Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 97

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 2: Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall
Section 2: The Human Fall, 19-31

19  Since Adam committed the sin, Adam must resolve it. Because Adam was immature, he fell while in a state of ignorance. Thus, a perfect, mature Adam must appear and bring to light all the secrets of God and Satan. He must bring the devil before God to be charged. For us to enter the kingdom of heaven, it is not enough that Jesus stamps our pass. We need to present a certificate of victory over the devil; otherwise, we will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. For this reason, Adam must disclose all of Satan's hidden secrets and God's unknown truth. He must unearth the unprincipled acts that Satan committed throughout history. He must present logical arguments along with all the evidence of how Satan violated God's laws and principles. He must censure Satan by bringing to light all the facts about him, with clear evidence of how Satan violated the individual, the family, the tribe, the people, the nation, the world, and God's ideal of the kingdom of heaven in heaven and the kingdom of heaven on earth. When he presents that evidence, then Satan, the devil who committed those sins, will have to surrender.

20 How can we explain concretely how sin, the Fall, evil, and hell came to exist? In order to answer these questions, we need to think about what happened back at the time of Adam and Eve. Delving into the fundamental reasons why Adam and Eve fell, we can say the first reason was that they disregarded God's commandment not to eat the fruit of good and evil. The second reason was that they were self-centered. The third was that they engaged in self-centered love. Since these are the core issues of the Fall, we can conclude that anyone who engages in this kind of behavior is on Satan's side. All fallen people tend to be faithless and self-centered. In the final analysis, it can be seen that the people of this world profess and engage in self-centered love.

21 When God said, "Do not eat," what is it that God said not to eat? The tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden refer to Adam and Eve. Specifically, the tree of life symbolizes Adam's reproductive organ. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil symbolizes Eve's love. If the world, it a woman loves a member of the Mafia, the fruit she bears will be the mafioso's children, and if she loves a king, the fruit she bears will be the king's children. By the same token, because of whom Eve loved, it was the devil's lineage that humankind inherited.

22 The tree of the knowledge of good and evil refers to immature Eve's love, and one step further, to her reproductive organ. When a patriot bears good sons and daughters and raises them well, the foundation of their upbringing is love. Where does this love take place? It is in the reproductive organs of the father and mother. Those are not bad things; rather, they are extremely holy. How was the kingship of the kingdom of heaven lost? It was lost when Adam and Eve lost their chastity. How were God's family and the realm of His ideal lost? When their chastity was shattered, everything was shattered. If their reproductive organs had not been violated, they would have become the original place for the building of the palace in God's kingdom. Therefore, we say that the reproductive organs are the palace of love, the palace of life, and the palace of lineage. It is through this palace door that patriots are born; it is through this palace door that saints are born, and it was to have been through this door that God's sons and daughters would have been born. God wanted to plant His lineage through this door.

23 The Bible states that Adam and Eve fell by eating the fruit of good and evil. Then what does it mean that they covered their lower parts? If only Christians interpreted the Bible a bit more rationally, they would know the origin of the Fall right away. Why were Adam and Eve ashamed of their lower parts? If they had eaten a literal fruit, they would have covered their mouths or their hands. Why did they cover their lower parts? The lower parts were not meant to be something to be ashamed of, but because they were used during the Fall, they became the palace of shame, where Heaven's love was trampled on. A fountain of true love should have sprung forth there, but instead, a fountain of false love, the devil's love, gushed out. It became the den of the most iniquitous love.

The cause and motivation of the Fall

24 It is written in the Bible that Adam and Eve plucked and ate the fruit of good and evil. It is also written, "It is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man." If Adam and Eve plucked a literal fruit called the fruit of good and evil, they first would have looked at it with their eyes, then touched it with their hands, and then put it into their mouths. But what did they do after they had eaten this fruit of good and evil? They did not cover their mouths, hands, or eyes; instead, they covered their lower parts. They covered an area that seems totally irrelevant to their eating a fruit. We cannot help but perceive a correlation in the biblical record between the angels committing fornication and Eve covering her lower parts. Eve felt ashamed after eating the fruit of good and evil and then compelled Adam to eat the fruit. After Eve had an illicit sexual relationship with the archangel, she realized that her originally intended spouse was not the angel, but Adam. She knew she had to return to God, but she was afraid. Hence, in order to recover her position, she tempted Adam. After Adam and Eve had a relationship, they both covered their lower parts and hid themselves. This implies that they both had something to be ashamed of. In other words, they recognized their misdeed and wanted to hide it from God.

