Mother of Peace: Episode 64

Mother of Peace: And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from Their Eyes
A Memoir by Hak Ja Han Moon
Chapter 11: The Restoration Of Canaan In Heaven And On Earth, pg 313-318

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Chapter 11 The Restoration Of Canaan In Heaven And On Earth

The land of death is the land of life, and the land of life is the heavenly land

I was pushing beyond my limits to fulfill the promise I had made to Heavenly Parent, True Father and our global membership, to restore seven heavenly nations by our Foundation Day events in February 2020. The work of the seven years since True Father’s ascension now was coming to its climax. To accomplish this, I dedicated a 40-day course, from mid-November to the year’s end, as a course to restore Canaan in heaven and on earth.

In various parts of the world there are people who know me as the Mother of humankind, the Mother of peace, the universal Mother. Hence, despite tremendous challenges, my resolve for the sake of our Heavenly Parent, Heaven’s providence and all humanity is steadfast. It is rooted in the pledge I made as I bowed my head before True Father’s holy body: “I will establish Cheon Il Guk on earth.”

* * *

The 40-day course began in Cambodia. On November 19, 2019, at the personal invitation of Prime Minister Hun Sen, which I gladly accepted, I flew into Phnom Penh. The Asia Pacific Summit was the first event that the government of Cambodia had ever co-hosted with a non-governmental organization. It was held in Phnom Penh at his office, which is known as the Peace Palace. At a reception prior to the Summit’s opening, he gathered the participating world leaders.

The prime minister spoke about the importance of the Asia Pacific Summit, the necessity for harmony and cooperation among Asian nations, and the efforts he had made to help develop Cambodia. I then spoke about the significance of this event. “The purpose of this Summit,” I said, “is to share that God the Creator, from whom we have been separated due to the human Fall, is humanity’s Heavenly Parent. Our future is full of hope, since we are holding the Asia-Pacific Summit under God’s guidance.”

The participants expressed their support for the goals of the Summit and applauded the Cambodian government’s groundbreaking initiative and cooperation with UPF. Prime Minister Hun also voiced support for my Asia-Pacific Union initiative as a path of cooperation that would lead to peace in Asia. Following our meeting, he escorted me into the main auditorium and the Asia Pacific Summit began.

More than 800 representatives from 46 nations, including several heads of state, were present. I spoke to them about our role in helping bring Heaven’s providence to fruition and about the coming era of the Pacific civilization, the final point of settlement in Heaven’s providence. I stated that the Pacific civilization will be one of true love characterized by attendance to God as the Heavenly Parent. In the presence of several current and former heads of state and ambassadors, His Excellency expressed support for the vision of regional peace anchored in the Asia-Pacific Union initiative I had proposed.

Jesus said that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. This sentiment could be felt as these delegates, though far from Jesus’ homeland, signed the Phnom Penh Declaration and expressed active support for the vision of an Asia-Pacific Union. So much was accomplished for the providence; it seemed as if a thousand years had condensed into that one day. I felt that Heavenly Parent and True Father must have been very pleased with the outcome of the Summit.

The next day we convened the Youth and Family Festival for Nation-Building and Peace at the prestigious Koh Pich Theater in Phnom Penh. More than 4,000 participants attended, including heads of state from around the world as well as Deputy Prime Minister Bin Chhin, Chief Secretary Yim Nolla of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and numerous government officials. As I officiated the Blessing Ceremony, held as the culminating event of the Youth and Family Festival, I blessed the nation as “Heavenly Cambodia,” a nation where our Heavenly Parent can dwell.

* * *

In preparation for this historic event, I offered heartfelt prayers and devotion for the sake of Cambodia. Between 1975 and 1979, the blood of many innocent people was shed because of a wrong ideology. Some 2 million people were starved and slaughtered because of communism. Today, nearly 40 years later, Heavenly Parent sent the only begotten Daughter and Mother of peace to Cambodia to bless this land as a heavenly nation.

Heaven’s providence has multiple dimensions. From the human perspective, my visit to Cambodia may have been a visit to a nation to host an event. However, Heaven’s providence is not so one-dimensional. I had to liberate both the souls of the victims who had been unjustly killed and the souls of the young people whom the government had forced to commit murder and treat their fellow human beings with terrible cruelty.

During my benediction prayer, I first comforted Heavenly Parent, whose heart was torn to pieces by the massacres in Cambodia. I then liberated the souls of those who had died as a result of the atrocities. I blessed the past, present and future of Cambodia through the Blessing Ceremony so its young people of today can begin preparing for a hopeful future.

New hope for China

Since ancient times, in many cultures and traditions, the ocean has been seen as a mother. The Chinese characters for the Pacific Ocean translate as “great ocean of peace,” and in English, “pacific” means “peaceful in character or intent.” The Pacific civilization can become a great mother of peace by opening the era of a civilization characterized by filial piety for Heaven (hyojeong), and true love, living for the sake of others. It can do so by embracing and putting into practice the sacrificial and altruistic heart of the mother, and discarding our inherited fallen practices of seduction, conquest and exploitation.

The Pacific civilization arises in the latter stages of the providence centering on the True Mother of humankind, the only begotten Daughter. At this time, through the only begotten Daughter, the feminine aspect of God, the Heavenly Mother hidden throughout history, must be revealed. God can no longer be seen solely as the Heavenly Father; God is the Heavenly Parent, the harmonious, perfected union of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. The Pacific civilization is defined by the ideal of one family of humanity, which manifests naturally when we attend Heavenly Parent as our vertical parent of humanity.

In 2017, I proclaimed this culture of heart based on true love at 12 Rallies of Hope held in Korea, Japan, the United States, Thailand and beyond. Hundreds of thousands of people attended these events. I continued to proclaim the Pacific civilization and the culture of heart throughout 2018, starting with the Africa Summit in Senegal and concluding with the Asia Pacific Summit in Nepal. But in order to firmly establish the age of the Pacific civilization, the participation of the Greater China region, with a population of 1.7 billion people, is essential.

Over the decades, the Unification movement in China has experienced challenges. Thus, we started preparations for the launch of the Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace in 2017 by bringing together overseas Chinese and other ethnic Chinese. The former refers to those of Chinese lineage who have left the mainland and moved abroad while maintaining their cultural roots and connection to the mainland. The latter refers to Chinese emigrants who have lost their linguistic and cultural ties to China. When we say “Chinese People’s Federation” we refer to both groups.

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