Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 93

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 2: Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall
Section 1: Our Growth and Portion of Responsibility, 04-18

4 From the perspective of the Principle of Creation, you must take full responsibility for your own actions. Even though God carries a 95-percent portion of responsibility, we must take responsibility for the remaining 5 percent. These two combined make 100 percent. This is the Principle of Creation. The reason for this principle is that God wants us to participate in His creation so we can be given the privilege and authority of co-creators. God's responsibility is 95 percent, while only 5 percent was allocated to human beings. Nonetheless, the first human beings could not meet even that standard. Thus, no sooner had history begun than it was plunged into darkness so that human beings had not even the slightest taste of the true world. Even today we live without ever having experienced a true world.

5 What is the human portion of responsibility? First, it is to become true children; second, to become true brothers and sisters; third, to become true couples; and fourth, to become true parents. That is why we are born as babies and then become children, siblings, couples, and parents. As parents you can create children on behalf of God; then you can experience, internally and externally, the reality of God's happiness when He created Adam and Eve.

6 The realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle and the realm of God's direct dominion must be connected, and true love is what makes this possible. Adam and Eve failed to make this connection, so we have to do it. Had they made this connection, one cultural sphere would have been established, and the world would have become one people, one nation, and one land. However, that connection was not made. Consequently, the world became centered on the devil and is divided into many nations. We must unite these nations and return to the original world.

7 To fulfill the human portion of responsibility, we must go beyond the realm of indirect dominion and reach the realm of God's direct dominion. We have to enter that realm where God's heart and our heart become one in God's love; then we can travel freely between the two worlds, heaven and earth. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. Once we secure a horizontal position that can represent the vertical Parent centered on God's love, from that point on, Satan will no longer exist. That is the realm of God's direct dominion.

8 The reason God set the standard of the human portion of responsibility was to complete the ideal of love. God apportioned 5 percent of the responsibility to human beings when He created them because He needed them as His object partners. One being alone cannot attain love. Even though God is omniscient and omnipotent, He cannot manifest His love without object partners. When a teenager is without a companion, he or she does not even know that love exists. But when his or her partner of love appears, love begins to stir inside. Likewise, fulfilling the human portion of responsibility requires a process: by passing through a certain time period, Adam and Eve were to reach maturity and come into bloom, emitting fragrance like a flower. Then God would have come to dwell in Adam and live, claiming the position of humankind's internal father and mother, and they would have created the structure of the human family. This was to occur not only in the family but also in the tribe, the people, the nation, and the world. The whole human race would thus be God's direct lineage.

9 Why did God give human beings a portion of responsibility? As He is omniscient and omnipotent, He wanted to endow us with those same creative abilities. Also, as God is the subject partner with eternal and unchanging love. He vested human beings with a portion of responsibility in order to have us stand in the position to represent Him as subject partners of love. Further, this became the condition for human beings to receive God's blessings. That is, responsibility is the key that can lead us into the dominion of love over everything. That is why God bequeathed this responsibility to human beings. However, the fall occurred because human beings failed to fulfill their portion of responsibility.

10 Why did God give human beings a portion of responsibility? It is because we were the only ones who could, by abiding by this law, receive true love from God. God gave us our portion of responsibility because He wanted to enable us to attain true love. If the first human beings, while in the realm of indirect dominion, had lived for the sake of God and each other, they would have matured naturally. However, the devil, knowing God's plan, brought them into an awareness that was self-centered. That awareness began from the archangel. Eve fell because when the archangel seduced her she took on a self-centered awareness, and thus separated from God. Therefore, our life of faith requires that we completely reject Satan's world. It is a major challenge because we have to overcome our blood relationship with his world. However, once you begin your new life based on the True Parents' true love, a realm of heart is created.

11 If human beings had progressed to the stage where they accomplished their portion of responsibility by creating the remaining 5 percent of God's love, they would have been perfected. In other words, they would have completed God's love. God wanted to bequeath to them, based on that condition, the ability to create the ideal of love, by which they also would have completed God's love.  How precious, then, the value of such human beings would be!

