God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 19

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 52-56
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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 A New Beginning

Today is the first of October. October is the month of success. In this month, your fortune will open up to you, whatever you have sown for the year. From this first day of October, will you go forth and give all your effort? Would you like to go to the campus and work with CARP, or would you like to do what no one else is doing right now? Well, you've got to do something before you get old and die. Today may be a good day to start.

Years ago, we didn't have the science conference. No one was ready to do that, but I pushed them to go ahead and do it. If we hadn't done that, where would we be today? There would be no understanding from the scholar's world toward us. It would be downright miserable; no one would recognize or understand anything about what we have. But now, many people have been able to study and understand something of the message we have. It made quite some news that Unification members were educating the highest scholars in Western society. When people started to see that, it made them wonder about us. It was like lightning striking down into the culture.

The science conference is not attended by members; they are just staff members and coordinators. It is attended by the scholars in the different sciences. Through this they are all becoming educated about us. It is causing a chain reaction. In Germany there were only fifteen positions that could be opened for the conference, but over four hundred scholars applied to come. There are many more scholars who don't even know about the conference. When they find out, then thousands will be trying to come. However, the young professors won't even try to come. Only the famous ones, only the ones with experience, expertise and recognition in their field will be allowed to come.

What would happen if I stopped the science conference from now? Would you continue on with it? Who will do that? Last year the budget for the conference alone was 1.3 million dollars. Is that a small amount of money or a lot? If I bought lunch for seminary graduates with that kind of money, you would have lobster lunches all year long and still have plenty of money left over. Why don't I do that for you instead of spending all that amount in just one meeting? Is it more worthwhile to have the science conference than feed you lunch? If you just need money all the time, what do you expect to gain? You have to come to the place where you can give more money than you need to receive; everything increases from there.

The structure has now been made. We can bring all Europe into unity. It is taking visible shape. We are preparing the road, bringing all these scholars together. Technology and science can be guided by a deeper understanding of their purpose. I want to show the way in the technological areas, such as in Germany. I have already made good relationships with people in Germany who have a substantial role to play, particularly in the area of machine making. The standard has yet to be set and I want to pioneer that standard for the next century. I want to uplift technological standards in the East and go past the standard already set by Germany. In this way, Korea can go beyond the standards set by Japan. Why? So that Korea can better serve all of Asia and then the world. You cannot do anything for others if you are below or equal to their standard. You have to have something very great, something of the best quality to offer.

I have worked very hard in Europe for three years already. I have brought all the members together, centering in London and they are working together as if they came from one country, one nation. That is the way it should be. I performed a matching in Europe with all the European members. When you look at them, you can never tell which one is French or which is Italian or German. There really isn't that great of a distinction.

I was amazed after I matched them, because 90% of them were international matchings. I didn't plan it that way. I was just trying to put together the best match for each person, but almost all of them were from different nations. It was almost a completely international matching. The European Economic Market (EEC) has an ideal, but they have three big obstacles: the different languages; the boundaries between different nations; and the reluctance of people to marry between the different cultures. People are usually bound to marry someone from their own race or culture. However, through marriage, all these barriers break down. Let's face it. As long as these barriers exist, the EEC is only a nice dream. It will never work in a substantial way; there will always be friction and tension somewhere. They have no idea how to make their ideal come about. However, Reverend Moon, through matching and marriage, and teaching members how to live in a selfless way, can show them how to fulfill even more than their ideal. Now, the biggest headache that the EEC has is Japanese technology. The Japanese learned everything from them, copied it and then digested it, which means they improved it. Now the Japanese are ahead of the Europeans. This is what bothers the European nations. I want to make it so that the Europeans are competitive again with the Japanese. I have approached several people in Germany and they are all for the idea. I thought of this more than fifteen years ago. I already understood this problem and prepared for it. Now, it's incredible because no one thought the world would be like this, but I already predicted it years earlier.

Then, we can build the best machine making factory in Germany.   How? Already members from Europe are working in Japanese factories. They are learning everything there. Then, in Germany we can hire people from all the different countries that really need the work. This is part of the EEC plan, so we will cooperate with that. You have to understand this world. You have to go into the world so that you can really turn it around. Always think very far ahead and on a very large scale. People don't really think like this so much. My plan in Europe will leave many of them scratching their heads. I have already begun with a prototype factory right here in America.

I thought of how to recycle automobiles. Once you have the machine making technology, you can buy old automobiles such as a Mercedes and fix it up completely new. Many people would want to buy such a quality automobile. In this country, there is so much wealth that it is a virtue to spend a lot of money, but it isn't a virtue to keep automobiles for years and years, even the very good ones. There is no need for this waste and the common philosophy of the people about buying and using things is changing.

We can overhaul the engine and completely recondition it. There is a good way to do it quickly and I have thought about it seriously. Now, they have to fix broken engines cylinder by cylinder, but there is a way to recondition the engine every 100,000 miles. In this way, the engine can last indefinitely. The engine is just a huge block of steel. There is no reason not to be able to fix it and make it run even better than new. If you have the technology to do it, it's no problem. We could recondition more engines than Ford produces in one year. However, the price will only be one-half to one-third of a new one. This is not just thinking. We are just on the verge of making such an enterprise come about. If you need a small engine for a fishing boat, you don't need to go out and buy a new one. There are so many broken engines that are easy to get. We can fix those engines, put them in the boat and there you have an inboard motor. The cost is almost nothing. Some engines are almost given away. What will they do with an engine without the body of a car? They will sell them for almost nothing.

We can remake those engines and they can run a boat the same as if a new engine were on it. We can send those kinds of boats and engines to Africa by the dozens. Some of the African countries don't even have one boat in their entire nation, and yet, the opportunities in fishing are vast. Can you now understand why I would think of machine making factories? Everything has a connection to the whole world. You have to have a mind like that.

Do you have the capability to implement these plans and run these operations? What will pave the way? The science conference will do that. They understand the problems such as in the EEC and in the American economy. They can make the plans and influence the politicians in order to make things happen. The whole basic outlook towards science has to be restructured. There has to be a whole new understanding of values and the application of science. There has been a long term misunderstanding about these things.

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