Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 91

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 1: The True Human Beings that God Created
Section 3: The Purpose of Our Creation and the Three Great Blessings, 18
Section 4: Our Value in Unity With God, 09


18 The first hope of human beings is to reach individual perfection. Nevertheless, because they fell, they have to be born anew centered on a resurrected individual. Their second hope is to fulfill a life-long partnership; human beings are born to be blessed in marriage. Their third hope is to multiply good children. Although we may have many good days in our lives, each of us has certain special days. They are the day we were born, the day we married our life partner, and the days when our children were born. Not experiencing all of these special days can make us unhappy. The same is true for God. The most joyful day for God was the day when Adam was born. That is because it was the day He became the Parent God in the physical world. That is to say, the day that Adam was born was also the first day that God could begin His existence as the God of cosmic value in the substantial world.

19 How can we go to the kingdom of heaven? As it is the place where God resides, we need certain qualifications to enter there. The qualifications are realizing the three blessings: "Be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth, and have dominion over every living thing" (Gen. 1:28). This is because the kingdom of heaven is the place where loving couples go, together with their children.

20 The children of blessed families are citizens of the kingdom of heaven. They are citizens of the eternal world. In that world, the number of children you gave birth to can be a source of pride. They are precious assets you can be most proud of. Your spiritual children are also your assets when you go to the kingdom of heaven. When your Abel children and Cain children become one, you will meet the ideal standard for restoring the fallen world. Their oneness brings expansion. That is why Adam has to fulfill the positions of a son, an elder brother, and a husband, and Eve has to fulfill the positions of a daughter, an elder sister and a wife. Their courses were set up in this way. Adam and Eve had already begun these courses; they had no way to escape. Even il they wanted to extend these courses, they could not. Your courses are the same. When we analyze this process carefully, we see that men and women are meant to seek each other. That is why you are absolutely required to marry.

21 God created human beings and gave them the blessing to have dominion over all things. He also said, "Multiply and fill the earth." Once human beings perfected themselves and fulfilled the words of these blessings, God intended to take direct dominion over them. This was His original ideal of creation. However, human beings have not been able to accomplish this. Therefore, we have not been able to govern the earth, we have not been able to multiply in the world of true love, and we have not been able to receive God's true love. This is our sorrow. In these circumstances, we are destined to constantly fall and become Satan's prey.  Although we human beings are in this situation, God will raise us up again. He has us accumulate merit so as to clear away all the evil things that are intertwined with fallen humankind. He seeks to unite us and transform us into children of His lineage. All of this is to enable us to have dominion over the earth. This is the purpose that humankind has sought to fulfill throughout history. It is the ultimate hope that all people, in their hearts, aspire to realize.

Section 4. Our Value in Unity with God

1 When God, in search of love, created His object partners, whom do you think He wanted them to resemble? God created them to resemble Himself. In order to do so, they should reflect His masculine and feminine characteristics. This is where the logic of the dual characteristics originates. God also drew upon His original internal nature and His original external form and manifested His invisible thought as form, having it unfold substantially in human beings. Hence, the Book of Genesis is correct in stating that God created human beings in His own image.

2 God needs human beings. It is not just that He loves to look at our faces God loves us not because we have beautiful eyes or good features, or because we resemble Him in outward appearance. God needs and loves us because we have an eternal value as His object partners of true love, with whom He can experience joy for eternity. Hence, on the day when we manifest this value as God's partners, on the day we bring forth this value and become partners in perfect harmony with God, on that day God will be able to burst into laughter for the first time. Just as you do not talk to yourself, God does not talk to Himself; He needs someone to talk to. The human ancestors, Adam and Eve, should have become those partners for God.

3 God treasures human beings above all else because they are the object partners of His love. That is why God's love is the most precious thing for us. No matter how much love God may have within Him, He cannot feel it without having partners to love. He can experience His own love only in relationship with a partner. It is because we are in the position of these object partners that God cherishes human beings the most.

