Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 100

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 2: Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall
Section 3: The Results of the Fall, 20-32

20 What weapons are Satan using? He has an airborne weapon: smoking. He has a liquid weapon: alcohol; he also has a solid weapon: drugs. With these weapons, he rots human beings in every way possible, even their spirits. He rots their bodies, their minds, and their spirits. He rots their lungs with drugs that are inhaled through the nostrils. This is why we must not take drugs, drink liquor, or smoke cigarettes. These are the weapons Satan uses to destroy human beings. These three things prevent the human spirit from communicating with God and are the enemy's most effective weapons. Satan's next weapon is related to love—free sex. Free sex destroys the order of love. I must personally put all these things in good order.

The heart of God as He views fallen human beings

21 When parents trust their beloved children but are betrayed by them, the shock, distress, and misery they feel are beyond description. The more they loved and trusted their children, the greater the shock and pain. It is unspeakable misery when we are betrayed, rejected, and mistrusted by those to whom we have devoted our lives. You cannot understand that heartbreaking struggle and suffering unless you have experienced it yourself. It can never be fathomed merely by words. This is clear in the affairs of the world. How did God end up being so miserable? God is not a conceptual God; He is a real God.  God and human beings are supposed to enjoy the supreme relationship. Once God experienced joy with human beings, He would embark on an endless journey of joy with us, a journey that would last for eternity. However, because of human beings, He could not even begin that journey.

22 Human beings fell.  Not even a thousand years of bitter sorrow can indemnify that. How mortified God must have been, foreseeing that their Fall would become a death trap to myriads of human beings for eons to come. Human beings left such a hideous scar in God's heart. Considering this, we really have no right to utter even one word before God. Suppose an only son, from a family that has had only one son in each of seven generations, died at an early age. It would leave that family without hope, especially if this son had been born when his parents were advanced in age. If his parents were young they could have had more children. If the only son of seven generations of only sons were to die, not only his parents but also all of his ancestors would be anxious about how their lineage could continue beyond the seventh generation. Ancestors want to receive all manner of worldly blessings through their descendants. So when children die before their parents do, the parents feel like dying themselves. Adam was God's only begotten Son for eternity, not merely the only son of seven generations. He was supposed to establish an everlasting family and accomplish God's great work of creation. Can you imagine God's heart at the death of Adam?

23 According to the Principle of Creation, when you are in the ideal realm of oneness in love, the eternal owner of that realm, who is the subject partner of love, occupies the central position. God should have been that center. But instead, Satan usurped God's place and became the center. Therefore, heaven and earth became earth and heaven. They were turned upside down. Nothing should have interrupted the oneness between God and human beings that was to be based on God's true love, His ideal. Further, human beings should have originated from that oneness with God, as children of His direct lineage. Yet it all went the wrong way, and the opposite situation came to pass.

24 When Adam and Eve were about to eat the fruit of good and evil, do you think God said, "This is just what I expected, go ahead"? Certainly not! God felt His heart withering, and All his senses were drawn into that one place. Trembling and bleeding, He wanted to cry out, "You must not eat that fruit!" Caught up in indescribable sorrow and frustration, He was unable to think of anything else. That must have been God's experience. Do you think God simply watched Adam and Eve eat the fruit of good and evil? If He had had a sword He would have wanted to cut out that part of history, even cut out the whole world, but His position did not allow Him to do that. Even though God was overwhelmed with pain and sorrow, He could not do anything about it.  How sad and miserable He must have been! His sorrow and misery were greater than that of anyone who ever lived in history.  At the moment Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, God felt His heart explode.  However, God still had to love them.

25 If Adam and Eve had been able to fathom God's inner heart, they could not possibly have fallen. God loved His children as their Parent, but they did not understand the depth of His parental heart. Of course, Adam and Eve fell while they were still young, but their young age itself was not the cause of the Fall. Rather, they fell because they were lacking in heart. Had Adam and Eve been able to feel, "God is living for me; He is with me; He can never, ever be separated from me; He is involved in everything related to me; in fact, He and I are one," they would not have committed the Fall. Ultimately, Adam and Eve fell because they could not achieve unity in the heart with God. This dreadful problem occurred because their desire deviated from God's desire, and their thinking was different from God's thinking- Furthermore, they fell because they did not understand the devastating consequences of their actions. They did not know from the bottom of their hearts that their actions would determine life and death.

