Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 94

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 2: Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall
Section 1: Our Growth and Portion of Responsibility, 19-33

The human portion of responsibility and the accomplishment of the Will

19 Fulfilling the providential Will requires a subject partner and an object partner. The subject partner is God. The object partners are human beings. The object partners must unite with the subject partner centered on the providential Will; otherwise, there can be no basis for victory. Why did God not create the object partners in oneness with the subject partner, rather than creating them to have to become one? It is because of the human portion of responsibility. It is because of this that complex problems have been passed down through the ages. If we did not have this portion of responsibility, God would have started with a victorious history, followed a victorious course, and would have already arrived at the final destination in triumph.

20 The realm of responsibility remains with you, the descendants of the Fall. If you ask whether you have accomplished your individual responsibility, through the Principle, to reach a level of perfection that qualifies you to connect to God's love in the realm of His direct dominion, the answer is no. Restoration through indemnity is necessary in order to separate Satan from human beings. Unless you separate yourself from Satan, it is impossible to complete your portion of responsibility. You should know, however, that if you had followed the path of responsibility and reached maturity at about the age of seventeen or eighteen, as a man you would absolutely need a woman, and as a woman, you would absolutely need a man.

21 Why did God give human beings a period of time for fulfilling their portion of responsibility? Why did He make it such that God and human beings meet each other through the process of fulfilling their portions of responsibility? Why is it that both God and humans hope to reach a time when they achieve their common goal of fulfilling the great work of creation? It is for love, nothing less. Maturity is the time when young people are supposed to come into full bloom, spiritually as well as physically. Human beings reach maturity at around the age of eighteen. If an individual's physical self and spirit self are united, at the time of maturity he or she fully blossoms, spiritually, and physically, as God intended. Human beings are the center of the created world. Had they put forth fragrant blossoms, the whole universe would have entered the season of spring. It would have been springtime for human beings and for God. Responding to their spring fragrance, God would have sung and danced, expressing His joy. Had this happened, the realm of God's perfect ideal life would have begun right there, for the first time.

22 No matter what, the center of love is not human beings, but God. Thus in the Principle, the completion of the human portion of responsibility means that our human love becomes one with God's love. God's love is eternal; hence, when we become one with God as His partners centered on His eternal love, it creates oneness with God that is eternal. In that state, we will never separate from Him.

23 By completing his portion of responsibility, Adam would have not only fulfilled his individual responsibility but also would have laid, in his one generation, the foundation for the fulfillment of the responsibilities of the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos. Then Adam's descendants would have stood in the realm where they could complete their historical portions of responsibility on the world level, under the direct governance of the heavenly kingdom. In such a place there would have been no world-level or national-level portion of responsibility remaining ahead of us. Adam's perfection naturally would have led to the fulfillment of the world-level portion of responsibility. His completing the human portion of responsibility would have connected the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle to the realm of God's direct dominion.

24 Love is the starting point of the path connecting the realm of indirect dominion to the realm of God's direct dominion. The connection is made by love and creates a bridge of love between God and human beings. Only through that connection does the bridge of love appear. If we do not fulfill our portion of responsibility, the original ideal bridge of love between God and human beings cannot be built. Ideal love is realized only when we fulfill our portion of responsibility.

25 What is the realm of God's direct dominion? Based on love, God finally comes to function as the subject partner, and each being emerges centered on that love.  This creates a realm in which each and every being is connected, according to the desire of the subject partner. Such a world would be perfection, from the perfection of Adam's family to the perfection of the whole. In that world there would be no Satan; it would not be the fallen world we experience today. In fact, in the realm where Adam and Eve were first given their portion of responsibility to fulfill, Satan did not exist.

26 Once Adam and Eve complete their portion of responsibility within the realm of indirect dominion and enter the realm of God's direct dominion, God will dwell with them. Then the actualization of true love will begin, starting in their family. That family is not just an individual family; it represents the entire cosmos and the entire world. It is a family that represents all the world's nations and all the world's peoples, tribes, families, and individuals. Thus, that family stands representing individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, and cosmos in reverse order. From the bottom up they constitute the cosmos, world, nation, people, tribe, family, and couple. When, centering on love, these representatives become one with Heaven, they will establish a kingdom where everyone lives as one interconnected heavenly family.

