Mother of Peace: Episode 65

Mother of Peace: And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes
A Memoir by Hak Ja Han Moon
Chapter 11: The Restoration Of Canaan In Heaven And On Earth, pg 318-321

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In 2019, the task at hand was to establish the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace (CPFWP) and the Asia-Pacific Union. Only after doing so can the age of the Pacific civilization be firmly established. In this historical context, the World Assembly of the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace was very significant. This World Assembly was hosted on November 22-23, 2019 in Taiwan after we had inaugurated the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace in eight nations, including Canada, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

It was truly a historic day. The opening ceremony was attended by more than 300 Chinese leaders. President Chang Po-ya of Taiwan’s Control Yuan, who took the stage as the keynote speaker, introduced me with the following kind words: “True Mother is a great woman who has devoted her life for the sake of others, and we have been given a rare and precious opportunity to meet her in person.”

Following the World Assembly, we held the Hyojeong True Love Family Blessing Festival at the Nangang Exhibition Center. The venue was packed with some 7,000 couples from throughout Taiwan. They were eager to participate in this uplifting festival and receive the marriage Blessing. Former Vice President Lu Hsiu-lien, who is widely respected in Taiwan, introduced me, saying: “Thanks to the Heaven-centered activities of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, we have now become one family transcending race, nationality and civilization. It is an honor for me to be a part of this wonderful event.”

Two young Taiwanese siblings gave a beautiful testimony about their amazing experiences helping prepare for the event. The little 9-year-old girl named Jia-jen had publicized the festival by handing out pamphlets for 20 minutes after school every day. In her testimony, she mentioned not being able to remain idle when her True Mother was traveling all over the world to realize Vision 2020. One day, something very special happened to her: The 60-year-old owner of a restaurant, who often walked along that street, was moved to see the child’s devotion in handing out pamphlets day after day at the same time and place. She stopped to talk. This little girl shared her heart with the much older lady, who ended up attending the festival.

Not to be outdone, her older brother Ding-jun also worked hard for the upcoming Blessing. Every day, he offered devotions, publicized the festival and searched for Blessing candidates. Because he invested so much time in public outreach, he had neglected his studies and received low grades during school exams. His worried parents came to him and asked, “As a student, shouldn’t studies be your priority?”

“I will study after True Mother’s visit to Taiwan,” he replied and he concentrated even more on his outreach efforts. As a result, this young man brought 27 couples to receive the Blessing, including one village head and his wife. In Taiwan, village heads represent 5,000 to 10,000 residents. The young man was able to dedicate this amazing result to Heaven. He and his younger sister’s achievements serve as truly moving examples of the beautiful tradition of filial piety.

The future of Cheon Il Guk is indeed filled with hope. The filial piety of the second and third generations for True Mother is akin to sunflowers following the sun’s path across the skies. This filial devotion is truly a joyous gift. I was asked, “True Mother, how do you feel today at the conclusion of the Rally of Hope in Taiwan?”

“I feel so proud in my heart,” I replied. “It was truly wonderful.”

I was particularly moved by our Taiwanese youth who created a Hyojeong Cultural Performance. I pronounced great blessings upon them, knowing that the day is fast approaching when the Greater China region will attend Heavenly Parent and True Parents. 

* * *

Through the marriage Blessing, the Greater China region can create harmony based on universal family values. The Blessing Ceremony for some 14,400 people could be considered a starting point to realize a unified world through harmonious families. Henceforth, all civilizations will bear fruits as the Pacific civilization. This is Heaven’s trajectory. The Pacific civilization is not to be a self-centered civilization based upon conquest and plunder. Our task is to expand and firmly root the Pacific civilization in the culture of filial devotion for Heaven (hyo-jeong), characterized by true love, which is the heart of giving, giving again, forgetting that one has given, and wishing that one could give more.

With this in place, the Pacific civilization will bring about harmony and unity among the civilizations founded throughout human history: continental and oceanic, eastern and western, developing and developed. Centering on Korea, the homeland of God’s providence, the Pacific civilization is being established.

The Mother of peace in the Muslim world

When I landed at the airport in Niamey, Niger, on November 27, 2019, government officials displayed their highest level of protocol as they received me. We had been told that the president and citizens in general were delighted that I was coming, and these words proved more than true. I truly enjoyed the warm welcome on the part of Prime Minister Brigi Rafini, his chief of staff, cabinet ministers and other high level representatives of this Muslim nation in Central Africa.

Our meeting had been long awaited. The prime minister and 10 cabinet ministers had scheduled to come to Seoul in February to attend World Summit 2019. Pressing state issues prevented the prime minister from making the trip, and he sent a ministerial delegation instead.

The officials whom he sent to Seoul were deeply moved. When they returned to Niger, they gave a detailed report about the World Summit 2019 and our activities. The prime minister agreed to attend the Africa Summit, which was being planned for September 2019 in São Tomé and Príncipe.

But once again, this time due to security issues caused by terrorist attacks in northern Niger, the prime minister could not attend the Summit. This time, he sent a special envoy, the Minister of Planning, with a personally signed message expressing his strong desire to host an African summit and Blessing Ceremony under True Mother’s leadership.

Thus it was after initial setbacks that we finally met, and this made the meeting even more special and joyful. At the airport, the prime minister and the minister of foreign affairs accompanied me as I was saluted by an honor guard and received a welcome from their leading traditional dance troupe. I was particularly impressed by the honor guard and thought, “Niger’s sons are so gallant, dashing and patriotic.” As True Mother, I felt I wanted to adopt these young men of Niger as my sons.

The evening of my arrival, His Excellency President Mahamadou Issoufou kindly invited me to a Presidential Summit Welcoming Banquet. Three hundred current and former heads of state, parliamentary speakers, ministers and other VIPs attended the banquet. I fondly remember President Issoufou calling me the “Mother of peace” and expressing his sincere admiration and respect for the Republic of Korea.

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