Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 89

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 1: The True Human Beings that God Created
Section 2: The Mind and Body of a True Person, 28
Section 3: The Purpose of Our Creation and the Three Great Blessings, 01

28 When you search for what is true, your body must absolutely obey your mind.  When your mind and body become one, connected at an uncompromised ninety-degree angle linking heaven and earth and centered on God, you will know everything wherever you go—north, south, east or west, up or down. You will also naturally connect to the spirit world. You will know even things that you were never taught. How do you think I came to know all the secrets of heaven and earth? It is because I entered that state. When I reached the state where my mind and body resonated with true love, everything became clear. I could understand all the fundamental issues of God, the spirit world, and history. God’s original desire, according to the Principle of Creation, is that we live an ideal life in an environment that enables us to relate and bond with one another in true love. Therefore, once I entered that state, I had access to everything. If I called upon any among humanity's forebears in the spirit world, they would immediately appear so I could ask them questions.

The way of mind-body unity

29 If your body does something wrong, even late into the night, your conscience will stay awake and say, "Stop it, you rascal!" More than that, if you even think about doing something wrong, you immediately feel pangs of conscience. Through your conscience, the God you thought was dead, and your teachers and parents who seemed to have died within you, come back to life. Hence, you are left with little choice but to follow your conscience. You may wonder whether the conscience and the body were fighting even before the Fall, but the answer is no. No one even now can say that God's conscience and body are fighting each other. Our struggles persist only because we failed to become true sons and daughters of such a God; our root has changed. This is a simple truth, but even the saints and sages of history did not understand it. You do not know how much I struggled over this matter. That is why I say, "Before trying to govern the universe, you must first govern yourself." If you don't, your body is the enemy of the universe.

30 Throughout our lives, we each have within ourselves a most precious teacher. Nevertheless, we frequently mistreat, abuse, and trample on it. That teacher is none other than our conscience. It always speaks to us in its efforts to help us and tries to connect us to true love. Like our parents, He encourages us to become good and unselfish, and it guides us to act according to God's desire. However, within each of us, there is a rebel that goes against the voice of the conscience. That rebel is our body.

31 In the fallen world you recognize who your parents are, who your teachers are, and who your leaders are, but as a human being, you have a master whom you often do not recognize, namely your conscience. The conscience has planted within us the idea of God, who is the original root of parents, teachers, and owners.  I was really surprised when I discovered this. The culmination of everything I was looking for, the hidden home within me, was my own conscience. I said to myself, "I cannot hold God accountable for anything. I have to hold myself accountable to follow my conscience and fulfill my mission. Therefore, there is no situation in which I can ask someone else to take responsibility. I must take responsibility myself. This is the stance I take. Because I take this stance, God cannot help but love me.

32 The revolution of the conscience is an internal revolution. It requires us to obey absolutely the voice of our conscience. All of you still face the internal struggle between your conscience, which prompts you to do good, and your physical desires, which tempt you to do evil. In order to end this shameful internal struggle, you have to understand clearly the position and action of your conscience. Your conscience knows everything you do and everything you think. You cannot add or subtract anything; nothing can be hidden from it. It knows before your teacher does and before your parents do. It knows even before God does. When you disobey your conscience, you feel conscience-stricken. Then dust sticks to your spirit, and stains and scars appear. Such scars are a heavy burden that you take with you to the spirit world, where they can never be erased. Therefore I tell you, you need to control your physical mind with a revolutionary determination and be guided by your conscience, until the day you go before God without any speck, with a clean and clear spirit.

33 Originally the mind and body were meant to be inseparable, in total oneness. The human mind was supposed to be God's mind and the human body was supposed to hold it as a container. However, due to the Fall, human beings turned their bodies over to the devil and have been his servants ever since. The human conscience is that aspect of the mind that represents God. It does not exist for itself but for the sake of God's righteousness. It constantly seeks the direction of goodness. The body rebels against this. It seeks only physical comfort. It is selfish and instinctively follows carnal desires. The conscience chastises the body and tries to make it conform to the mind. This is why bitter conflict and struggle occur within oneself.

34 All religions teach their adherents to strike the body. Religion is the training ground where we learn to control our body and its physical desires with the mind. It is the training ground where we cultivate ourselves to become original people in accordance with the ideal of creation. No one, though, can conquer the body without welcoming God into him or herself. Only with the power of God's true love and truth can the mind become the subject partner, take command of the body as its object partner, and realize the ideal of oneness with God. The result is the human perfection that all religions speak of.

35 When you have attained oneness in true love, you can attain a perfect score as a person of precious value. Mind-body unity refers to the state in which the physical self resonates in harmony with the conscience. When you strike one prong of a tuning fork, the other prong vibrates at the same frequency. Similarly, when you strike the conscience with true love, the physical self resonates with it. Conversely, when you strike the physical self with true love, the conscience resonates with it. In that state, you do not need any moral education. Once you find that center in yourself, you will know everything without being taught.

36 Looking at human beings, we can see that the mind and body are at war. This struggle did not start today, in the current age; it began with our first ancestors. As is recorded in the Bible, it began just after the Fall of Adam and Eve. Has there ever been any saint or sage in history who could say, "Model yourself after me, as a representative of human history, for my mind and body are not in conflict; I have realized their complete unity"? The mind is important, and the body is important but most important of all is that you attain the realm where the mind and body are united. That is vital. Even if the entire world were united, if you had not attained unity between your mind and body, you would be disconsolate. A person torn by this sorrowful struggle would not find a place in the united world but would be rejected. He or she would be repelled. So before we strive to unite the world, before we strive to achieve the ideal vision of a new world, we have to discover within ourselves the ability to resolve the conflict between mind and body and set them in harmony.

37 Unification Church members must accomplish mind-body unity under any circumstances. Those who cannot achieve mind-body unity within their lifetime should not muse about love and the ideal; if they do, it is shameful. It is also going against heavenly fortune. The path of new hope opens only to those who wish for it after having achieved perfect mind-body unity. If you stagnate in your current condition, the path of new hope that leads to the kingdom of God will not open up before you.

38 Human beings were originally created to live with God's true love within their minds and bodies and to resonate with His love directly. The mind was to resonate with God-centered on true love, and the body was to resonate with the mind. The origin of true unity, a state in which the mind and body are not in conflict, begins when we inherit and experience God's true love just as it is. The human ideal of mind-body unity can be realized when we completely possess God's true love. When our mind and body are united based on true love, the ideal of true freedom and peace can begin. On the foundation of mind-body unity, there will emerge free and peaceful individuals, free and peaceful families, tribes, peoples, nations, and a world of peace and freedom.

Section 3. The Purpose of Our Creation and the Three Great Blessings

1 When God created heaven and earth, He did so with absolute faith and absolute love, based on the absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal ideal. As God spoke, everything came into being. It was all in accordance with what God said. Everything was one with God based on absolute faith. The reason God created was to find the partners whom He desired. The invisible God, the God without form, wanted partners of love who would be His visible manifestations and having form they would be His representatives in the world of form. God would have become embodied in them. This was God's first purpose of creation. It is the same with regard to the spirit world. Although God is incorporeal, God can become the Father and King in the spirit world as well, once His ideal of creation is fulfilled through human beings with form, Adam and Eve. That will occur when Adam and Eve, who have bodies, and their sons and daughters, who have bodies, come to the spirit world. It would be impossible for God to do this without assuming form. Then, what form would that be? God's face will be none other than the faces of Adam and Eve, who will have reached perfection and become one in conjugal union after receiving God's Blessing. Adam and Eve are the partners of God's love.



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