25 Job 31:33 refers to one who "covered my transgressions as Adam." Even in the secular world, when a man or a woman has some blemish on their face, they try to cover it up. It is a natural instinct. From this perspective, based on the fact that Adam and Eve covered their lower parts, we cannot deny that Adam and Eve's blemish was not on their mouths, hands, or eyes, but on their lower parts. In the Gospel of John 8:44, Jesus reproaches the nonbelievers by decisively stating: "You are from your father the devil, and you choose to do your father's desires..." Jesus thus stated that the ancestor of humankind is the devil, Satan. Also, John the Baptist called the faithless people a "brood of vipers." This indicates a relationship between human beings and the serpent, and that the serpent represents Satan. The ancestors of the human race fell because of Satan, the devil, and we became the descendants who received Satan's blood. This means that the blood of that unforgivable enemy—the enemy whom God abhors the most-exists inside your flesh.

26 What did the devil do to cause Adam and Eve to fall? Adam and Eve covered their lower parts after eating the fruit because that is where the devil sowed his evil seed. Adam and Eve fell in their teenage years, before reaching maturity. As they were the starting point from which the lineage of the human race spread across history, in the Last Days this phenomenon will become widespread. When the time comes that young people throughout the world assert their independence, transgressing the ethics of love as Adam and Eve did under the shade of a tree, without fear of judgment from heaven and earth, understand that the era of Satan's full power will have arrived on earth. At that time, you will witness God's wrath come down.

27 The Fall of Adam and Eve was the mistake of just one day, yet it brought a fearsome result. That is why a marriage, a relationship between a man and a woman, is something fearful. When you reach out to your partner and when your partner reaches out to you, you should liberate your partner and your partner should liberate you. What should you liberate each other from? You should liberate each other from the trap of love. That trap exists as an individual trap of love, a family trap of love, a national, world, and cosmic trap of love. God has fallen into that trap. The ideal world of creation of True Parents' dream has fallen into the trap of love. That trap of love is the place where human beings became one in wrongful love, misusing their reproductive organs. It is a grievous trap, and they fell for it.

28 The Fall was the misuse of the reproductive organs, and it resulted in changing the bridegroom and his partner of love. That is what fundamentally brought about the Fall. That transgression was such a grave mistake that Adam and Eve had no place to stand in front of any world—not the animal world, not the plant world, not the mineral world, not even the world of mice and insects. All created beings in the universe acted to expel them. That is why they were driven out of Eden.

29 The private parts of a man or a woman are like a poisonous snake. They are the trap of a poisonous snake. What does it mean to say that a serpent tempted Eve? It is a reference to the reproductive organ. Are there not many women out there whose female organ is more deadly than a viper? Men too, do they not use their serpent-like organ to tempt and seduce women? If you mistakenly take that bait, you will get into serious trouble. Because of it, a nation can perish; even the world can perish. In fact, it can block your way to heaven and eternal life.

30 The male reproductive organ is like the archangel before the Fall. The archangel deceived his victim with lying lips like a snake's forked tongue; then he seduced her and utterly cast her into hell. The archangel makes men engage in the same act with the thing that resembles the head of a snake. It is like a snake that bites. That is, men use that snakelike organ to grab and eat women. What else can it mean when people say, "Did you catch and eat that woman?" It can only mean to defile her in this way. A man's reproductive organ is such a fearful organ, looking like the archangel, like the head of a snake.

31 Absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience: these terms concern the reproductive organs. The Fall refers to the failure to achieve oneness between God and human beings in their reproductive organs. They were unable to reach a virtuous union. But you must absolutely believe in this virtuous union. Your reproductive organs must become the pillars of lineage in the history of your family and your clan.


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