God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 32

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: Ocean Church and America, page 95-99
August 28, 1982, Provincetown

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A New Future for the Ocean

There are many religious groups in America, but no one is doing anything like this. God has a great hope in Ocean Church. From this point of view, do you feel that Ocean Church is bad or good? You like to shout that it's great. However, let's look at the word good. God has how many O's? Just one. How many O's does good have? It has two O's. So, good is really double God. Spirit world is good and the physical world is good. Together they are double God, they are good. That's the meaning of good. Double God has a subject and an object, a spiritual world and a physical world. Also, there is land and ocean. We can't be a mountain man all the time, nor can we always be an ocean man. We have to go to both and love both. In Korea, we had a boat and just one captain of that boat. In the very beginning I had to be that captain. It was just one boat, but I saw the future and it was much more than just one boat.

Are you like that? Look at yourself. In Gloucester you have to sleep on the boats. Sometimes you are out fishing for several days and there is no shower, no toilet, and you have to use a bucket. It's a hard life. You may be looking for a place to die and cannot even find that. I look at that and think, "that's good." When I see that, I can see a great future. People don't think beyond the point of their daily life, but we think way beyond. With that, we begin the way towards a new life. I want to restore everything for God. Gloucester and Provincetown are two places where we can make our foundation. We have to think that we are great men; we are catching giant tuna in one of the best fishing grounds in the world. With these boats you now understand how to catch tuna. I want to catch the striped bass next. However, New Hope hasn't caught enough tuna yet. Soon, during this summer we will expand the foundation. Why are we doing this? We are offering all this for the sake of mankind. I never ate any of my own catch until last year. I have fished for seven years, but never ate my own catch. It was always offered for the sake of others. The fish are hoping to be caught by us. Many of them will just be eaten by other fish, but it is far better to be eaten by man. The fish wants to reach the highest degree of life by becoming part of man. The same way that the fish think towards man, we must think towards God. We want to become part of the highest degree, we want to become part of God. A large part of the economy in the future will come from the ocean. I would like to spend that money overseas. There are over twenty million people starving each year. You can't imagine it because the American way of life is so luxurious. When I am with the members, they are asking every minute, "Father, don't you want something to drink, don't you want something to eat?" Instead, I am thinking that it's better to conserve even the Coca-Cola and find some way to give that to the rest of mankind. We have to have the concept of conservation in every aspect of our life. If we don't have that, then God's blessing will go away. However, we can inherit God's blessing if we are always thinking of how to conserve things for the sake of others, for the sake of mankind and for the future. God's spirit will always penetrate us if we do all things with this kind of sincerity. If we simply want to find the best fishing spot and if we are doing more for God than anyone else, then God will help us, providing us with greater insight towards that goal. Do you understand? Those who graduated from the Unification Theological Seminary (UTS), please raise your hands. You are responsible for a boat during this summer season. Do any of you think your spouse might be against you coming to Ocean Church at this time? They have to realize and you have to know that I would have never started Ocean Church if I had not had any interest in the future of the ocean. Two-thirds of this world is ocean. Who will take care of the world in the future? God is the master of the universe, but who will rule and take care of the world? The children of God have to inherit the world. Then certainly they have to inherit the ocean. That is why I am interested in the ocean.

Many people are leaving the ocean behind. Why? Because a new age for the ocean is coming. Even some nations have left the ocean behind. Why? Because the time has come for the true caretakers of the ocean to come. That is why we have such a great hope for the ocean. In the past the ocean served many bad purposes for mankind. Even today, drugs are smuggled on the ocean, but the purpose has to be made heavenly. We have to change the purpose of man's use of the ocean. That is why we have Ocean Church. We have to cultivate a courageous spirit. We have to have more daring and courage than the pirates of the past.

Preparing Mind and Body for the Future

Ocean Church is the primary movement for developing that kind of spirit. The secondary movement to raise up the standard in young people is a martial arts movement. For a healthy spirit and body few things are better than martial arts. If you prepare for martial arts with a good spirit, no evil power can attack you. Martial arts have often been used for a great purpose in history. Unfortunately, it has also been used with an evil intent. Martial arts, if left to themselves, will most often be used for an evil purpose. However, with a religious movement, martial arts can be used for a constructive, good purpose. That is the point. If someone comes to martial arts with an arrogant manner, we have to teach them a higher meaning for its use. We have to know that it is necessary to prepare a unifying martial arts movement throughout the world. We have to defend all aspects of our life. We are now organizing a martial arts group worldwide, and preparing to make this martial arts part of the Olympic games. Most seminaries don't teach any martial arts or even physical education, but our seminary teaches martial arts so that our students are not only prepared intellectually, but also spiritually and physically. We are preparing a world movement for God and everything should come together under that. We are even preparing for a religious Olympic association. The top religious leaders of the world, prominent theologians and scholars will come together and open these games once every two years. The Olympic games have a standard of coming together every four years, but we want to go beyond that standard by meeting every two years. More importantly, we want to go beyond that standard by having a higher purpose for coming together.

Everyone needs a good system of give and take for their body. The body, just like the mind or the spirit, needs to be balanced and have a good flow of energy. If you have pain in your stomach, it is because there isn't a good flow of energy between your stomach and other body functions. When I come home after working hard all day, I exercise every night. This is one reason why I don't get tired even though I am competing with you, a younger generation.

For a sound body, you have to exercise; for a sound spirit, you also have to exercise. For the spirit, this means a religious way of life. We have to embrace the land, the sea and encompass all the arts. These areas we need to cover. Then, centered around these things, the new world will begin. At the core, we are religious, but our goal is to establish the Kingdom of God on earth. A sound body develops through external practice; a sound spirit develops through internal practice. Literature, music, poetry, art, all these areas we have to develop ourselves. I have learned how to do well in all these areas and so should you.

No one ever dreamed that I would come to Provincetown and fish like this, but now I have done it for ten years. The public doesn't understand why I initiated many of the things which we do. They cannot see our motivation, so it is natural that they come to oppose us. As time passes, those who oppose and those who try to help us will move a greater and greater distance apart. One side will eventually disappear and the other side will eventually be embraced by God. Thus, a new era will be created.

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