God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 25

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 72-76
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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Accepting a New Assignment

Maybe you haven't thought about the fishing industry so much, but based upon what you have heard, you have come to have some new perspective on it. What do you think? Are you thinking that this could really work? When you were carp fishing in Barrytown, you were already starting on this providence. You didn't know it then, but you certainly were. Those who made the nets with me remember going late into the night and even the next morning without any sleep. That was not unrelated; it was actually part of your initiation.

So, you might as well take it, because I am planning that each Unification Church leader should spend eighteen months on the boat as training. We have a saying in Korean which goes, "The one who gets the first punishment gets away the easiest." It means, if you get the task the first time, it is not as hard as when you get it later on. Are you interested? Are you starting to dream of fish already? You should be dreaming of something because it is already late into the day, and I am sure you are hungry by now. Are you at least imagining lobsters or fish? Those who listened intensely, did you connect with lobsters? If you have done so, then you have certainly listened. You won't have to be convinced.

The lobsters must be cooking and cooking for you and they might be worried that the customers have turned them down, making their effort meaningless. Should we make the assignments now or should we eat first? We now have our own seafood restaurant. Should we eat first or decide later? Let's eat first and when you go to the restaurant, look at the Good Go boat. Look at One Hope 4 and you can see what I have been talking about all morning long. 

You have had a long time to enjoy your reunion, and after our meeting tonight, you can spend another night here. Then, the conference is over, and you can leave tomorrow. Did you take the tour, go around and see the castle? Do you like Morning Garden? Is it a good place? We will buy many places like this around all the coastal areas. We will use them for training centers, research centers, and centers for the fishermen to come back, rest and recuperate. Did you see the Good Go? That's our pride. A boat is the pride of any American family. They really take care of their boats and go to the lakes or the ocean with them. Are you ready to order a boat now and apply for it?

The members of the boat building factory always want to do things like other companies. However, when I look at the list of things there is so much that we don't need to do. Many factories operate with a great deal of waste. Then, I advise the members to use just what they absolutely need to use. There is always plenty of room to save costs and yet not affect the quality of the boats. It just takes an alert mind.

Getting back to the original question and explanation that I have given to you, should we position these boats all around the coastal waters? It's easy to say, "Yes", but do you consider all that it means to you, the change in life-style that you will have to make? Once you assume the position, will you really determine to work there for three or four years and not run away? Certainly you wouldn't say in front of me, "Oh, yes Father, I will run away." However, just to say "Yes" in front of me is not right either. You have to consider what you are saying. It will be your foundation. It will be America's foundation. That is a real and eternal foundation. It will not fade away.

The Foundation for Africa and South America

I cannot stay here all the time. I have to go to all the different countries. If I stayed in this country all the time, what would happen to the other countries? They would blame me for not coming to them. The African countries and South America, especially Brazil, are really asking for me. The members know that so much more could happen and develop in their countries and they are really eager for me to come there.

I am thinking seriously about establishing machine factories in countries like Zaire to make farm machinery. People are farming with ox carts and hoes there. However, we can make farming machines that will work there and we will teach them how to fix the machines when they break down. It's incredible. White people occupied Africa and made colonies there, but they never educated the people. They just took everything for their own use. They didn't show them how to make farms and they didn't tell them how to reap crops, vegetables or fruit. They never introduced anything, not even how to make bread. They are still eating the bare minimum of staple foods in Africa, like the wild potato. There are just a few kinds of food and for every meal they eat almost the same thing. No one ever educated them. They received very little education, even at the grammar school level. They cannot read or write and they cannot begin to understand the modern world. How can they hope to survive? All these wrongdoings were made by white people. If the white people don't try to solve these things, it may be that the yellow people will go there and correct them.

In Africa, we spend only 10% of what we spend here in America, but it is enough to get a whole movement going in one country. A little bit has a tremendous impact in Africa. Don't you think we should do that? We should show them everything, how to grow and harvest vegetables and fruit, how to produce crops and bake bread. One problem in the past was that when they received education, they chased the white people away. The white people responded with, "Why even bother to educate them?"

Finally, a few Africans would get to go to London or somewhere in Europe, and you can imagine how they felt when they came to those continental countries. They saw the difference between the living standards in the Western world and their life back in Africa. This caused a lot of anguish and anger. Even though there have been some reforms, this racial concept is still there. White people don't like people with color; they don't like black people. 

What happens is that the communists use this as a vulnerable point. They agitate the people and say, "Look what the white people have done to you and look what they think about you. They don't care about you, they are only using you." Then, the communists tell them that their only hope is communism, where they will live in the laborer's kingdom, the common people's kingdom. It has always been proven to be a lie, but if you don't really know about communism, it is very sweet talk. This is how the communists start racial wars. If you have doubts about it, you have to study more. It's very clear to see their strategy. Before such things happen, the white people of the Unification Church should go to Africa and pay indemnity for the wrongdoings of white ancestry and make things more even. Then, they will begin to trust you.

Most recently in Zaire there has been a spiritual church which the white people have massacred. It was a new Christian denomination and this awful thing is now history. No one tells this story in public. They just want to put a lid on it and forget about it. But the black people will never forget about it. We will have to open that up and indemnify it. Someone will have to pay for it and ease their hearts. 

When I bring these things out in the open, am I cruel or just trying to find fault with white people? Do you think that it’s good for me to bring this out? It's good because it's the only way to make things even and start things new. We have to be sure about that. We cannot hide the things that we did. I want to go right now and help them, but I cannot go to them with empty hands. My first priority is to get you on a solid foundation.

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