God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 34

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Ocean Church and America, page 103-105
August 28, 1982, Provincetown

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The Ocean Providence and the Fishing Industry

When I came here almost ten years ago, tuna was only ten cents a pound. I asked myself, "how can I make the price of tuna go up?" I want to see the price go to $4.00 this summer. People used to come to catch tuna as a sport only. They came here from all over the world, but the fishermen themselves couldn't fish for tuna because they would lose so much money going out every day just for tuna. There was a great opportunity there for them, but they couldn't participate in it.

I saw one boat come in several years ago and there wasn't even a price for the tuna that day, so they lost their money on expenses. This was really sad for me to see. Last year we pushed the price up to $2.50 per pound. This year the price started at $1.65. Why? Last year the price ended higher, but the habit of exploiting the fishermen is deep set. You have to keep pushing the standard, raising it higher. They don't like the Moonies, but they welcome me coming every year now. They persecuted us so much when we first started coming, but now they really want to be our friends. You now know the fishing grounds and you see mostly small boats out there. Before there were only the expensive sport fishing boats, but now even the little fisherman can try to make money by catching tuna. Think about it. If the price goes up to $4.00, which is my hope for this year, then a fisherman who catches one tuna weighing more than 1,000 pounds will earn $4,000. He can earn that much from just one day's work. That's amazing. So now, many small fishing boats are out there, going for the tuna. Anyone can own a small boat at least. Why not a thousand boats at the tuna grounds? Every day there will be a great competition to catch tuna. That's not bad; it's good actually. Now that the price is going up, everyone is interested in coming here to fish for tuna. We can bring people here and they can experience the ocean. Some of them will be rich, but have no vision for their money. When they see the potential of the ocean, they will want to invest their money in it. There are all kinds of good projects which could benefit.

We are preparing the foundation in each part of the important coastal areas of America. As you know, in the Gulf of Mexico we have a shrimp business, and in Alabama we have a shipbuilding business. In Alaska we have a plant which can process 400,000 pounds of fish each day. The question is, how can we manage such enterprises? I am hoping that the Ocean Church centers will train young people who can quickly mature and provide that kind of leadership. We start with only thirty centers, but eventually we have to create up to 3,000 centers on the coastal waters.

I have this large vision for America. Why? Because the fish are here in American waters. I have seen many other areas of the world, but here you can just drop a line off the fishing pier and catch a fish. However, no one is guiding America to realize its potential in fishing. You have to be the ones to do that. Over three years ago, we started thirty shrimp boats in Suriname. They are also tuna fishing. These boats are quite large. Somehow, the Americas should be connected. The ocean provides a way for that to happen. The ocean connects all the major fishing countries in the world. Eventually we can improve prices for all fishermen and also feed more people.

In Japan we have already prepared every aspect of the fishing industry. We made a famous fish-selling team. Their logo is a picture of a fish-selling boy with a band on his head. Every fish seller wears that band on their head whenever they go out to sell throughout Japan. We are now preparing similar fish selling techniques here in America. Those with a Japanese husband or wife will participate one way or another in the fishing providence future. 

How about it? Wouldn't it be great for every couple to have their own boat? They can fish with it and live on it and even make their babies on the boat. You can start with the One Hope training boat. If you do well and mature as a fisherman, then you can earn a big boat like the ones they make in Alabama. Some people have to spend twenty-one years to reach that state, but if you really apply yourself, you can reach it in only seven years time.

In Japan, when the members fundraised, they always experienced the spiritual world guiding them to the right person to make the sale. The same experience is waiting for you. When you go out to the ocean you will find the spiritual world helping you to find where the fish are and you can catch tons of fish. You don't think so? I think so. You have to find out for yourself.

Many people complain, "Oh, Ocean Church is so difficult; I don't like it." However, once the foundation is laid, the next steps are no problem. It only took a few months for us to come up with the Washington Times, which is now so prestigious. With that ability and capacity, it is no problem to build the right kind of trawler and bring it to this area. You can become a good captain of a large boat. Then, you will automatically be able to meet the leaders of your city. You will come to know the president of the fish processing company and other businessmen. If you make one phone call from your office, you can connect all over the world. Whatever I say I mean with utmost sincerity. It will come to pass. Do you believe that?

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