Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 99

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 2: Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall
Section 3: The Results of the Fall, 04-19

4 In terms of lineage, God can be considered the first generation and Adam the second generation, but the third generation was not connected to this lineage. These three generations should have been connected. Yet Adam and Eve failed to connect to the absolute life and absolute lineage centered on God's love.  We must return to that point. God was able to embrace His son and daughter, but since the Fall severed the lineage, He was not able to embrace His grandsons and granddaughters. His lineage was severed; no one can refute this logic. God was never able to embrace His grandsons and granddaughters, who were to have been the fruit of His love, the fruit of His life, and the fruit of His lineage. Therefore, the whole human race, which descended from them, ended up having nothing to do with God's love.

5 Because of the Fall, the lineage of Adam and Eve changed. Because they joined in love with Satan, the enemy of God, the adulterer, they came to embody Satan's life. Their lives as man and woman intermingled with and became one with Satan's love. Hence, the fruits they bore, their sons and daughters, inherited Satan's love, Satan's life, and Satan's lineage.

6 Up to the present, religions have encouraged asceticism, such as fasting. Why do they encourage us to strike our bodies? It is because we inherited Satan's blood, the blood of God's enemy.God's enemy is the adulterer.  He is the enemy of God's love. We inherited the blood of the adulterer. Eve should have inherited the royal authority of the heavenly kingdom and become its queen, but instead, she became the wife of the devil, the mate of the servant. This has been a secret of heaven and earth, but now that the time has come, I am exposing it publicly for the first time. Therefore, henceforth Satan's world must retreat.

7 When Adam and Eve engaged in false love, they came to manifest false life. Satan's lineage became intertwined with their love and life. This has not been known, yet it is an indisputable truth. After Adam and Eve fell they were expelled from God's presence. At that time, they had no sons or daughters. The fact that they bore sons and daughters after they were expelled means that their sons and daughters were connected to Satan's lineage. This is so logical that no one can deny it. Only after they fell did Adam and Eve understand that they were supposed to perfect themselves through their relationship with God and with each other. The problem was how to return to God and reconnect to His love, life, and lineage since the Fall severed them from that lineage and joined them to Satan's love, life, and lineage. When we say that the human ancestors fell, we mean that Adam and Eve joined with the false parent, Satan, inherited his lineage, and bore his fruit. The question now is how to turn this around and change our false lineage back to God's lineage. To do this we must change totally, 180 degrees.

The fallen world and the phenomena in the Last Days

8 The tragic history of deceiving one another began when Satan tempted Eve, and again when Eve tempted Adam. They came to possess a sinful, evil nature through their bond with Satan, the devil, and as a sinful couple they bore sinful sons and daughters. The tradition of sin began in the parents and was passed down to their sinful children. As a result, sinful siblings, tribes, peoples, nations, and a sinful world came about, and Satan, the devil, ruled all. In essence, this world, in both name and reality, cannot be other than hell on earth. Satan made people into enemies and inserted enmity within the family. He incited divisions among tribes, peoples, and nations everywhere throughout the world so that no one could return to Heaven's side. Satan effectively chased everyone out of God's world.

9 Genesis 6:6 states that after Adam and Eve fell, God regretted having created them. We can clearly conclude from this simple phrase that what transpired after the Fall was not God's original intention. Also, the Bible states that after they fell Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden of Eden. This means that they were not able to maintain their relationship with God; instead, that relationship fell apart. From this we can see that this fallen world is not the world that God willed; instead, it became the world that Satan, the devil, desired.

10 What became of Satan, the devil, after he brought the Fall upon our first ancestors? In John 12:31 it says that the devil is "the ruler of this world." God is the one who created this world; how could Satan cast aside the Lord of the world and become ruler in His place? How was he able to seize dominion over humankind and take sovereignty over the world? This world is not under the sovereignty of goodness, presided over by the good God. Rather, it is under an evil sovereignty, ruled over by the evil Satan. People are under the power and dominion of Satan, under his evil sovereignty. This is the first problem. The next problem is that we carry original sin. The Bible says that the progenitors of the human race ate the fruit of good and evil, but how could eating a fruit be such a vile sin that people have unwittingly passed on that sin for thousands of years? This original sin has not been uprooted to this day. Since the root of original sin still exists, Satan can still be the ruler of this world.

