Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: Episode 147

Pyeong Hwa Gyeong: A Selection of True Parents’ Speeches
Book 4: The True Family Movement
Speech 1: The True Family and I, pg 518-521

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The thing that God desires the most is the true love of humankind

Now, if we compare the human conscience with God’s conscience, which would be larger? If God’s conscience were larger than a human being’s, what would God do with it? The conclusion is that what God wants to possess is the same as that desired by the immense ambition of the human being, and that is true love.

We know that God is absolute, yet do you think God is happy? Might He be lonely? Ladies and gentlemen, even if a person becomes president of the nation, if he or she lives alone without a spouse, that person will feel unfortunate. If we do not have an object partner of love, we are unfortunate.

Does God need someone the same way? How do you feel about this? Even if God is God, He feels very lonely. The human being feels empty when he or she lacks money, or knowledge or authority. However, God does not need money, knowledge or power.

This is because He is the Creator. The question is: what does God need? We call God the “King of Love” or the “Owner of Love.” If God is the king of love this means that God needs a queen. This is an absolute principle. Then who can be the absolute God’s object partner of love? A true human being!

Ladies and gentlemen, you need money. You need knowledge and you need power. However, if you do not have a spouse, all of that will be useless. A husband needs a wife and children. A wife needs a husband and children. The place where those object partners of love are found is the family.

I serve God, the subject partner of love, as His object partner of love who completely satisfies the ambition of His conscience. The family where man and woman unite as object partners of God’s love, and where children live happily, centered on the true love of God, is the foundation of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Thus, just as human beings want their object partner of love to be infinitely more valuable than them, God also wants the human being, His object partner of love, to have infinite value. A true human being is a person of infinite value. Yet we did not know that Adam and Eve were meant to be that kind of man and woman.

If we were given such a high aspiration in our conscience, it is because God is the subject partner and God wanted human beings to be in the position of His object partner. God did not want human beings simply to be a part of God; He wanted them to have a completely different personality. God allowed us as human beings to have the action of conscience at such an elevated level simply because God hoped that human beings would be one thousand or ten thousand times more valuable than even God Himself. Please understand this very clearly.

If, at the beginning of creation, a family could have been realized in which God and human beings could have united in a relationship of true love, today we would not have to worry about hell or heaven, because we would automatically enter the kingdom of God.

The problem here is that God’s true love and true human love did not begin at a common point, united as subject and object partners of love. God’s love and human being’s love began in two different directions with two different goals. Therefore, it has been impossible to realize the ideal world for which God and human beings are both longing. God’s ideal of beginning on common ground was completely frustrated.

Inheriting true love, true life and true lineage is our salvation

False parents arose centered on Satan’s love. Being their descendants, we inherited that false love, false life and false lineage and are thus destined for hell. We have nothing to do with the kingdom of heaven.

We did not know that we were supposed to conquer God’s love through our conscience, by being people whose spirit dominated our body through will. Have you heard the expression “lovesick?” If someone is lovesick, when we find the cause of the sickness we can resolve his or her problem. Having Adam and Eve’s original nature causes us to miss God’s love like someone who is lovesick.

What does the conscience do to win the true love of God? A person may have money, knowledge or power, yet if he or she loses the love of his or her life, none of those things have any meaning.

If you unburden and liberate your mind completely, your conscience will automatically connect with the true love of God. Let us compare the position of the conscience to the position of love. You will see that the position of love is prior. This is because the conscience begins from love.

The kingdom of heaven is the place where we go to live in unity with God’s true love and a free conscience. It is the place we go after having lived centered on love and after engrafting ourselves into the lineage of God’s love. Without winning this love, we can never enter the kingdom of God. We will have to wait thousands of years until that day comes. Due to the Fall there will not be a connection with the kingdom of heaven as long as humanity is not illuminated by God’s true thought and sustained by God’s true love.

The person who lives in unity with a true conscience and true love will automatically enter the kingdom of heaven. No matter how much faith a person has in Jesus, if he or she is not linked to the love of God, and if that person’s mind and body are struggling, that person cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. The person who inherited Satan’s lineage cannot enter the kingdom. Religions with the mission of opening the way are struggling among themselves. This will lead to a sad state of affairs in the Last Days.

God cannot be found where there is conflict. Religion is a movement to subjugate the body and liberate the conscience. Religion itself is not the key that unlocks the door to salvation. We have to know that the love, life and true lineage of God are the key that opens the door to salvation. That is what we need to inherit.

Faith in religion alone will not save us. In reality, religion exists as a foundation to discipline the body. When our conscience is liberated, its ambition can ascend to God. Does this idea make you want to try to find out more?

Humankind must return to God

Who will know first what someone is doing, the conscience or God? The conscience will know first. A human being is a person distinct from God because he or she has to occupy the object partner position in a meaningful way. In the same sense, husband and wife are different. The characteristics of each are clearly different. If we were to conclude that God knows everything prior to it happening, we would be saying that we are indistinct from God, as if we were a single body.

An ideal cannot be perfected when it is self-contained. After Adam and Eve sinned, God asked, “Adam, where are you?” Humankind comes from God’s love and returns to God. God is waiting for our return.

Ladies and gentlemen, when parents reach the age of one hundred years and their children reach the age of eighty, the relationship of parents and children also becomes a relationship of friends. Friends!

We cannot compare the physical strength of the average woman with that of the average man. She can never defeat him, although through love, wife and husband are attracted to one another and follow each other. If Adam and Eve had been the object partners of God’s love, would that not have been pleasing to God? God created the universe before Adam and Eve were to have matured as His object partners of love. God had the ambitious hope that in the future they would be His ideal object partners. If, after having perfected themselves as the object partners of God’s love, they had asked God to create something greater than what already had been created, do you not think God could have done so?

As infinite as the ambition of our conscience is, we have to know that God can create everything that we desire. God created us with the value of true love object partners. The restoration of this value, lost at the Fall, is the purpose of human life and history. God established religions and the founder of each of them promised that some day he would return.

Christianity teaches us that Jesus will return. In Buddhism they speak of the return of Buddha. Confucianism alludes to a new Confucius. Likewise in Islam, we find the return of the Mahdi, the divinely guided one. Let us consider the reason that God established the different religions. We have to understand that the Will of God is accomplished centered on God’s beloved children, children who are like God’s flesh and blood. With those beloved sons and daughters, God wants to form families, tribes, races and nations.

This tells us what kind of person the Messiah is. In the Second Coming, the Lord is the person who perfects the ideal for which all religions have longed. He will come to the earth with the original and eternal love of God.

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