God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 33

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Ocean Church and America, page 99-103
August 28, 1982, Provincetown

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The Formula for Pioneering Ocean Church

Will you inherit my spirit and carry on when I have gone to the spiritual world? You are shouting a loud and clear "Yes." If indeed you carry on my tradition, then, Ocean Church is wonderful, it is good. It is double God. One god is land god and one god is sea god. Ocean Church is both; we live on the land, but we go out to sea. So that is double God. Ocean Church is really good then, isn't it? Now you are receiving persecution; this means your future will be great. No one can understand you now, but they will later on and they will respect you twice as much. They will respect you for your perseverance when they misunderstood you and for your compassion towards them when they finally do understand.

Would you like to take care of an ocean city? There is a basic formula for how to develop each city. When you plan to take care of a city, to be a leader in that community, you have to think about it. When you come to a city your first question is, ’What should I do?" Taking a boat out and catching fish is not the beginning and end of it. When you show up with a One Hope boat in the city, people will recognize it as a Moonie boat. They will start to oppose you, persecute you and test you. They will start talking about Moonies, about how you are good or bad. The tendency of any community is to test a newcomer.

Therefore, the short-cut for us is to find a way to make unity with the major leaders of that city. Then you don't have to be tested by the entire community. The key point is how to meet the established leaders, the mayor, the police chief, the coast guard commander, the fishermen's union leader and other business leaders in the community. Just a few people have to understand and unite with you and each other. The key point is how you can help them understand why you are there and what you are doing for the future of their city.

I myself followed this very same pattern when I came to America. I started many different aspects to our movement such as the International One World Crusade (IOWC) and the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP), Home Church and Ocean Church. From the first moment that I arrived in America I met with the leaders of America, the city officials, the congressmen and senators. Whenever I met those leaders I explained what I was going to do in America. They had a difficult time believing me then, but now many of them recognize what I meant.

In that way I could see what kind of movement was needed in America in order to mobilize the national leadership. I even prepared the newspaper media and six years ago started publishing. Those who came to the Washington Times didn't come just because we started that newspaper; they came because a foundation had already been laid. They came because they could understand our vision.

Although the Washington Times has only been three months in publication, it has already gone above the national standard. The conservative groups usually fight amongst themselves, but they all concurred that this newspaper is a great asset for America. One conservative group is centered on Christianity while another one is based on the business community in America. There is a new group rising in the intellectual community and the fourth group is mostly patriotic in nature.

At one time or another, each group has made a stand against me, against our movement, but through the Washington Times, we have been able to unite all four groups. Even though I am now preparing for the court case, we are moving ahead all the time. It is like a dream to see all that we have accomplished. It is hard to tell the whole story about it. One small example: President Reagan made a summit conference and took with him the correspondence chiefs from only four American newspapers. In America there are 1,753 newspaper companies, but Reagan took only four representatives. One of them was the Washington Times. This happened only five days after we started! Why was this Washington Times correspondent chief selected to attend? It was because people already recognized the excellent quality of this newspaper and its courageous stand, and they didn't want to ignore it.

This is only one part of the plan. From this foundation, we will begin to publish a nationwide newspaper. The time will come when the major television news media will frequently and constantly quote from the Washington Times. Then the basic trend of the media in America can be changed. Many conservative business leaders want to invest in the Washington Times because they believe it will make it, that it will be successful. The "times" indeed have changed. I am explaining this to you because I want you to see that the foundation for the future of this nation is already being prepared for you.

Why did we put so much effort into the movie Inchon? No matter what the result, the motivation was for people to understand about MacArthur. I wanted to show how MacArthur loved God and loved people. MacArthur came to Japan after World War II and put the nation back together. He really respected and loved the people. He also loved God very much and fought with great strength against tyranny and communism. That is what I want the people to understand. We must love God and we must love people. Communism destroys both, and so we should hate that. All these projects and activities make me extremely busy. When you are finished you just come back here and rest, but I have to stay up almost all night listening to reports and giving new directions. I am busy day and night. There is almost no time for coming here to fish like this. Why then have I done this for at least ten years? I have been going on and on every year, never getting tired. When I look at you, just going out for a few days and then getting tired, I feel ashamed for you.

Already I have seen many members run away from the ocean. This season we can only catch one tuna per week. Many people thought we wouldn't come. Anyway, we came and many people were shocked. They were certain that I wouldn't come, but our reason for fishing is not just economic. We have to fish, we have to continue on. We have to set the tradition.

I want to leave behind at least ten "Reverend Moons" so that the tradition will go on. I am wondering who has the desire to go out to an ocean city and restore it within ten years? How many of you have that idea and desire? Within ten years, if each one of you became a top fishing leader in your ocean city and could expand that foundation to at least 100 ocean cities, I would feel I had left something of value behind.

If we have 100 cities, we have a foundation for this nation. Once you become a well-known and established person in a city, you can start a fish company or a related business and be in charge of that. You have to make your foundation quickly. In other words, once you go to your ocean city, you have to meet the top leaders and give them something of value for the future of their city. You have to be able to work with the young people. You have to solve two problems. Manpower and money. How can you make money and how can you raise young people so they can someday be responsible for that city? Those are big problems. If you can solve them you can start a big company, anything. No problem. The problems are how to make good members and how to make a good economic foundation. If you can solve those problems then everything else comes. First, you make a good relationship with the major leaders in your city. Then, you make friends with the major fishing leaders and the major business leaders. Pick up their knowledge and experience, and from that point, you can make the foundation to someday be the leader of your own company. First, you have to solve those two problems.

You have to train yourself. Centered on you, these problems will be solved. You can do that. You can accomplish these points. You have to work hard, day and night. Then, great things will happen.

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