Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 92

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 1: The True Human Beings that God Created
Section 4: Our Value in Unity With God, 10

Chapter 2: Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall
Section 1: Our Growth and Portion of Responsibility, 03

10 When I probed into the fundamental truths of the cosmos, I agonized most over the question of how love moves and settles. My questions were answered when I discovered one plain truth: true love travels the shortest distance. When true love descends from heaven to earth, what route do you think it takes? The shortest route travels straight down the vertical line perpendicular to the earth. Since love takes the fastest and shortest route, there can be only one meeting point of the heavenly world and the plane of the earthly world. There cannot be two such points; absolutely there can be only one.

11 We aspire to become the outer God, with the inner God abiding within us.  Everyone harbors this aspiration to become one with God. The ideal of creation is the realization of the four-position foundation. The four-position foundation is realized when Adam and Eve become one with God through love. Within it God is present in all relationships—above and below, left and right, and front and back.  Thereby God's love and human love are perfected. This is the perfection of God and human beings united in love. They become one body.

Section 5.  Our Position in the Created World

1 It is said that human beings are the lords of creation. Such a thing can only be said when we stand in the center and are able to represent the value of the whole.  All people, whether they do well in life or not, desire to become the center of the world. All beings want to be the best among their kind. If there is an Absolute Center, all beings desire to unite with that center. People want to have a relationship with something of higher value. This is because human beings have the central value representing the overall value of the historical ages.

2 When God created human beings as the lords of creation, He placed them at the center of heaven and earth as the representatives of everything around them.  Because of that, each person can claim the autonomous right to become the center of the universe. There is no such thing in the world of monkeys, lions, or tigers. This exists only in the human world.

3 It is said that human beings are the lords of creation, but the fundamental Lord of all things is God. Human beings have a spirit. The reason human beings are considered lords over other spiritual beings is that human beings ultimately have a direct connection with God. We cannot just become lords of creation by ourselves.  We are part of the creation, so how can we be lords of creation? All created beings are relational, resultant beings. A created being cannot connect to its cause by itself; alone, it cannot possess the cause.  Instead, all created things are meant to be possessed by the cause. There is no question that human beings are resultant beings. The Chinese character jang (長) in the word young-jang (lord of creation) means the center of the spirit. This word originally referred to the relationship of unity between God and human beings.

4 What is the difference between animals and human beings? We eat and sleep just as the animals do. Human beings wear clothes; animals do not. Yet we are equal in many ways. In terms of structure and appearance, our eyes and noses are not so different. Human beings consist of a spirit and a body. However, if we compare our physical existence with that of animals, there is not much difference. We eat, sleep, and search for food in similar ways. The difference between people and animals is that people are seeking something different, something of precious value in the universe. That which is precious is not the physical but the spiritual aspect of a person. The spirit differs from the physical body; that is why it is precious. It has to be different.

5 Monkeys and human beings are different in essence. Monkeys mostly just eat, sleep, and reproduce. They are essentially different from humankind. Human beings do not live for themselves, but for the sake of others. They live with the desire for something greater, not with the hope or desire for something less than themselves.  Human beings are of a different dimension. For as long as they have existed, they have revered God. There have never been a people who didn't venerate the deity.  Human beings have always thought about God and dreamed of a better world.

6 When you give birth to a child and nurse that child, you think he or she is so adorable. But because of whom do you feel this way? You should adore your child on behalf of heaven and earth. You should love your child for the sake of the world, and for God. Heavenly fortune driven by God's love is now moving beyond the world to embrace all heaven and earth. However, it is unacceptable to love my sons and daughters for my own reasons. The mother who embraces and breast-feeds her children should do so on behalf of heaven and earth, embracing her children with sincerity as if she were embracing God's own beloved sons and daughters.  Such children, the hope of God, who can live in the garden of Eden, have to be children of universal character. As God blessed humankind to take dominion over all things, they must have the qualifications to do so.

7 You have to stand on behalf of Heaven, which has dominion over everything, manifesting value equal to that of the Lord who governs the created world. From your lips you should be able to say, "Heavenly Father, I have become the person You have been looking for; I have fulfilled Your Will that I received from You as the original lord with dominion over everything, so please instruct me." You are the person for whom God has been hoping throughout the six thousand years of His dispensation.

8 Human beings are centers of harmony. However, in order for harmony to come about, a central, absolute standard needs to be determined. It is just as in an orchestra, where many different musicians play in harmony centered on a conductor. The central figures for the harmony of the universe are we human beings. Human beings are positioned to align completely with the absolute standard; therefore, where such a person stays is where the universe stays, and the whole world of existence functions centered on that person. Because of this, the entire existing world has power.

9 A human being is a microcosm of the entire universe. We are each a miniature universe. The greater universe is the created world. God is the origin of all interactions and the source of all energy. We are microcosms in front of the greater cosmos. When the power that is the origin of the great universe enters our heart, we achieve the value of a counterpart to the entire universe. This is why human beings are the flowers of the universe.

10 We are not alone. We have emerged as the resultant beings that harmonize in relationships within the universe. Everything that exists in the universe is included within us; we have within ourselves all the qualities that we have received from our numerous ancestors. You may feel that your face is your own, but it is the result of tens of thousands of years of history. You have your face today because you inherited the blood of your ancestors that accrued over tens of thousands of years.  We are truly miraculous beings. Moreover, we exist today because Heaven has worked behind the scenes to allow the continuation of all the relationships that led to each of us. We are beings of substance into which all interrelated aspects of creation are invested and projected.

CHAPTER 2 Our Portion of Responsibility and the Fall

Section 1. Our Growth and Portion of Responsibility

1 Adam and Eve should have understood God's love and reached the standard of complete unity with Him, such that God's standard of love and their standard of love would be perfectly aligned at one point. Adam and Eve were the horizontal representatives, while God is the vertical representative. These three should have united; then they would have created a sphere of love. This sphere was to have been formed based on the union between God's internal love and Adam and Eve's external love, with God's internal love as the nucleus. Even a cell has a nucleus.  Centered on this nucleus, the subject partner and object partner should have interacted by giving and receiving. That was supposed to be the standard. Since this did not happen, it must be rectified through the historical ages.

Human responsibility and the growth period

2 Before Adam and Eve committed the Fall, certain responsibility had been given only to them. Had they fulfilled this and emerged as the True Parents, they would have been welcomed by all subsequent generations of parents. Then no such being as Satan could have interfered, because there would have been nothing for Satan to accuse. This would have been the reality for Adam and Eve had they not fallen.  However, to this day, there have been no perfected Adam and Eve, and their absence has affected every aspect of human life throughout history. Therefore, human beings in the fallen world have been eagerly awaiting the coming of the True Parents, and even those who have passed into the spirit world have been eagerly anticipating the day of the Second Advent. This you should clearly understand.

3 The portion of responsibility given to Adam and Eve was such that one mistake could result in a dreadful bottomless pit, like a cancer that could affect human beings for hundreds of millions of years. It was Adam and Eve's task to fulfill this responsibility, and since God anticipated that Satan would challenge them on the way to fulfilling it, He warned them, "Do not eat the fruit." Nevertheless, they ate the fruit of good and evil. How must God have felt as He witnessed them eating the fruit? Even at the moment they deviated from the right path, God must have desperately wanted to believe that they would not fall into temptation. 

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