God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 20

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 56-58
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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The Time to Begin is Now

Four years ago, we bought fourteen acres of land right next to this house. We are one of the biggest landowners around here. Maybe that is why they are so excited. There is nothing wrong with what we are doing. We are going to make a marine college here and it's about time. The United States has needed one for a long time. They have nothing to say. Wait and see.

My mind is full of all the things that I have to take care of. Can you unload my mind? There is no boat that we cannot build. Steel boat? We have already done that. Wood boat? We have already done that. Fiberglass boat? We have already done that too. You name it, give us a few months and we will come up with it. The more factories that we start, the more people we need to run them. You are the ones who ought to do that. You have to start thinking like this. Make a plan and implement it: buy the factory, pay the people, make the thing work, bring the standard up beyond anything else around. I know it takes a long time. It's impractical for you to start out just like that. However, you won't sink. All you need to do is raise up the people around you. You don't have to find a genius to help you. Just find good people.

I have made all the foundations already. The foundation for you is already prepared. You don't have to bring the people in by the millions, but surely you can bring them in by the hundreds. After a few years, you can find the way to do that. If you aren't motivated, if you still have something which is holding you back and you don't move, should we then give up all these plans? Should we come down to the beginning level and witness like we did twenty years ago? Should I go back out and begin again myself?

Then, who will bring the people? One thing you cannot worry about now is your family. I am not denying you anything. Just think with me for a moment. If you are Blessed, within one year after you begin family living, many of you will have a baby. Within three years, many of you will have two babies. Within five years, many of you will have three babies. Many families will consist of five people: mother, father and two or three children. How are you going to feed them?

Don't you see? Don't you really see that you have to get on your feet now and start running? Don't worry about the whole national foundation, just do your part. You should start running in these next three to five years. At the same time, I will do my portion of work. If you bring more people, you will set the foundation, not only for your own family, but also for many, many families in the future. You have to see that.

If you have one or two babies, you can get along without too many changes, but after three babies, you really have to stop and consider things. You have to pay so many expenses, medical and otherwise. It just takes a lot to raise children; you have to support them. If your head has become so big because you have graduated from seminary, you won't go and dig a ditch, you won't do the humble job, then you might find yourself in an awkward situation.

Well then, shouldn't I chase you out? Shouldn't I say, "This is your area. You have to live or die with it."? Shouldn't I just push you and make you stick to it, even though you are in your early thirties? It's a good age. In ten years, more and more young people will come into the church and they will ask you what you did. How can you say, "Well, I graduated from The Unification Theological Seminary (UTS), but it was all too heavy for me, so I lingered behind the providence."? Can you say that?

My mind feels urgent. The more you linger, the more heavy you will become and finally you will not be able to move at all. Start moving now in the lowest place and don't be bothered by it. You will rise up quickly. Can you understand my feeling? Do you know why I called you here almost suddenly, at such short notice? Why did I call for all the seminary graduates? You were given the mission to witness and you found it very difficult to do that. Where will you apply yourself? In what position will you function? If you cannot do that, what can you do? I am thinking of giving you a new area. Do you want to keep going as you have been? If you keep going like that, if you sit long enough you will perish. Until now you haven't made any action. It has been a few years already and you may have tried, but nothing has improved.

So now, the only way is to try something which might work for you. If you hadn't gone to the seminary, but had instead gone out for two precious years of witnessing, how many members would you have increased? You have been dealing with the upper echelons of people, but there is so much more for you to do. Somehow, since you have graduated from the seminary, there must be some way to use all that knowledge.

If you get a new assignment, will you have a real objection? Why not decide that whatever you do, you will put your whole mind and heart into that, and make something of it? Our purpose is to raise up the standard, not only in America, but in missionary countries as well. We have to back up our ideas with some kind of substantial support.

I seriously thought about the recycling business; first, scrap metal, collecting it and reusing it. After that we would do the same with paper and other products. We would have to build a huge factory to recycle these things. However, after investigating this area, we found that it would be very, very difficult for us to enter into, as it is under a type of "mafia" control. You would have to sacrifice yourself unnecessarily and I didn't think that was a wise idea. We have something better than that to do.

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