27 Heaven, earth, and human beings are all divided; where can we reconnect them? A boy grows to maturity, a girl also learns many things and grows to maturity, and then they finally come to know each other as a man and woman. At this point, they have become two connected together and acting as one. The 5-percent portion of responsibility described in the Unification Church entails reaching this state. It is the state where heaven and earth unite. It is the place where the world unites as one horizontally and where heaven and earth join as one vertically, where everything in the universe joins as alpha and omega. Man and woman were divided from the origin; hence, they must return to that one point. We are the very center of the universe, but we have to recover that most precious central point. The path to recovering that position is not by money, knowledge, or power. It is by nothing other than true love.

28 Man and woman are the nucleus of the cosmos; they are the cosmos in microcosm. When husband and wife share true love, the entire universe is involved. Man and woman were born for the sake of love. The realm of God's direct dominion is vertical; human beings were originally created to be vertical. When they fulfill their portion of responsibility, they can secure their position as owners in their vertical relationships and then as owners in their horizontal relationships. This is accomplished through true love.

29 In order to move from the realm of indirect dominion into the realm of God's direct dominion, we need to reach full maturity and then marry. By doing so, we fulfill our portion of responsibility. Children born of couples who are connected to God according to this absolute standard are children of God's absolute lineage. It is our responsibility as human beings to set this as our goal and achieve it.

30 To fulfill our responsibility we must unite the realm of indirect dominion and the realm of God's direct dominion, unite the earthly and heavenly worlds, and unite our own minds and bodies. God and the horizontal True Parents are one. The issue is how to attain oneness in love that connects heaven and earth, love in which body and mind are one, and love that joins man and woman. Attaining oneness in love is the foundation that connects us to God's love, life, and lineage for the first time. When it is expanded and developed horizontally in all directions, the right of kingship arises.

31 The reason God could not intervene with Adam and Eve is because of the human portion of responsibility. If only Adam and Eve had fulfilled their 5-percent human portion of responsibility by going through the formation and growth periods and receiving the Blessing in the state of perfection, the realm of God's direct dominion, everything would have been completed. That would have been the new beginning of their individual life and family life, and God would have seen the completion of His Will at the beginning of history. Had that happened, Adam and Eve would have emerged as the True Parents of true love, of God's lineage. They would have brought forth true children, a true tribe, a true people, and a true nation. The nation they would have formed would have been the ideal nation of God's desire. It would have been the kingdom of heaven on earth.

32 If Adam and Eve had fulfilled their portion of responsibility, we would never utter the words "bitter sorrow." Due to their inability to fulfill that responsibility, the footsteps of bitter sorrow remain in the course of history. If only they had fulfilled their portion of responsibility, human beings, the angelic world, and the entire created world would have come under the dominion of God, amid joy and glory This was heavenly law. Instead, due to human beings' failure to fulfill their portion of responsibility, Satan's world was formed, and this earth still remains under Satan's dominion. Due to human beings' inability to fulfill their responsibility, even God has been toiling hard, enduring a painful course to this day. Responsibility remains in every age, for the individual, the people, and the world. Each individual must, during his or her life course, seek out and fulfill that portion of responsibility.

33 Although God accomplished the great work of creation, He has been unable to see the fruition of His Will. Although human beings have served God throughout history, they still moan in pain, unable to see the completion of the Will. When will the day of God's liberation come? When will the day of humanity's liberation come? That liberation depends on the fulfillment of the portion of responsibility. Otherwise, the ideal world that humanity longs for is impossible, and the kingdom of heaven on earth that the Unification Church seeks to realize is impossible. People who have fulfilled their portion of responsibility are perfect as God is perfect. God contributed 95-percent in creating them, but only when people accomplish their 5-percent portion of responsibility do they qualify as perfected created beings. Therefore, fulfilling our responsibility leads to human perfection and also to the perfection of God's great work of creation. Completing the great work of creation means the fulfillment of God's Will, and the fulfillment of God's Will means the perfection of God Himself.

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