God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 39

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Ocean Church and America, page 117-123
August 28, 1982, Provincetown

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Question and Answer Session

If you have any questions for me, now is a good time.

Member: "Will you start Ocean Church in Africa?"

If we accomplish Ocean Church in America, it is no problem anywhere else in the world. However, first things first. We have to make the foundation here. Surely, we must go everywhere in the world, after all almost every country has a coastline.

Member: "Have you any ideas about aquaculture?"

Fish farming is the real way for the future. We should intensely study about that. Someday, we have to start a fish farm for almost every kind of fish. We have to do that through the academic side, so we have to start a university and that program will begin there.

Member: "Will we have other types of Ocean Challenge programs?"

Yes, we can go to places like Key West, Florida. We can do kingfishing there. Wherever we go, we have to prepare.

Member: "What is the relationship between Ocean Church and Home Church?"

Ocean Church is the place where we raise the spirit of people, but the mission is the same. We have to reach out to people and raise them up. This actually takes a long time. You can stay all your life in either mission.

Member: "How are we connected to the members in Japan?"

The foundation is laid in Japan and it moves from there to America. From America, we have to think about the whole world, Africa and South America especially. Members should see themselves connected in this way. Since fish is an excellent source of protein, we are working to develop ways of sending fish and fish products all over the world. Japan is ahead of America in this sense. However, the best fishing grounds are here in America. Our hope is to connect these two countries so that many other nations will benefit.

Member: "After this season of tuna fishing, what do you want the members of Ocean Church to focus upon?"

You should study how to catch the striped bass. You should study all about the striped bass, especially how to increase its population. You should study all kinds of fish and fishing techniques, but first nature of his wife, and together, with good give and take, they will pick up the good qualities between each other.

I am sympathetic towards them. I know this brother truly loves his wife. She may think, "Oh, my husband needs to be different, he should have a better shape or a better mind." She may think this way, but it isn't true. For this sister, her spouse has the kind of character that best suits her. It is a perfect match. You will have especially good children. Wait and see when your children come.

When I look at you, I can see right away your inside and outside. When I look at the nation I can also see its character and future. When I came to America in the early 1970's I proclaimed that America was heading for destruction. I was anxious to proclaim this in every city and state. When people heard this they questioned why I was so intent to proclaim that kind of thing for America. They didn't know that if people heard that and united with me, America could be saved at a much earlier time. Look at the gay men and women in America. This is sad and miserable. Those people have a special kind of cancer in the blood system. What can be done for them?

Even in simple electricity the flow of energy can only occur in polar relationships, between positive and negative. Plus and plus, minus and minus is completely out of line. From that, all kinds of problems arise, even resentment and sickness. This is a state of confusion and chaos, men looking at men and falling in love, kissing and making love. Biologically, men and women are meant to get together. Man is made to give and woman is made to receive. Men smell different from women. That difference actually attracts one to the other. God is really a great scientist. Even that small detail was taken care of. Even the nose between men and women has a purpose. When you understand this, you can understand the essential course of training that we go through and you can understand the essential course of restoration that we have to accomplish. You can understand the final goal.

Member: "Is the two year fundraising course and the eighteen month ocean church course for everybody?"

Yes, everybody. Including me. I myself have gone this course. We have to experience many different things. That's what is important.

Education System for Ocean Church Members

You have to train and study. The first process is to train Ocean Church members about fishing. The second is to help Ocean Church expand and gain a foundation. From there, you can move to other kinds of fishing. This way you will find out how to prepare for all kinds of fishing. You can compile the information: this kind of fish is "a-type" and this kind is "b-type", and you can write down what kind of line to use, what kind of tackle and what kind of bait. This kind of information is very important.

We have to gain our own members in Ocean Church and we have to find a way to raise them up. Use the video system. Each guest comes to see the entire video program, which is several cassettes long. However, people are happy to learn in this way. In Japan, we have gained more than 100 dedicated members from this form of education. People can come and study for themselves.

We can design many programs, such as education programs about current affairs and other things. The guests can come and gain not only knowledge in the Divine Principle, but also about society and the world. If you set up your centers and you are busy, you don't have to teach them everything yourself. Use the portable size video player. Just hook it up to the television and you can provide all kinds of education for your guests.

You can create this kind of situation. Everything can connect together. You just have to use what you have and whatever is around you. People are looking to learn and improve themselves. Now there is so much confusion and people are really suffering. We showed these Divine Principle lecture tapes to many professors and they were really impressed. They said, "This kind of education is very good." We don't have many teachers, so these tapes can fill the gap. We should make 2-day, 7-day, 21-day and 40-day lecture courses where the guest can come each day and learn from the tape.

While listening to the tapes, they don't have to stop for questions. In this way, they get the whole idea of each lecture first. This will help them understand more clearly what we are teaching. Sometimes people stop the lecturer all the time with so many questions, but this prevents them from seeing the whole idea. It's better to ask questions after the lecture is given in its entirety.

We have to find a way to teach the Divine Principle. How can we teach the entire world? How can we teach the highest quality person? We have to get the highest quality teacher and then make an excellent video series on the Divine Principle. Now we are starting to do this. If we were welcomed by the environment, it would be easier, but this is not our situation, so we have to give all our effort to teach the people. You didn't know about the spiritual world before, but now you must clearly experience it. People don't know that their life is forever; they only live half of a human life. They don't understand the purpose of their physical life at all.

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