26 We are fallen descendants of the ones who betrayed God's heart. Do you know what it was that our ancestors betrayed? Do you think they simply ate something that God had forbidden them to eat, the fruit of good and evil? No, they betrayed God's heart. They betrayed His heart for the ideal of creation and His hope for the ideal of creation. That is the issue.

27 Why wouldn't God cut off Satan from us human beings at once? God is omnipotent, so why does He not cut him off straightaway? It is because Satan is connected to our lineage. If God tried to remove Satan from our lineage all at once, He would have to exterminate the entire human race. Even Adam and Eve would be destroyed. Humankind would have to be struck and totally shattered. Why didn't God just destroy Adam and Eve and create new human ancestors? He could not, because of love. Love is the alpha and the omega. It runs from the beginning to eternity. It is the standard of the ideal. God, therefore, would not eliminate the human ancestors, who were still the object partners of His love.

28  No parents in the world want their son or daughter to die, even if he or she were to be hanged for a crime. They would want to save their child if they could.  Their hearts would prompt them even a hundred or a thousand times to seek out a way. This is especially true of mothers. If this is the heart of parents even in the fallen world, why on earth would the omniscient and omnipotent God have to bring judgment in the Last Days? Why would God not forgive humankind? How great is God's love? If Jesus forgives people seventy times seven times, God forgives seventy times seven thousand times. That is God's heart.

29 God is omnipotent and omniscient; therefore He has the authority to judge the world and even Satan. Yet He has not exercised His power to judge to this day. On the contrary, He toils all alone, unable to claim the environment that is rightfully His. He suffers and laments under the accusation of Satan, who stole His entire foundation and robbed Him of His foothold in this world. When we think of this, we are at a loss for words. Have you ever wept in sympathy with God's predicament? It all comes down to this.

30 How many tears have you wept for God? Have you ever struggled to seek out the path on which you could toil and suffer on His behalf, even though your limbs might be torn off? Likely you have not. You who seek to become God's children should shed tears for a public purpose. When you meet God, you should be able to comfort Him. Endless tears should flow down your face as you say, "Father, how great Your sorrow was when You lost me, and when You lost the first human ancestors! How many times throughout history have their descendants, including me, caused You to suffer humiliation, pain, and extreme hardship!"

31 God fell into a state of great anguish and sorrow, far greater than the sorrow experienced by any human being. His ideal of creation was violated, His beloved son and daughter were violated. He had to surrender to His enemy, Satan, the entire earth, the garden of ideal true love that He had created, and watch as it became Satan's playground. How angry and painful His heart must have been! How bitter His sorrow! No words can ever describe it. How many of you, having understood something of God's situation, have wept tears to comfort Him? God had no choice but to give His beloved son and daughter to the enemy, not because He lacked power or ability, but because He could not trample on the way of love that He had established according to heavenly law and principle. Nonetheless, our beloved Father has been advancing the providence of restoration even as He waits patiently in tears for His lost children to return. For six thousand years He has been searching for His lost children while having to endure the indignity of denying even Himself. Even though God is omniscient and omnipotent, He had no choice but to take this difficult course, more hellish than hell, in order to restore the true blood lineage.

32 God is the original True Parent. How much grief did He suffer when He was robbed of that position? How much does His heartache when He looks upon His fallen children, who inherited the lineage of the false parent, the enemy Satan, and are unable to recognize Him as their True Parent? What is the heart of our Parent, who has had to witness the wretched situation of humankind at every moment? God lost His substantial object partners of true love, whom He would not exchange even for the whole universe. This overwhelmed Him with grief.  His ideal of creation collapsed; it was as if He had lost His entire creation. He became the wronged God, whose cosmic throne was usurped by His enemy. He became the God of lamentation, who agonized over the result of the Fall-even more so on account of having invested true love totally and absolutely according to the principles of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Further, even though it was Satan who stole God's ideal, violated His beloved son and daughter, and usurped His kingship over the cosmos, God had to endure while Satan accused Him about it continually.

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