God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 27

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 78-81
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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The New Assignment

At this time thirty people will be assigned to manage centers. Initially, let's begin with volunteers. Those who want to take this new mission, stand up. From the way you look, I think you will all get sea sick when you first go out. "Soft bones," is the term I am thinking of. If you don't get seasick, raise your hands.

I want to select first those who can get along with the ocean. Some people are born in such a way that the fish will follow along with them. Just like some people are born to make money in business, some are born to make money in fishing. I will first go around and pick those who are best suited for this life. It is like a matching ceremony isn't it? Then, let's begin. After you are picked, please register your names.

With these members I feel that I have more than enough to create the ocean kingdom. What about you? You have to be very flexible and you have to be able to make very quick decisions, especially when the sea is rough. You must always be thinking that the ocean is dangerous. You have to be able to handle that. You have to have a body which can handle the harsh weather and hard work. Can you understand that? Well, I have picked twenty-four members, and this will be it to begin with. Six more members will come later on.

We need good lecturers as well. Education doesn't exactly need a big person. Those who are state leaders already, please raise your hands. You should come to Ocean Church, but not just yet. Seminary graduates are directly responsible to me. They don't go automatically to HSA or to CARP or anywhere else. No one can just reassign them at will. Since they were especially trained at the seminary, they are under my responsibility. Now, it is pretty much understood. For you new center leaders, the boats are still in production. This means that twelve of you will receive your assignments tomorrow. The other twelve will be temporarily assigned as a state leader. However, when the new boats come out, you will be assigned a boat and you will go to your new mission. Until the first twenty-four boats are produced, you will go in this order. It will take about two months. Daikan is the one who is advising Ocean Church and I trust him to pick the first twelve leaders from you.

This is not a separate organization that I am starting. It is very much a part of our movement. Tiger Park will come to visit you and Reverend Kwak will help you organize your lecture programs. You are very much a part of the movement. In a real way, you are just like a state leader, especially in your region of Ocean Church. Don't settle down, but keep moving and visit all the ports in your region. We have to reorganize quickly and leave no blanks. As you see, many people have been recruited to be state leaders and new leaders for Ocean Church. Now, those left will have to work twice as hard.

First Instructions

Then, God bless you. If you new Ocean Church leaders do well, you will develop faster than the inland churches, including the state centers on the coastal lines. You have more motivation to create something. When you go to your assigned area, first visit with the Coast Guard chiefs, the Police chiefs and the mayor. Introduce yourself and explain what you are going to do. Let them know that your interest is to revive the fishing industry in America, and that you will train many young people to work hard and live sacrificially for the sake of the seaport. Tell them that boats, trailers and vans will be coming into their area. Assure them that you will do your best to reverse the trend of young people, from living in a decadent way to a constructive and creative way. You will quickly have to form a lecture program, and when there are enough people assembled, give them a lecture. In this way, explain to them all these things.

There are a few crucial ports to which you will first be assigned. You are in the position of director for that port and/or that region. A few boats and a few members will come under you. They will be notified that you are coming. Since you haven't had any experience this summer, and those who are assigned to you have already had some amount of substantial experience, you can learn from them. You have to let them know that you want to catch up and close the gap quickly. Many of them will be European members and they will be happy for you to be the director there because you can link them to America.

Your main task is to lecture and educate the young people in the region. While you are doing that, you can take them out to sea and fish together. Lecture in the boat and train them as you are fishing. All these things are done at the same time. I have already directed you how to bring them along. After they go through a period of training, let them apply for a boat. The boat that comes to Gloucester during the summer can fish the East coast. It is best for this boat to go to Norfolk first and the crew can get their experience there. Fish there and you will learn what you need to know. During the tuna season, we need a tender boat; this boat can come up from Norfolk and provide chum for the boats and buy tuna.

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