God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 14

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Founding of Ocean Church, page 34-38
October 1, 1980, Morning Garden

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Unity Through the Matching and Blessing

Those Americans who are matched to Koreans will have a very interesting life. Especially their offspring will be quite unusual. It is almost like a whole new race. How many of you are matched? When would you like to be married? There are so many couples now waiting, and if I were to bless all of you at once, the President should come and give his congratulations. Is it like that now? Could such a thing happen?

I am considering the whole nation. That is why I cannot just move in a simple way; I cannot just do things so easily. If I am going to hold a wedding ceremony here in America, I will have to bring many people from all the different countries. Would the American people welcome them or not? Is there a possibility or danger that someone would want to place a bomb in the wedding hall? Have you ever stopped to think about that? If I am going to officiate at your wedding, then it must be a fantastic wedding. I am very concerned that everything should go well and have a peaceful conclusion. I am thinking of where to have this wedding, in Korea or Japan, England or America.

The plane fare is quite a bit for someone to fly back and forth, but am I thinking about that or am I thinking more deeply? For years and years I have been telling you that the qualifications for gaining the Blessing are that you must at least witness to three people and raise them up to God. You are also responsible to witness to eighty-four people. Jesus struggled with twelve disciples and seventy-two elders. Because he couldn't bring these people into unity centered upon himself, he couldn't go forward and get the Blessing.

What is your ideal? Should you get married before you are successful in Home Church, or after you have gained success in Home Church? Have you all done Home Church now? Then, this means you will have to be blessed again before you go to the spiritual world. When the world comes to welcome you, I will have to bless you again, even though I have already blessed you. You have to receive the blessing from the church level, the national level and the world level. These three levels have to recognize you. When you come to think of that, a wedding ceremony is not that simple is it? Those who are married to Japanese members, raise your hands. Those American sisters who are matched to Japanese men, do you feel something quite different than if you had been matched to American men? You've got to study and come to understand the differences. These differences can become the advantage and merit of your relationship.

Even I did not dream that one day I would be involved with so many people in this way. Well, those who are not engaged, please raise your hands. Not so many of you. How do you feel about becoming engaged? Those who are engaged, if you feel unsatisfied with your spouse, and if you are thinking, "Of all people, why did Father match this one to me?" raise your hands. No one feels that way? Even in a minimal way? You will never know how you feel until you live together and have a child together. From among those of you who don't care so much for each other, may come the best children. What will you do then?

You may become the leader of a nation, or even beyond that a leader on the world-wide level. You have to go through that, and then you can assess your marriage. A typical example is President Kim, Young Whi Kim. When he was blessed he was troubled for more than three years. He wondered why I had given him such a wife. I said, "Just wait and you will come to understand." Then, after a few years, he came to respect and love his wife, and couldn't see how he could even carry on without her. So now, he is a woman worshiper. However, can a man become a woman worshiper when the woman is bad? If I am an expert in any area, I am at least an expert in studying about man and God. I have really researched about God's mind and man's mind. Actually, you don't have to say anything to me. When I see you I understand immediately how you feel towards your match. I can accurately foretell the spiritual outcome of a couple. When I match you, I don't match you on the same level that you are. Instead, my mind is looking down upon you from the very highest viewpoint.

My reputation for matchmaking is already very high in Korea. There is a Korean philosophy about matchmaking, which is a very consistent philosophy or system of study that has existed for a very long time. There are many matchmakers in Korea who have studied this art and have made many matches in their lifetime. Many times, members have gone to them and have shown them their match and they were very shocked by how good it was. These matchmakers admitted they could not have done any better.

There is a way in which you were born and I can understand about that. My matchmaking abilities didn't come late in life, but from very early on, people recognized my abilities. When I was very young I would see a couple and tell right away if it was a good couple or not. Soon, people started to come to me and show me pictures and ask me if it was a good match or not. For years and years I studied and practiced in this area of life. So far as matching goes, not just in numbers, but in quality, I am the champion of the whole world. So, if you are ever going to get matched or married, how are you going to do it? If you really know the value of it, and if the price is $100,000, what are you going to do? Would you say, "Well, I don't have that kind of money, so I'll just settle for something less than that."? No, you would go out and do anything to earn that money. You cannot judge your match so quickly. If you really understood the value of it, you would wait, and after three generations here on earth, you would begin to see. When you go to the spiritual world, you will know even more clearly. However, if you know something more than me, and if you do things better than me, you can come to me and complain. Some of you got someone you would never have even dreamed about. If there was such a person that would be the last one you would ever marry, that would be this person. Then I matched you to that kind of person. However, that couple is often the very best kind.

The quality of people is different. One is going on an upward curve and the other is going down. Someone may be at the very top of their own prosperity and they are going in a downward curve. Another person may be just starting to go up. This is just the natural way of life. You have to have the right kind of harmony. If one moves faster than the other, a spouse may be left behind and die. Marriage is a very important thing. No one knows this more than I do. It can lengthen someone's life or cut it short. What could be more serious than that?

The most important event in one's life is taking a spouse, gettingmarried. In America, this most  serious thing is taken in a foolish way. Some people meet each other and in the same day they are married. Some people don't even bother about marriage, but just freely come together and then never see each other again. This kind of thing produces a deep scar each time. I am so serious, however, and once you agree to a matching, you have to stay with it and make it successful. Do you feel that your match is a good match? If you truly feel that, then I am grateful. But please understand, even if you feel that way now, it doesn't always stay that way. Those of you who don't feel so good about your match, it will be quite different in a few years and you will feel very good about it.

Don't think, "Well, everybody is getting married and I am just one of them." That isn't so. The quality of your marriage is very different. Look at the ocean. There are many depths and colors in the ocean. Your marriages are like that. Each one is very unique. You have to feel that mystical quality towards your marriage. Think about how a man and woman who were once strangers now come to live together, and come to know each other as no one else. It is a very deep thing if you think about it. A very mysterious thing if you really stop to consider it.

So, all you men, do you need a woman? And you women, do you need a man? Some people choose the gay movement. The women live with the women and the men go and live with each other. They think they can live without marriage, but is this possible? Does life go on in this way? The basic structure of man and woman is a perfect match. It is as basic as the electrical system. To make a connection, there is an outlet and a plug. This seems simple, but many people are even confused about this basic point. All of creation is made in this way. It is a simple law of creation.

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