12 Those who would enter the heavenly kingdom must completely fulfill their portion of responsibility, thereby reaching the position where they become the children of True Parents, of their flesh and blood, and receive God's love directly. Heaven is where we go after having lived under the dominion of God's love. Those who do not know this cannot enter heaven and register there. You cannot simply go there, in ignorance. That is why you need to know your portion of responsibility. Why did God give us a portion of responsibility? It was to bestow infinite value upon us. It was to have us partake in God's own work of creation. Had we not been given this portion of responsibility, we could not stand as God's object partners and receive His love.

13 God should not create and do everything for us. God is to fulfill 95 percent and human beings should fulfill the other 5 percent as their responsibility. Only after we fulfill our portion can we stand on an equal plane with God, acting cooperatively with Him. Then we can rightfully give and receive love with God, the absolute subject partner, in an equal position as His object partners. This is how the ideal of love is fulfilled. Without accomplishing our portion of responsibility, we cannot merit the honor of standing in an equal position with God and receiving His ideal love. This is why God allocated to us a portion of responsibility, to give us the status whereby we are able to receive His love.

14 Human beings should fulfill our portion of responsibility during the time we are growing to maturity. This means we have to add our 5 percent to the 95 percent that represents what God has already created. In this way we fulfill the condition of having cooperated in God's work of creation and can share the authority of the Creator. If God had done everything for us as His beloved object partners, we would be no more than puppets, lacking any authority of our own. God gave us our portion of responsibility as a privilege, in order to bestow upon us the right to become His object partners. It is a privilege with which even God cannot interfere. God gave us our portion of responsibility so that we could set the condition of participating in our own creation.

15 Human beings have a portion of responsibility. God's purpose in giving us responsibility is to enable us to take part in the monumental task of creation. In the creation of human beings, God creates 95 percent and we are to complete the final 5 percent. By fulfilling this condition, not only does God create us but we also participate in our own creation. Having our own portion of responsibility endows us with equal value to God. This is a great thing. Only human beings have such a portion of responsibility. Despite this fact, ever since the dawn of human history, no one has fulfilled this responsibility. Indeed, we human beings did not even know about our portion of responsibility.

16 Why did God give human beings a portion of responsibility? It was to have us partake in the glorious work of creation. Also, by having us resemble God's creative nature, it was to qualify us to take all things of creation under our dominion. Further, it was to establish the absoluteness and perfection of the Principle. It was for these three reasons. You must participate in God's great work of creation. Even if human beings had not fallen, we would still have had such a responsibility. The human portion of responsibility was not established due to the Fall; whether the Fall occurred or not, people would still have their responsibility. Even with God fulfilling His 95 percent responsibility for the perfection of human beings, you still have to fulfill your 5 percent. God does not make an individual perfect. You must complete your responsibility to achieve perfection.

17 There are no exceptions to the Principle. We must go this way under any circumstances, even after we die. We must go this way even if it takes forever. Had God been able to do as He pleased, He would not have had to pass through the suffering course of the providence of restoration up to the present day. But God restricts Himself because of His own principle—the human portion of responsibility. It is for this reason that He has had to endure countless hardships in order to restore humankind. The responsibility does not lie solely with God; He shares it with human beings. This would have been the case even if the Fall had not occurred.

18 What is the situation of fallen people today? Fallen human beings failed more than just their portion of responsibility. They violated 97 percent of the work of creation. For this reason, we must re-create everything. But what is re-creation? It is not limited to fulfilling the human portion of responsibility; that is not everything. The whole process of creation has been ruined. So how difficult will it be to deal with this situation? Human beings need to fulfill a responsibility corresponding to 97 percent; otherwise, they will never find the way to fulfill their original portion of responsibility. We must re-create everything. The dispensation of restoration is the dispensation of re-creation. But why is re-creation absolutely necessary? It is because of human responsibility. In order to fulfill this responsibility and reach the point where it is completed, we must necessarily undergo the process of re-creation.


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