God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 38

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Ocean Church and America, page 115-117
August 28, 1982, Provincetown

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The Purpose of One Hope Training

Why should we have this standard? I want to explain this to you. You should be able to take out anyone at any time. You should be able to take out a world class person and impress them with your standard. We could prepare a fishing tour from Alaska down the West coast, through the Gulf area and up the East coast. That would be a six month fishing tour. After such an experience of catching fish in each of these coastal areas, they would become crazy!

Then, we could create fishing tours all over the world. Fishing in Africa, Europe, South America. We have to prepare for that right now, beginning right now. In this way, we are connected to people all over the world and can connect people to the ocean all over the world. They would never forget their experiences. There are many fishing and hunting groups all over the world, but their purpose needs to change. They need to be ignited to do something for the sake of helping the world. Therefore, you have to study your area. Ask yourselves, "How can I make my seaport more and more beautiful?" You have to prepare your area. Study how to catch flounder, striped bass and tuna. Then, we can advertise in Japan. They can plan their trips to America by the kind of fish they want to catch. You have to experience by yourself how to catch the fish in your area. Do you understand me? If you want to take charge of this area you have to go to Europe, Africa, South America and Japan on a regular basis. Are you that kind of person?

When you are catching tuna, do you remember anything sad or happy? You forget everything don't you? Your mother or wife may have recently died, but you can forget that sorrow in that moment. The excitement is so great that you are lifted up out of any sad or depressed mood. That's true! Modern man is looking for a way to get rid of his tension without leaving his business behind for a long time. They are looking for a way to get rid of a great deal of tension in a short amount of time. Something that is great and exciting can do that. Fishing in America can do that.

I want to stop here at this point because you forget everything so easily, but we have to continue. I have been teaching you how to catch tuna, how to catch striped bass. I feel that I am the champion of the tuna now, but I have not graduated from the striped bass. The striped bass is very smart, even smarter than the tuna. The striped bass is very hard to catch. When you first start to fish for a species, you don't know anything about its habits, such as where to go to catch it. You have to study what the other fishermen are doing, then you have to inherit that and improve it. You have to go fishing with them, find out their spots. Then, study the area and mark the spot on your own map.

Follow the professional fishermen. Be like their own sons. No one will inherit from them, so you must do that. One by one you can talk to them and tell them what you are doing. Ask them if they want to help you. Many of them will say "yes." You must move them deep inside, one by one. Then, start an association in your area. Make friends and bring them together. Take them out in your boat; it runs so fast that they cannot help but become excited.

Bring them together for a banquet, tell them all your plans and share with them. Cook all kinds of seafood for them. They will respond to you and want to help you. Make them your friends. Bring back some fish that you catch and give it to them. Share your life with them and they will share with you. By doing this, you can inherit from them and they will want to help you obtain your goals. You have your own experience, plus you have the fishermen's experience of that area. You can then make a textbook for fishing by combining all your experience and knowledge from these different areas. We can make a textbook and update it all the time. This kind of effort helps everyone.

Take your fisherman friends with you to another area to fish. Ask them, "Won't you go out with me? I already bought a ticket for you and I, so let's go." And he will answer, "Yes!" Take your friends to Alaska. They will be so excited. How about if I ask you, "Don't you want to go to Europe to fish?" What kind of answer do you have? "Sure!" So, you can teach them and raise them up. When you really need them you can call them up on the phone and say, "Come here quickly!" They will surely come to help you. We have to start from here, but this is where we want to go. We have to constantly keep the future in front of us. Otherwise, nothing happens.

Have hope, great hope. We are doing so many things and I have to guide so many projects. I remember when I started the Science Conference. Many people could not grasp it. Many members opposed it. When I started the seminary many members didn't want to support the idea either. Then the News World came and many members didn't like that idea, but the News World gave birth to the Washington Times and everyone can see how great a newspaper it is.

Am I crazy? I don't think so. You think so, don't you? Sometimes? I understand. Anyway, let's understand this much; if I don't go to the spiritual world too soon, this venture will be successful. There is no doubt about that. What will you do if I go to the spiritual world tomorrow? Will you give up? You are very strong, very firm and even heaven hears your "No!" However, even if you give up what I am saying to you today, there will be young people in the future who will risk their own life to achieve this idea. Once I have touched this industry, then it shall never perish. Now it is declining and in serious trouble, but we will pick it up and resurrect it. Therefore, you have to make up your mind; make it up very strongly to go this way. Do you want to do this? ["Yes.”] Okay, then. Thank you very much.

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