Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 95

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 2: Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall
Section 1: Our Growth and Portion of Responsibility, 34
Section 2: The Human Fall, 04

The importance of the human portion of responsibility

34 God is both the center of all life and the center of love. Life is the center of love, and love is the center of life. Knowing that human beings are living in pain and agony, why doesn't God intervene so that human beings can be happy? Some people quickly raise the question, "Why, if God or the Absolute Being exists, is it the destiny of human beings to endure lives of trials and tribulations? Why have they wandered about throughout history, with an uncertain future?" People who look at life from this point of view can readily conclude that the God of love does not exist.

35 Throughout the miserable history of restoration, even God with His almighty power could not do whatever He liked. This is because the 5-percent human portion of responsibility remained unfulfilled. God could do nothing about that, no matter how many tears He shed. Human beings must meet that crucial standard. It is human beings who must accomplish that responsibility, yet until now they have been unaware of this. There are many people of faith who believe that God can do whatever He wants because He is omnipotent. Yet there are certain things that even God cannot do.

36 Why did God not intervene when human beings fell? God is the absolute Creator. Since He recognizes human responsibility, He must leave human beings to bear that responsibility on their own until they complete it. If God were to intervene in the middle of their course, His standard of absolute authority would collapse.  God is a great being. He refrains from intervening with human beings in order to bestow upon them the authority of second creators. Further, God created human beings as individual embodiments of truth; hence He cannot simply do with them as He pleases.

37 That abhorrent and bitter phrase, "restoration through indemnity," came to exist based on the clear understanding of a principle—the human portion of responsibility. In the course of restoration through indemnity, God cannot help you. You must go through it alone. If you received His help, it would not be indemnity.  Why is that? Since the principle of the human portion of responsibility exists, if you received His help, then according to that principle, indemnification would not occur. If He could have helped, at the time of the Fall, He would have intervened with Adam and Eve and prevented them from falling. Yet He could not do so due to the human portion of responsibility.

38 So far, although many theologians and spiritual mediums have known of the existence of Satan, they have not been able to understand why the all-knowing and almighty God could not block Satan from opposing Him. This is a question even for those who communicate with the spirit world. Whenever we try to go to God's side, Satan inevitably interferes. Satan opposes us from many directions, not just one.  But why did God not intervene and restrain him? This has remained a riddle. It is unknown even to those who can communicate with the spirit world. Why have we come to live in such a sorrowful reality, where Satan is uncontrolled, and why have the spirit world and the earthly world come to be in such a state? We must find the answers to these questions. Even though God knows the answers, He cannot tell us. That too is because we have our portion of responsibility.

39 Adam and Eve were supposed to fulfill their portion of responsibility, perfect themselves without falling, and become the True Parents. This was the Parents' portion of responsibility, and only they could accomplish it. Then, as the Parents, they were supposed to teach their children about this portion of responsibility. Since it was their portion, after they failed and the world as it is today emerged as a result, God was unable to teach this to anyone. Had the words "portion of responsibility" not been disclosed by the Unification Principle, there would be no way to solve the fundamental issues of history.

40 It is a serious problem if you do not know about the human portion of responsibility. We cannot understand the history of religion unless we know that we are undergoing a course of indemnity to turn history right side up, based on our own responsibility. Unless you understand this, you will not be able to resolve anything, even after you go to the spirit world. Indeed, you will have no way to resolve anything. You may think that the phrase "portion of responsibility" is simple, but in fact, it is momentous. It is historic good news for humankind.

41 The Unification Church principle that human beings have their own portion of responsibility is a cosmic discovery. The discovery of this principle is incomparably greater than the invention of the atomic bomb or Einstein's discovery of the theory of relativity. That is because without knowing this principle, nothing in history can be resolved. The relationship between God and human beings has been obscured throughout all of history. No historian or philosopher has been able to explain why righteous people were sacrificed and why their names were recognized only after their time had passed.

