Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 98

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 2: Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall
Section 2: The Human Fall, 32
Section 3: The Results of the Fall, 03

32 Adam and Eve were God's first Only Begotten Son and Daughter, and from them stemmed the tens of thousands of generations of humankind. The thing that brought destruction upon these children of God, as well as upon the tens of thousands of generations of their descendants, was their love organs, their reproductive organs. These organs were supposed to be the eternal and unchanging base of love and the foundation for their eternal well-being, for through them Adam and Eve were to inherit God's mainstream heart. The Fall ruined this base and foundation.

33 What caused the Fall? Love caused the Fall. The Fall was an act of wrongful love.  Wrongful love came about through the misuse of the reproductive organs. This is the formula. If Adam and Eve had not had reproductive organs, how could the people that make up humankind ever be born? Without reproductive organs, how could God's kingdom on earth ever come about? God's true and good kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven comes into being and develops through the perfectly true and good use of the reproductive organs. Hell comes into being through the use of the reproductive organs in a manner that is not true.

34 God and Adam and Eve should have become one, but why did this not happen? The reason was the archangel. The Fall occurred because of the archangel's false love. Adam and Eve should have connected vertically with God, but someone else from the side snatched them. That someone engaged with them in a horizontal relationship through the flesh. Human beings exist in two selves—an internal self and an external self. However, at the time of the Fall they were not united in mind and body. As a result of the Fall, human history started out with the division between mind and body, and hence it has been riddled with conflict ever since.  This has been happening not only on the individual level; the whole universe is like that. God's providence of salvation concerns how to rectify this.

35 Man is born for woman, and woman is born for man. Each one's first thought should be for their counterpart; only then should they think of themselves. If they do so, both can claim victory and ownership. But instead, they came to think of themselves first before they could manifest their original value and be joined together. That was the Fall. Why could God do nothing about the Fall? What was it that made Him so helpless? Why is the Fall so hard to overcome? When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of good and evil, why did they cover their lower parts? Simply speaking, they had defiled their blood. This means they had defiled their life. By defiling their life, they had defiled their love. Human beings should have become the nervous system within the great body of heaven and earth, but they fell when they were underage. Who violated the woman? It was the archangel, a servant. He violated Eve, God's daughter, who in the future was to have become God’s queen and outward manifestation. Yet the archangel changed her lineage.

36 The universe wants to expand for the sake of the whole, but Satan pursues everything centered on himself and pulls the universe to himself. His actions are opposite the nature of the universe and cause it to shrink. The result is that the universe is suffocating; it is driven into the pits of despair and bitter resentment. This view is logical and true; no one can refute it. By this logic, if we ask how human beings found themselves in this precarious predicament outside the garden of Eden, we can only conclude that it was as a result of the Fall. The Fall was caused by self-centered consciousness. Therefore, what we must do is deny ourselves, not only as individuals, but also as families, tribes, peoples, and nations; we must admit in front of God that we are not worthy to be His children.

37 The Fall happened as a result of self-centered consciousness, not as a result of free will. It is because of his self-centered consciousness that the archangel disregarded the conditions of his environment and instead thought of himself first. Satan was an individual existence that ignored the harmony between subject partners and object partners that exists for the whole. He is a thief because he usurped the ideal of mutual relationship between the universe and the self. Such is Satan that, centering on himself, he disregarded the ideal of creation, the realm of love formed by mutual relationships operating on behalf of the universe. Instead, he caused mutual relationships to transgress their proper bounds. This means that in essence, Satan ignored God.

Why we have to know Satan's identity

38 Who is Satan, the devil, and where did he come from? If Satan did not exist, Jesus would not have had to come and God's providence of restoration, the providence of salvation, would not have been necessary. All of this became necessary only because of Satan. As long as Satan exists, God's providence of restoration will have to continue. As long as Satan exists, the Savior will have to come. Looking at this, we can conclude that Satan came from among the creatures that God created. The Fall means that something went wrong with human beings.  They became sick.  Who caused the Fall? It was the devil, Satan. Therefore, we need to know his identity. The reason Satan still exists to this day is because no one has been able to uncover the root of the sin that he committed and accuse him before God.  If someone could do that, we could punish Satan. In order to subjugate him, we must uncover his identity and initiate a campaign to banish him from heaven and earth.