11 The Fall destroyed the central point, which was to have been the standard of the great heavenly law and heavenly way, and the original axis of love. The self-centered relationship between the woman and the archangel shattered the very fundamentals of the universe and opened up an abyss of anguish. The servant trampled on the one who was to have become the queen, and in so doing, destroyed the original standard that was to be the fundamental principle of the universe. Ultimately, who is this devil? He is the chief culprit in the fundamental destruction of the palace of love in the heavenly kingdom.

12 Human beings are like orphans who lost their parents. How happy would they be if they knew that God was their real Parent? The devotion we feel toward God, our Parent should far surpass the bitter sorrow we experience when we are treated with contempt as orphans. That is the difference between all of you and me. Since I know who God is, I honor Him. I honor Him wherever I go, wherever I walk. No one can compete with me in this.

13 Once we have a certain concept in our minds, it is difficult to remove it. Religion helps us in this regard. This is why religion is necessary; a place without religion will perish. For instance, Christianity teaches that the absolute God is our Father and that we should attend Him as His sons and daughters. Satan is the adulterer who trampled God's love. Our real father is God, but Satan has taken the position of our father. That is why Jesus reproached the people in John 8:44, "You are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father's desires." Now that you know the appalling fact that you inherited Satan's blood, you should be full of righteous indignation. You should feel like ridding yourself of that contaminated, false blood.

14 With the Fall of the human ancestors, God lost the partners with whom He was to have formed His family. God was the first generation and Adam was the second, but their relationship could not continue. Had Adam and Eve received the Blessing, their relationship with God would have blossomed in love. But because that did not happen, and their relationship with God was completely severed, God was left all alone. Adam and Eve had no way to connect to God's lineage. Hence, they were all separated.  If you look at what transpired from God's point of view, He no longer had anyone to address as "my child" or "my dear," and call a member of His family. Gone were the people who could relate to Him as a partner. Consequently, ever since the Fall, God has been alone. His situation became more miserable than it had been before the creation. God created all things, and they too were waiting for God to relate to them as His partners. However, since human beings were to have been their center, all things were lost through the Fall. Everything was lost. God completely lost the realm of His counterparts. This was the awful consequence of the Fall.

15 Adam and Eve fell through sexual misconduct, and that is what will happen in the Last Days.  That is, young people will fall into promiscuity. That was the seed that the first human ancestors sowed, so at harvest time the same corruption of youth will spread throughout the world and bring it to ruin. In fact, that is what is happening today; it is undeniable. Who started free sex? Adam and Eve did. As the ones who fell, they are the ancestors of free sex.

16 True love is so precious, and violating it is a universal crime. Sexual immorality, promiscuity among young people, family breakdown, incest, homosexuality, unspeakable sex crimes, and the like, which are today's reality, make God grieve.  The ideal of creation lies in the fulfillment of the family ideal, which is based on sublime and eternal love. How did this miserable result come about? We stand witness to the decadence of this age, because now in these Last Days humankind is bearing the fruit of what was sown by our ancestors at the Fall.

17 Can the United States government solve the problem of promiscuity among young people in America today? That cannot be done through military power, economic power, science, or technology. All sorts of wicked things are taking place these days in the name of sexual liberation, but is that love? Love should be true love, which leads to eternal life, but instead, it has been corrupted. What hope is there in such love? There is only despair. There is conflict among men; parents clash with their children and children fight with their parents. All this leads only to despair.  Wherever you go, whomever you meet, there is no hope.

18 Today, many people prefer living a single life. Furthermore, issues such as homosexuality have arisen. We may ask why things turned out this way. A key cause is incestuous relationships. A grandfather violates his own granddaughter. A father violates his own daughter. Such incestuous relationships have become more common since the arrival of the era of sexual liberation, the era of free sex. People engage in all kinds of sexual relationships as they please; these take place not only with strangers from distant towns but even with their closest relatives.

19 The most serious social problems are youth problems and family breakdown. They are rampant today because God has had to allow Satan to take full authority and power. Satan said to God, "I am the one who loved and embraced Adam and Eve just as I wished, so you have to allow me to do the same throughout the human world in the Last Days. I am the one who planted that seed of capricious love, so you have to allow me full authority to break everything apart through that love. I will stop accusing You only after I have done all that I want to do; only then will I have no more demands of You. Isn't that so?" God responded, "Yes," allowing Satan an era of his full authority. Within God's love, there is no free sex or homosexuality.

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