42 If you could truthfully assert that you have accomplished your portion of responsibility, Satan's world could not appear before you. Yet Satan's world appears before all of you, does it not? Therein lies the problem. If I did not know about this portion of responsibility, which determines the providence of restoration and the state of the world today, there would be no possibility of returning to our homeland in glory or of reaching the realm of liberation. Our challenge is to uncover the unresolved issues of the Old Testament Age and the New Testament Age and resolve them by fulfilling the human portion of responsibility. This has been the hope and desire of the New Testament Age and the Old Testament Age. Why do we need the Messiah? The Messiah is the person at the apex of the realm of the portion of responsibility. Satan cannot invade if you become one with the Messiah. Satan's world has no basis to oppose the person who appears with the authority of Heaven on the foundation of having completed his portion of responsibility, and with the authority of the lineage aligned with God's love. Why, then, does the Messiah face opposition? It is because he strives to save the people in Satan's world; because he will not give up on people in Satan's world even at the risk of his life, even if Satan stirs up society to crucify him. Those who do not fulfill their portion of responsibility do not have the right to enter heaven, no matter what. Even Adam and Eve, who were not of Satan's lineage, were dragged away by Satan because they did not fulfill their portion of responsibility.

43 Without restoration through indemnity, the realm of Abel cannot be recovered.  Unless the realm of Abel is recovered, there is no way for the Parents to come forth. Unless the Parents come forth, there is no way to recover the original ideal world envisioned by God. Thus, everything depends on fulfilling our individual portion of responsibility and our family portion of responsibility. Then it depends on fulfilling our tribe's portion of responsibility, and the people's, nation's, and world's portions of responsibility. Failure to resolve all these problems has caused even the spirit world to split into heaven and hell. The reason why even the spirit world, which is eternal, is split into heaven and hell is because the matter of the portion of responsibility remains unresolved. The people in hell belong to Satan. They have no relationship whatsoever with God. So fulfilling the portion of responsibility and restoration through indemnity are absolutely necessary.

44 How many times a day do you think about your portion of responsibility? You have to remember it and recite it over and over: when you are eating, holding a spoon, when you are washing the dishes when you are on the toilet, and while you are walking. Adam and Eve did not think about their portion of responsibility, and that is why they came to ruin. You too will go to ruin unless you fulfill your responsibility. We must not become people who, like Adam and Eve, fail to fulfill our portion of responsibility and fall. To become people who can be restored and be victorious, we have to honor and bear in mind our portion of responsibility twenty-four hours a day.

Section 2.  The Human Fall

1 When you study the Bible carefully, you cannot deny that the first human ancestors were joined to the devil, Satan, through illicit love, and that their children came to be in a parent-child relationship with him. We human beings are so precious to God; in His absolute love, we should have been born as God's own sons and daughters and inherited His direct lineage. However, we instead ended up being born into the lineage of the devil, Satan, as his sons and daughters.

2 How did the Fall begin? Between a man and a woman, what would constitute the Fall? Could it literally be the act of eating a physical fruit called the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, as the Holy Scripture describes it? Simply eating a fruit cannot be the cause of original sin. The only thing that could cause such a thing is wrongful love between people of the opposite sex. Could the mere sin of the human progenitors eating a literal fruit have caused their descendants for tens of thousands of years to be sinners? That result is possible only because the root of the sin was implanted in our lineage, and hence it can continue forever according to the laws of heredity. This occurred through illicit relationships, first when Eve became one with Lucifer and next when Adam became one with Eve, who was already one with Lucifer. Consequently, when Adam and Eve began their conjugal relationship and begot a family, they did so centering on Lucifer, not God. Thus, Adam and Eve's descendants—all of humanity-received Satan's lineage.

The realm of God's indirect dominion and the realm of God's direct dominion

3 Adam and Eve should have been the substantial body of God and the Parents of all humankind. However, they fell before reaching maturity. This can be likened to good seeds that were sown in spring to produce good fruit in autumn, but before it was ripe the fruit fell off the branches in summer. The Fall refers to their dropping off at the midway point.

4 Originally, Adam and Eve were meant to reach perfection, and in their perfection, God would have entered into them and become one with them. After that, when the two of them became one physically and spiritually, they would have connected with God's love in their union. However, Adam and Eve fell when they were still in their adolescence before they reached maturity.  That is to say, they fell when they were still underage when they were not able to connect to God's love in spirit and flesh.  For this reason, they did not yet know love. They were like chestnut burrs that look normal on the outside but have no kernels inside.

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