God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 17

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 45-48
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden”

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I know how to make good friends with congressmen and senators. Don't do it in the normal way that everybody else does. Don't fall into the expected categories that everyone else does. Just go and kick the door in and say, "I want to see you!" He will be surprised and come out to investigate about you. Then you tell him why you came and why you want to talk with him. You have an important and urgent message. If the secretary gets in the way, just yell over her protests. You have to make a close relationship in the minimum amount of time.

There was one instance when I kept visiting someone, and that person said over and over that he didn't like me. I just kept on going until he changed his mind and began to like me. How many times do you think that I visited that man? I visited him for one year and six months. I went again and again. Finally the whole household came to the point where they were waiting and hoping for my visits. If you need champions, then why aren't you going out to get them? If I was a state leader I would go around the entire state in one week. You have to be constantly on the move. You have to always be like that before you can expect anything. You have to be on your feet all the time. Go out and visit and invite others to visit you. That has to be going on all the time.

Have you ever been out street witnessing? Do you know what kind of face you have out on the street? Do you know what you look like? You have to know about yourself. You have to know if your face or your character will interest others. If you just sit still, people will think you are half asleep. You have to study how to make your eyes move so that people will know you are alert. Your eyes have to scan quickly, and gestures will help. Don't sit still; your body should be moving along with your eyes. That is one of the basic things you can do to improve your appearance.

If you do that, people will think you are exciting. When I was a teenager I used a friend as a platform and gave an impromptu speech. Some friends went along with me, knowing what I was going to do. They liked me because of that. After I had finished speaking, another one said, "You want to do another speech? You want to climb up on me?" They didn't mind. If you really do things naturally, it's okay.

If you are the state leader and you find some nice woman, you can even stand on her back. She won't mind, as long as you feel very sincere and are natural about it. Surely, people will stop and listen to your speech. Someone might come up and protest to you about abusing women, and you can say, "Do you think you can do the same thing that I am doing? Then, try it. And if you can, what is your protest about?" When you really need some attention quickly, you should be able to do things like that. I have all kinds of friends.

Wherever I went I had friends. In fact, there were too many friends and they insisted upon following me, but I was too busy to be friends with everyone. That is how I spent my days. That is why I know that no matter what, there is nothing you cannot do in order to get God's will done. Make your own story, make your own novel, then act it out. Become the hero of the novel. Follow your script and live out of action, how you will do something, how others will respond and then how you will move after that. Plan it and do it. I have that spirit and that is how I could come to America and visit some of the top officials and offices. I just walked in and that's how it went.

Try to imagine what I have to do. If I go to Africa, I won't be quiet, and that's not bad. I will stir things up and something nice will happen in that country when I go. How about you? How many stores would you want to manage someday? If you want to manage 100 stores, you have to raise that many people to at least run the stores while you manage the whole operation. Our members now operate many businesses. If I myself were to run each business, I know I could make it successful. There is no way that it would fail. I can understand how, in the very beginning, a member who has no experience in doing business before and is learning as he goes along, is bound to lose some money. That's understandable. For the first few years that's how it goes, but you should learn quickly and then you can begin to be successful.

If I were the lecturer, do you think people would come? Do you think I could persuade them and move their hearts? You might say to yourself, "Father, that's a good idea. Why don't you do that?" Why can't I do that? You know why. You know whose responsibility it is to do these things. I have already done all these things myself a long time ago. I am teaching you again, but I have already taught you how to accomplish in these areas. You must teach others. You know whose responsibility it is to hold banquets and visit the people day in and day out. You go ahead and do these things with all your heart. Go fervently to the homes and take care of the people. Then, their hearts will be moved by you. I cannot understand how the state leader can stay in his room the whole live-long day. Even the sisters who are graduating from the seminary, don't sit and wait for people to invite you. Just get up and go out. Invite yourself in with poise and charm.

You have to go after the people. Don't go after the small ones all the time. You have to grab onto the big guys in order to advance quickly. Do you want to become famous? Can you just sit tight? You'll never become famous if you just live like other people do. You have to live differently and become greater than others. You have to do more things and make more effort than anyone else.

Are you the champion of the Unification Church, or are you a member of the Unification Church? There is no champion that doesn't use all his limbs, hands, arms, legs and feet. I am waiting and hoping that you will change. You have graduated from the seminary and I am really wondering when you will change. How many more years will it take for you to become different from what you have always been? When are you going to be different? It's a very serious question. If you are not going to do something first and yet expect to be put in a high position, you are just a swindler.

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