God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 26

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 76-78
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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Creating Your Own Foundation

It is not my credibility that concerns me. It is your credibility that I want you to build. You have to accomplish something. I want to start some foundation for you so that in the future you will have some protection. Otherwise; the persecution will be too severe if I were to leave. This is why I am hastening so much. It is why I go through so many sleepless nights and compact three years of effort into one.

Many people say, "Father, why don't we take a little longer to do this project?" When the fishing industry becomes prosperous, I want to donate hundreds of boats and give them away for all kinds of good programs. The point is, how to make a good quality boat without a great deal of expense. Once we do that, the American people will work hard and give the boats away. You might like the idea, but don't want to work so hard.

I understand this about you. You don't want to work hard if you can get away with it, but this is the only way for you to get results. I have to push you, but you get the results, you get the benefit. Each boat cost twenty-five thousand at the minimum. If we were to sell them, the retail price would be around thirty thousand. The material alone costs sixteen thousand, while the rest of the cost is labor. These first boats are for you to use for your programs. So we need to make the boats just as good, but cheaper. One thing that we can do is make many of the parts ourselves. The parts we have to buy, we can buy in large quantities. This brings down the cost. If you really keep a close check on everything and buy everything at the time when it's more of a bargain, you can reduce the cost by two or three thousand dollars. With the extra, you can give benefits to the members making the boats.

We will have to put at least twenty million into this project. If you were to deposit that into the bank, you would get three million dollars every year without doing anything. That's only two or three percent interest: it is not much, but it adds up. I know that when you first invest money like this, you will lose in the first few years. We might lose up to one-third of the original investment. I know that we will lose this good money, but that is how it is when you start a new venture. The typical way of working in a factory is that you work for a few hours then take a break. Then you work a little bit more and then you have to have some coffee. By the time you have four or five breaks, it's time to quit. I don't think about work that way. I like to work twenty-four hours around the clock in order to finish more quickly. Time to eat doesn't take an hour, it only takes half of that time. The fastest way to eat is just to pick up the food with your hands. I have trained myself how to eat fast. I can eat one meal in one minute. You can put all your food into the soup bowl and just drink it down. Can you imagine it? You might be thinking, "What kind of a lifestyle is that?" That's the lifestyle to make the foundation. That’s what kind of lifestyle that is.

If you have a choice, if you really want to establish the foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, then you cannot go about it in the old way of doing things. Just forget about that. You have to devise a whole new way to make things happen. I have worked to the point that when it came to dusk I wasn't even sure if it was morning and the sun was rising or if it was evening and the sun was setting. When I was eating something, I wondered if it was breakfast or dinner. You might hear this and think it is just a story, but I have lived through this. This is exactly how things happened.

I have a record in Korea. We built the II Hwa factory, three stories, a steel reinforced and concrete foundation building. This was a regular building and usually it would have taken two or more years to build it. To plan it would take six months, preparation takes another six months, and then it takes at least a year to build it. Our factory only took three months from start to finish. We poured the concrete for twenty-four hours, using lights and two different shifts. We did it like that. The training center we built in just twenty-eight days. One man went away for a few days and came back to find a whole building there. He thought he was lost. We built another training center which is not as large, but just as substantial, in only seven days. Can you imagine building a permanent house, including the foundation, in just seven days?

The tempo that you work at really upsets me. I don't even want to come look at it. You do things so slowly, dragging them on and on. The garden lies in front of you, and you can make it in just a few days. You've gone on and on for two months now and you aren't even beginning. I am studying Americans now and learning about you. I am now thinking of how to lay everything out for you and show you how to accomplish really fast and efficient production. That's for your sake.

You have to investigate how to improve the speed of production. Invent a machine if you have to. The leader has to take responsibility. If he cannot do it, then someone else has to come in and do it. You cannot do it the easy way. No other factory would ever try to push this hard. Well, we have to be reasonable, but as much as we can, we will try to bring the costs down for these 300 boats. We can bring the costs down, of that we are sure. How about you? Don't you think this is the best way? Then, would you want to work slowly and get only a little bit of benefit, or work very hard and get a great deal of benefit? One is easier, but the other is more sure in the long run. This will be your foundation.

No one is thinking this way and it just baffles me. Anyway, we can put everything together for less than twenty thousand dollars. I am sure of that, including all the parts and the trailer, everything. Mako is now twenty-two thousand dollars without a trailer. You have now seen our boat. It's a handsome boat isn't it? The Mako boat, speaking honestly, is one class lower. Our boat can still run in twenty-five knot winds. From twenty-five to thirty-three knots is small craft advisory conditions, but our boat can still run. It is as stable as a midsized boat. The boat will be produced; there is no question about that. We may have to build it in Alabama where things cost less and the weather is better so that we can build it in an almost open space. Now then, the question of building 300 boats is settled. 

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