God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 16

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 41-45
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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There are all kinds of things that bring people together: hiking, jogging, music, whatever. I want you to be an interesting person to be with. Don't be like a piece of carved stone or a piece of wood, expressionless and motionless. You have to be interested in all kinds of things and get excited easily. Then, you can get along with people very quickly. That is one thing that I am. I am really filled with fun. It is exciting to be with me. One thing I will never do is bore you.

If I am hiking up the mountain, I go faster than anyone else. If you go out onto the field with me, I will run and jump more than anyone else. I am curious about everything, I am filled with enthusiasm to learn anything. When you want to become friends with someone, you have to be active in the same field. If you have nothing better to do with yourself, just go out and pick a fight with someone. That's far better than sitting and doing nothing in your home. At least you are doing something and can learn from it.

You are bound to get hit once in a while. Otherwise, you will never understand about life. Getting hit by another person is not that terrible. When you are hit, then you know what that feels like. It makes you think, and you have to be a fast thinker in this life. When you come into a situation, you have to be able to think fast and do something immediately. That's a champion. A champion has to be very active in any situation and decide things very quickly. He has to know whether to advance or retreat and then do it.

I am beyond sixty years of age, but when I talk about something and get excited, no one thinks I am that old. I am like a twenty-year old and that's very attractive. You have to become a champion. If you are going to be gentle, you have to be rough first and then gentle. Experience the whole of life. So, you need manpower don't you? What kind of people do you need? Perhaps God is worried about you. He is thinking, "If you go out and witness, you will just bring in the same kind of person that you are." Perhaps God is trying to protect that person from falling into your hands, because he doesn't want another person who will just sit around and do nothing. You have graduated from the seminary and you have a Masters diploma. What if someone comes and yells at you, but you don't yell back. You just sit there and take it. If you are going to go out on the ocean, you should know what happens all summer long. The fishermen bicker all the time. There are tense moments when lines get crossed up and boats get in each other's way. Then, you really have to shout and use very strong language. In that situation, there is nothing wrong with shouting because you have to protect your rights.

I am the first to shout out when something goes wrong. If they yell back at me, I just shout again in an even louder voice. They have to listen because I am right. Other members of the New Hope, such as Daikan, don't raise their voices so much. However, in some situations, it's far better to raise your voice and defend what is right. In the mountains you have a big voice and the mountain will at least echo, but some men don't even do what mountains do; they just sit there dumb. Mountains are natural. A man should be natural too. Even the rock responds to strength with strength. Aren't you better than rock and timber? I once had an experience that made me stay awake all night. I couldn't even wait for the sun to come up, and as soon as it did, I went to that person's house and kicked open the door. Then I said, "We have to discuss this problem right now." Well, I don't do this as my profession. However, when something bothers me and I know I am right, I cannot help but do something about it. Sometimes I feel sad about being a religious leader. I am an aggressive person, but I have to be patient for the sake of God. However, sometimes, I even ask myself, "Why did I have to become a religious leader?"

To me, it's a mystery how anyone can just sit and sit, eating three meals a day for 365 days of the year and not do anything. It just makes me wonder, "What kind of man, or woman is he, or she?" Yet, whenever I call them, they have no trouble getting here. I wonder how they can respond so quickly to coming to a meeting, but don't go out and reach out to other people with the same kind of enthusiasm?

Winning the Respect and Friendship of Others

So then, what do you need? Men or money? You need men. Is there anyone who thinks, "Well, I won't do so much. I'll just sit tight and then I'll just wish for the children to be born." Do you ever think like that? You should first consider that you have to go out and find your spouse. Then, you have to go through the pains of labor which are almost beyond comprehension. And then, afterwards, the baby will often cry and you will be exhausted. Just think, you are trying to embrace the world. It is like trying to engulf a huge fish in just one swallow. Will that fish stay in your stomach?

Do you have the power to digest it? First, you have to have determination. Then, you have to try and try. If you are trying to catch people, you have to invest all of yourself. Take that person out for lunch, then dinner, then again another day. Day after day, take care of him like that. Just go ahead and do that. Make friends. If you run out of money, you can show your friends how to fundraise. They will be impressed that in thirty minutes you can make enough money to eat dinner and see the movies. Don't be limited by anything. Be able to do almost anything at any time. That's the secret to real life. If there is a man and a woman, and the man says to the woman, "Stay right here; I'll raise enough money for us to have lunch." And then indeed, if he goes out and gets the money in ten minutes, the woman will be truly impressed by this.

You might be trying to get that money for lunch and see another gentleman standing on the street. You can talk to him in the following way, even though he might wonder about you at first. You just smile and say, "Were you ever in love?" He will look at you and remember one time when he was. Then you can ask him, "What would you have done if you had to take her to lunch and you didn't have any money?" If he understands your situation in this way, he would gladly give you the money. I know one thing: if I was approached by an enterprising young man such as that, I would gladly give him a 100 dollar bill. The woman would be so impressed with him. If the woman is critical about all of this, then she doesn't deserve the young man. He should let her go and immediately find someone else.

There are ways to do things. Many ways. You have to be able to put up a show instantly without any planning. You can go up to a complete stranger and if you are sincere, you can say, "Oh, you are just like my sister. You really make me feel like my sister made me feel at home." If you are truly sincere, she will feel natural and she won't refuse to listen to you. You have to think always that you are in a drama. You are an actor at that moment. If you have an important enough reason, there is nothing that you cannot do.

If you have a noble idea, you can do almost anything. Your idea will guide your actions. There is almost nothing that I don't know about in the different ways of the world. I don't show it so much, but I know about hundreds and hundreds of things. If you are good at singing, you can sing out in the middle of the town. If you are good, eventually someone will be interested in you. He will come out and listen to you, because secretly he always wanted to do the same thing, but could never do it by himself. Then, he will start singing with you.

After a while he will feel close to you and ask you where you live. You can say where you are staying, but don't ask him anything. Then, he will ask you, "Why don't you stop by my house on your way home?" Well, that's what you wanted him to say to begin with, so you accept his invitation. If you linger for three or four hours, it becomes dinner time. Why should you stop? That's how you can make friendships with people.

What upsets me is that you are a perfectly capable group of young people. Life is more than sitting around like a stone wall. You joke with your best friends, but I'm now telling you to extend that joke to a complete stranger. You joke all the time with close friends, however; if you want many people to work with you then you have to extend yourself and make new close friends. If you want to see the mayor, you don't have to make an appointment all the time. Just wait in the town hall for two or three days and stop him when he comes out. One day you can just walk in and say, "Are you the mayor? You aren't any better than me; you aren't any more handsome than me." You can tell him that you are more intelligent than he is. He will be offended and ask you, "What do you know that I don't know?" Then you can ask a fast question, "Did you ever see God? I can arrange that. You can see God." Or, you can bring some caramel and candy and offer him some. If he refuses you, then even in America, that is impolite. So you can say, "You aren't a quality mayor." If he is older, you can ask him, "How do you know that I won't be your son-in-law someday?" That might get his attention. After all, you never know what the future might have in store for you or him, so you can say that. If he treats you as if you are insane, you can tell him that you are offended.

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