God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 18

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 48-52
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden”

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One thing that no one said this year was, "How come the New Hope won first prize this season?" There wasn't a single soul who had that question. Everyone knew why the New Hope got first prize and when I got it, no one complained about it.

I went out so seriously every day for several years already. I developed a new technique for the hand line method and tested it over and over again. I proved it worked and there is no doubt that this method is really the best. So, I can now tell others to do the same. Those who follow the instructions precisely have caught more fish than anyone else.

People all around have definitely become impressed. They all thought that some miracle was going on. At any rate, many people came and asked questions and looked around. They know that I have gained real expertise in this area. They really want to find out about my method and some try to spy on the boats and find out what is going on. By now, if I were to announce a tuna seminar, I know that there are so many people interested in my method that they would certainly come and listen to me.

I have about ten hours of lecture content. I can lecture at least ten hours about tuna fishing. Would you like to hear this lecture now? There is no question that I have the contents and the ability to give such a lecture, but I don't have time, so I won't give it today. Are you disappointed? If the tuna had ears to listen, they would be very interested in listening to my seminar. There is nothing that I didn't do. I did what all the fishermen did and then I went several steps beyond. If I didn't do something, it was something that wouldn't get the job done, so I naturally wouldn't do it. However, anything that would work, anything that would get the job done, I tried. I have the confidence to say that there is nothing I haven't done or tried.

Many professionals come and they don't just catch two, three or four fish. It doesn't just happen like that. But here, we have people who never fished before and they come and get five, six, seven tuna. The one without experience used to try and if he caught one during the whole season, he was very lucky. I certainly understand all about that.

When I first started fishing, I went for weeks without catching one tuna and there were more tuna around then. Many professionals were catching fish around me. In the midst of them, I lost fifteen tuna in a row. That was the way I started. It wasn't easy in the beginning, but once I found the pattern, I caught fish over and over again. And now that I am teaching you, you can catch a fish without any experience at all. Five years ago, tuna was only five cents per pound. We have been working to gradually raise the tuna price. We aren't gaining money by doing that. Not yet. So far, we are even losing money. This year the price went up to $2.50. This means if you catch a large fish, you can make close to two thousand dollars. You should have seen how many boats came out this year. Hundreds of boats came out. Next year, we hope the price goes up to at least $3.50. This means one fish can make more than three thousand dollars. Can you imagine how many boats will come just to try it out? If you catch one fish, that's enough money for fifteen cows. So, on one line there are fifteen cows. That's some kind of fishing.

I have a real hope that someday a woman will catch a fish by herself—a solo effort. For now, at least in pairs, the women can catch tuna. I am truly looking forward to seeing women come out and fish amongst the men. So, you women, you aren't interested in this because you are women? "No!" Okay, I am going to assign a boat for the women too.

If you catch three fish, that is almost ten thousand dollars. This could cover one family's food expenses for an entire year. How many boats do you think will come out and compete for that kind of money? Who will prosper the most? The towns like Gloucester. There is the same number of fish to be caught, but there will be ten times the amount of boats coming out to fish. And those fishermen will spend money in the small, local town. The higher price is for their benefit as well.

We caught 165 fish this year. Isn't that incredible? That's a lot of fish. That's an increase of 150% from last year. Last year we caught 64 tuna and that was a lot of fish then, but this year we caught 100 more fish than that. Next year we can catch 500 or 600 tuna and that's only one-third of the quota. Imagine if we ever did that! Imagine if we ever caught one-half the quota! And yet, we can do that someday. I am sure of it.

Investing Yourself to Gain the Result

When I used to hunt in the mountains, there was quite some stir over that. I was more successful than anyone else. I had never used a gun before, so I first practiced with clay targets. I quickly got up to shooting eighteen out of twenty-five targets, which is pretty good. I have a very quick reflex. Well, the first time I went hunting, I took Colonel Pak with me. Colonel Pak served a long time in the Korean army where he was a rifle instructor for several years. However, I more than doubled his result. Do you think that I'm a capable person? If you are really following me, you should be like me. You have to at least mimic me. You have to show some sign of who you are. Let me ask you again, are you a champion yourself, or are you considering yourself a candidate to become a champion? You definitely need men don't you? Well, if you just sit tight, do you expect them to come to you? What should you do? 

Pretend you are dying and when someone walks by you they will take sympathy on you. You have to start something and motivate something to happen. What do you smell with your nose, what do you hear with your ears, what do you touch with your hands? What do you do anyway? You have to smell for the sake of mankind, hear for the sake of mankind and touch for the sake of mankind.

Have you ever looked at a spider web? I am fascinated by the spider web, especially the king spider. Usually you think there is no spider in the web, that it's a dead web. However, if you throw something in there and it gets caught in the web, very soon the spider will come out. It never fails that the spider comes out. Well, do you have your spider web? If something gets entangled, do you come out to see what it is? Do you have such a sense about things? If you don't, it means you are not even up to the spider level. Whenever the spider moves to a new place it immediately starts making its web, its network.

The spider has to make his web precisely. He has to push himself from interval to interval just right, and in this way, the thread is connected to make the web. He does this thousands of times; he is completely an expert at it. He doesn't have to think about it. If you don't believe it, go to the spider web and see how he works. I tested it many times. I tossed in some flies or bugs and watched. The first thing the spider did was to wrap the bug up in the web. Before he examines it, the spider does that. Then, he takes a good look at it and starts to eat it. You should do things exactly the same way. Make a web and if something touches it, go out and catch it first. Then, look at it and see what you've got. Once it is in the web, don't take off for lunch or go to sleep. For example, if someone comes to listen to you, don't say, "Well, it's already twelve o'clock; let's go to bed and talk about it tomorrow." No, you have to stay up the entire night and talk to him. When he understands what you are conveying, you can give yourself a brief break, but go right on until he becomes your member.

Don't you see? If you don't even have the thinking of a spider, what can you become? So, you need manpower and what else? You need money. Well, if you have manpower, you will also have money. If you have money first, it does not mean that men will always follow you. However, if you have people first, then the money will surely follow.

If you decided to act now, which method would you take? Would you follow Tiger Park's method or Dr. Durst's? Why do you say Tiger Park? You are Americans. Now I am really curious. I coached Tiger Park closely and he has developed a fighting, championship spirit. Those who are not in CARP please raise your hands? Are you interested in CARP even though you are not members? Then, why don't you join CARP from now on? Maybe I will disguise myself and go around to the campuses and see what is going on directly. Don't make a scene if you recognize me. Just go on. Would you like to see me come to the campus in this way? If I appear like that, you will never notice me.

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