39 Satan committed adultery with God's own beloved daughter. Forgiving that adulterer would go against heavenly law, so God will not forgive him. Therefore, even though God will forgive the people of Satan's world a thousand times over, He absolutely will not forgive Satan. That is why the great Day of Judgment will come. Who will be judged on that day? It is not human beings but Satan, who dwells in their souls as if he were their master.

40 What kind of being was Satan originally? The devil was actually a servant of God. Yet this servant raped his Master's daughter. This was the Fall. What is the Fall as recounted in the Bible? The Bible describes it as Eve eating of the fruit of good and evil, but this fruit was not a literal fruit. In fact, the servant raped his Master's daughter. She was supposed to fulfill God's ideal by raising sons and daughters who would inherit His lineage. But the archangel, who was created as a servant, raped the Lord's daughter, and that became the origin of the Fall. How in the world could such a thing happen? Yet heaven and earth ended up this way.

41 Originally, human beings were supposed to inherit true life and true lineage from God, possess authority over the universe and live a glorious life. But due to the Fall they received Satan's life and lineage, based on Satan's love. Satan is the enemy of God's love. He is the adulterer. In the Chinese characters for an adulterous man, kanbu (姦夫), the character for adultery, kan (姦) is formed by writing the character for woman (女) three times. An adulterer is someone who steals the woman you love.

42 Satan, the devil, is the ringleader who expelled the original Owner, stole His wife, and dragged His sons and daughters to a place of death. When seen from this perspective, can there be a way to forgive Satan, the enemy of God, and humankind? In the eyes of God, Satan is the ultimate adulterer, the one who stole His love. Can God just forgive him? If He forgave Satan, it would mean the ruin of the whole world. Therefore, you should proclaim before the public that you will become God's sons and daughters, no matter what. You must work with God and humankind to change the course of history. Unless you do, neither God nor humankind can avoid the path of lamentation and suffering.

43 God offered His entire devotion in creating the universe, full of dreams and hopes about this great undertaking. But when Lucifer destroyed in one blow all the conditions for God's great work, God's life and God's ideal, God felt total darkness enveloping heaven and earth. Thus, the archangel Lucifer became the enemy of God. God thought, "Shall I strike down Lucifer and bind him in chains?" God loved His son and daughter the most, they were the bone of His bones and the flesh of His flesh, but Lucifer turned them into his own son and daughter. "Shall I have this enemy beheaded, or not?" God was the first one to struggle over these questions.

Section 3.  The Results of the Fall

1 As a result of the Fall, we human beings fell into the realm of death. God said to Adam and Eve that they would surely die if they ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but the fact is that all of humanity fell into the realm of death. What happened as a result of the Fall? Satan, the devil, became the father of humankind, as Jesus pointed out in John 8:44. Adam and Eve should have attended God as their father, but after the Fall they came to attend Satan, the devil. This is the shameful reality that resulted from the Fall.

Human beings inherited Satan's lineage

2 The Fall changed our lineage. It destroyed the family and the nation that God had envisioned. Therefore, our lineage must be changed back. However, when you are in a given situation, if you do not understand the motivation of the actions that led up to it and their end result, you cannot make straight your own motivation, actions, and result. Likewise, unless you know Satan's secrets, it will be difficult for you to set straight what went wrong. The most crucial fact is that human beings fell. Satan's lineage came into us, and his blood began circulating through our bodies from the heart through the arteries and veins to the cells, contaminating them. Our lineage became a total mess, and as a result, we became miserable. Humankind descended into ignorance, of history and of the substantial world. Eve saw everything centered on herself. She took that viewpoint and acted upon it while she was still in the realm of imperfection. Hence, she ended up turning heaven and earth upside down. It is for this reason that you must change your self-centered consciousness and become new people. That is, you should have the mindset, "I resolve to revive this fallen world with my own hands. I will bring it under my authority on behalf of God. If God does not believe it, then I will make Him believe it."

3 The Fall means that our bloodline changed, so the problem is with our bloodline. God cannot do anything about our changed bloodline. We human beings should have become children who directly received the bloodline from our original Parent; we were to become God's substantial embodiments. But we lost everything God had planned for us when the enemy changed our bloodline. With that, he stole everything. Our parents were to have been the pillars of love, the center of the kingdom of heaven in heaven, and the kingdom of heaven on earth, but those pillars completely crumbled.

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