4 God has longed for tens of thousands of years to have human beings as His partners. His relationship with them is the foundation of the cosmos. It is a relationship that connects God and human beings both internally and externally.  Thus, It establishes the worldview of vertical love and horizontal love. This worldview holds that vertical love and horizontal love unfold by forming relationships of above and below, and left and right. God can then reside at the very center of these relationships. The place where God and human beings bind most tightly together is the center where vertical love and horizontal love meet. Unless their vertical love and their horizontal love join as one, neither of these two kinds of love can manifest the standard of love's ideal.

5 Human desire knows no bounds. We want to possess even God. The means by which we can satisfy that desire is true love. The one and unique love that God has hidden away can be ours. Since we have the original nature of desiring to possess God, we want to become the best in the world. This is our right as human beings, for we are only seeking to fulfill our original value. God is the King who created the cosmos. Hence, when we become sons and daughters who have God as our Parent, we all will be brothers and sisters under His kingship. Then God's kingdom will be our kingdom. The responsibility of the sons and daughters, to whom you give birth after receiving the Blessing, is to create parent-daughter unity, parent-son unity and, when they are blessed, husband-wife unity. You have to raise your children so that they can do that. All this is to deal with the most fundamental issue—the relationship between man and woman.

6 Why do human beings view themselves as the center of the created world? It is because the whole world was created for love. Men and women represent God's love to the rest of creation. They stand in the central position before the Lord, with the privilege of receiving His love first. For this reason, it is said that human beings are the "lords of creation." However, it is impossible to say that we are lords of creation without recognizing that in the first place we are God's partners of love. The unique value of human beings stems from the privilege of being the primary recipients of God's love, representing the whole of the created world.  It is because we stand in the position of God's number one partners that we are given the authority to participate in His love, share it with the universe, and rule the universe with it. Without love, it would all be nothing.

The realm where God and human beings are united in love

7 Human beings have been seeking God. Throughout the six thousand years of history, we have been moving toward God, not further away. Regarding this relationship, one partner needs to represent plus and the other partner needs to represent minus. Plus cannot connect to plus, and minus cannot connect to minus.  There has to be a relationship between the two. That is why we use the expression "heaven and earth," as well as above and below, front and back and left and right.  When we speak of heaven and earth, front and back, or right and left, each of us places ourselves in the middle. In the end, then, everything depends on me. From this standpoint, it is not for God to seek the highest standard of character or to seek one world; rather, I must do it. I am the one who must pursue it. In this sense, human beings are the center of the universe. That is why human beings need to become one body with God, and that is why both God and human beings aspire to become one. God has that hope, too. His hope is to create the point of oneness with human beings. We call that point the oneness of heaven, earth, and humankind. We human beings absolutely have to attain it.

8 When God created all things in the garden of Eden, He made them with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. Then, with human beings of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, God wanted to form the realm where God and human beings are one in love. Once God and human beings are one in love, together they can build the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. There we can freely exercise all authority as children of the absolute God. It is a world of freedom, where we can travel anywhere. When we are able to do all this, then and only then can we liberate God.

9 In the family, parents are joined in marriage centered on love. The Korean expression, "Husband and wife are one body," is not only about the man, nor is it only about the woman. Nor is it about their family. It simply means that the husband and wife are one because of their love for each other. The same is true for the expression, "Father and son are one body." Although people use that expression, a father and son cannot literally become one body. It means that their love for each other is so great that they will never separate. Because of love, they cannot be separated ever, for all eternity. That is why it is reasonable to conclude that they are "one body." By the same token, if the first human beings had not fallen, God and they would have become one body. They would have become one body as Heavenly Father and His children. Then the man and woman, after growing up in the love of their Heavenly Parent, would have become one body as husband and wife. The family they formed would have realized the ideal of one body because they would have entered the state of one body centering on God’s love.


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