal Home and World Peace, pg 525-527

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The Ideal Home and World Peace

August 23, 1995
Hotel Lotte World, Seoul, Korea
Second International Convention of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (True Mother’s speech)


Honored guests, distinguished representatives and members of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, and women leaders from diverse fields:

I am confident that our long-cherished wish for world peace will be brought one step closer to realization by this conference today. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your tireless efforts, in every corner of the globe, in building a more peaceful society and world.

True world peace has never been accomplished on this earth, and yet this has been the one constant dream of all humanity throughout history. In order for this dream to be realized, a peaceful nation and society must be realized first. A peaceful nation and society can only grow out of the premise of a peaceful home. In this light, the peaceful and ideal home is the very starting point and the basic unit for the peaceful world.

The ideal home on a foundation of true love

What is the ideal home? As recorded in the book of Genesis, God’s plan for the human family was for Adam and Eve to become a good husband and a good wife, thereby becoming good parents, and creating an ideal home. God had planned that, on the foundation of the original ideal home, the descendants of Adam and Eve would continue to duplicate the tradition of their parents’ love, generation after generation.

According to the teachings of my husband, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, God is the origin of true love. The very act of creation was prompted by God’s original nature, stemming from true love. God’s true love needs an object partner to love and care for in a reciprocal relationship. God’s motive of creation was true love.

The creation, therefore, is God’s object partner of love in physical form. Among all of creation, however, man and woman are the closest object partners of God’s love. God is the True Parent of humanity, and all men and women were created as sons and daughters of God. God and humankind are True Parent and children.

As people grow, receiving their parents’ love, they experience the heart of children. And through the love between brothers and sisters, they experience the heart of brothers and sisters. When they mature as perfected true people with true character, through their married life, they experience conjugal love and the heart of husband and wife. When they give birth to children, through them they experience the parental heart. All creation wants love and needs love. And people are especially filled with happiness when they feel true love and live a life based on true love. When they give and receive love, they are vibrant with life. The perfume of life blossoms in genuine love.

Love is the fountain of an individual’s happiness, life and joy. This precious, genuine love is not obtainable through external knowledge or external conditions or techniques. True love can be felt only through experience and acquired through life.

Human beings were created to develop and embody God’s true love, step by step, during their growth period, through their life experiences. In other words, people perfect their character as they experience, through this process of stages, the heart of a child, the heart of a brother or sister, the heart of a husband or wife and the heart of a parent. People’s character and happiness are determined by how rounded, how versatile and developed their love becomes as a result of experiencing these stages of life. To achieve the perfected ideal, their love must come to have the same qualities of maturity, unselfishness and total investment that characterize God’s own love.

Self-control and the unique responsibility in the love between a husband and wife

Within the four relationships of heart, vertical love, such as a parent’s love for children, does not diminish or change as it goes from one child to the next. That is why one parent can love many children. Because of this principle, one God can love all humanity as His children.

As God’s children, human beings, unlike the animals, were given total freedom to love between a husband and wife. A human being’s love is fundamentally different from that of an animal, which mates only to procreate. However, this freedom, if it involved no responsibility, could not be freedom in the truest sense. Love between a husband and wife requires responsibility. When a husband and wife are committed to sacred, everlasting love, and take responsibility for their relationship, there is peace at home.

This home will be a nest of happiness. It is heavenly law that they have sons and daughters through this indivisible and faithful love between a husband and wife. Men and women originally were created by God to grow to become true individuals, then to become true husbands and wives through indivisible love with a spouse. By having children together, they would become true parents.

The Fall and the order of love

From the Bible we know that the ancestors of humankind did not have a marriage blessed by God, nor did they bear God’s loving sons and daughters. Adam and Eve committed sin against their original parent and were kicked out of the garden of Eden. Outside the garden they had children that have multiplied through the generations. Because Adam and Eve became neither the true husband and wife nor the true parents that God desired, we as their descendants were not born in the lineage of true parents, as members of God’s true family. The reason people strive for everlasting, unchanging love between a husband and wife, yet can’t seem to achieve it, is because Adam and Eve’s original separation from God, the Fall, was caused by false love and adultery. The reason the original sin is inherited throughout the generations, and the reason we, in what the Bible calls “the last days,” are witnessing wide-scale immorality and family breakdown, is all due to this. What God dislikes the most is when a person goes against the law of love and becomes immoral. My question to you is: Who has a solution to such problems of youth, family breakdown and teenage pregnancy that are so prevalent in both East and West?

These phenomena are more fearful than starvation, war or any disease. Why is that? These problems are not just our problems today; they are the problems that will destroy humanity’s hope in our future generations. Today’s immorality has direct consequences for our descendants.

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