God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 15

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 38-41
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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The Making of a Champion

Let us begin. What is it that you need now, and what is it that you need most? Do you need men or money? Which is more needed? Men or money? [Men], Yes, we need manpower. Well, can any man do the job? There are all sorts of men. There are those who can teach, those who are technically skilled or those who sail the seas. There are all kinds of men. Which one is needed? You like the idea of being a sailor, but there are all kinds of sailors.

I didn't send you to the seminary to become sailors. My purpose wasn't to make sailors out of you. What I would like, what anyone would like in the church, is someone who is spiritually oriented and can be of service to other people, especially in a religious or spiritual way. That person would be able to function normally and correctly in every position that he is given. We need a person representing the spiritual world who is willing to work in a principled way on the earth.

Who is that person? He is the one who is willing and capable to draw out the people involved in the Satanic world and bring them to a Godly way of life. We need a champion who can do that. It takes a champion to make a champion out of someone else. For example, you know about the gymnasiums where there is a coach or trainer and young men come to train under him. After thoroughly training them, the coach sends them out to a contest. When they win the match or the title, they can bring the trophy back to the gym. The champion in the gym is always practicing, always fighting. In this way, he refines himself.

If he doesn't have men to train, he has to recruit them. Who will recruit them? The champion has to do that. Is there an administrator who will do that for him? No. This means that you have to become the champion before you can hope to bring in and make champions out of others. You have to have a gym and you have to have enough technique to be able to train people regularly. You have to have that capability before you can assemble people and do something with them.

If you are constantly training others, you have to be able to look at them eye to eye and be able to fight. If that person doesn't look directly into your eyes, you have to remind them to look straight up and keep their eyes focused. You have to show them how to use their hands and feet in exactly the right way. Sometimes you have to\ hit them and show them exactly how it has to be done. The champion is constantly showing others how to do each thing. He will never leave them alone, not for any single detail. How many people have you trained like this? If you say that we need men more than we need money, you have to raise up those men. No one is going to bring you your men and say, "Here they are; they are already trained and you can use them." No one is going to do that for you. You will have to train them. However, before you can train anyone else, you have to be able to do every point by yourself. You have to pursue every detail by yourself. It is a desperate situation for you. If you need someone, you have to be clear. Don't just get anyone, but find the right person and then say, "Okay. I need him; I need that person." Then, you have to try your best for that person. You think about him, pray about him and do everything to bring him. That means you have to visit him and you have to work hard with him. The people surrounding him will oppose you, but you have to go again and again. You have to be persistent and determined to bring that person and nothing else will do.

Have you ever heard about one-sided love? You call it unrequited love. Once you have made up your mind, it doesn't matter what someone else thinks about you. What matters is what you think about them. You just go to serve that person, and if they oppose you, mistreat you, even knock you flat and make you bleed, still you will not give up. Instead, you will become excited by that and even more fervent to serve that person. By the time you do that, there is no such thing as a limit. That person will think, "Who am I to get this kind of attention from someone?"

When you are around many people, look and investigate who is the best one there. Determine who is the best man or woman that you want to bring over to God's side. Once you make up your mind, determine that you will never let go. Keep on working and praying until you win over that person's heart. Then, when you get to know him or her, express what you feel. Tell him how this nation is declining and how you are longing to meet someone who wants to stop that trend and turn this nation around. If he agrees with you, you can ask him to work with you.

You don't have to begin from the very first moment to talk about the Divine Principle. He may not be interested in that right away. For example, if someone is good at fighting and takes pride in it, and you are a bit of a muscleman yourself, go to him and ask him to teach you a few things. Then, you can learn some points from him. If you have interest in something and that person has some skill in that area, you can approach him in this way. You can first learn from others.

When your relationship matures and you become more trusting of each other, you can say to him, "Well, so much for the muscle. In order to use the muscle right, you have to be able to use your head and be smart. Don't you notice that you don't always do with your body what your mind knows you should do?" Give your opinion of how you have to fight and why. You can explain about the Principle even in such a conversation. One thing you should never do is limit yourself. Don't ever say things like, "Oh, I can't sing. That's the last thing I'd ever do." There is no such thing as the "last thing" you can do. You should try anything and everything.

It's awkward in the beginning. Go to the extreme and try the things you cannot do. Do something that no one is expecting. Then, people will really begin to notice you and listen to you. I studied this for a long time and I practiced it. I have some limitations, but I learned to go beyond them, and you should be able to go beyond your limitations as well. What is my limitation? I am the leader of the Unification Church. I cannot do many things, even though I know how to do them. I am an expert in so many things, but I cannot always do them.

It's very simple. For you to become a champion in the ring, you have to train yourself. On what? On various techniques, not just one thing. There are hundreds of ways. There are ways to move your head and your hands, so that when your head goes down, your fist goes up. If you are serious and you have to fight, if you have to, you can do it. You can use your head, your hand, your hip. If you are a serious fighter and if you are in danger, you have to use such things. Are you a champion, or are you an on-looker? If you are a champion, what kind of champion are you? The one who is more interested than anyone else and the one who learns more moves than anyone else is the one who is going to be the best fighter. That is how a champion is made. You have to fully invest all your mind and your body.

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