Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 88

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 1: The True Human Beings that God Created

Section 2: The Mind and Body of a True Person, 11-27

11 The mind that takes after the principle of heaven and earth represents the vertical aspect of a human being. That is why we consider that the mind should be high and lofty. Although a mind can be considered broad, within the concept of being broad-minded is also the concept of height. So your mind should be both broad and high. An upright mind should consist of a perpendicular connection reaching to the highest point in heaven and all the way to the ends of the earth. In the world of things in motion, the spherical realm of the great universe, at every point on a plane there can be only one perpendicular. If there is a perpendicular that is desired by all beings in the creation as their ideal, it has to be one. That is true love. That perpendicular, namely, true love, cannot be two. This is so anywhere in the universe. Whether someone is from the East or the West, whether living in the past, the present, or the future, there is only one perpendicular of true love. Since God is also connected to that perpendicular, and the action of love takes place at that one point, the ideal that God desires is connected with the realm that arises from the perpendicular.  However, this axis, this point of perpendicularity, has not yet been formed on this earth.

12 We often use the expression "He has an upright mind." Upright means standing straight in a line perpendicular to the ground. We do not use such an expression for a tree that is leaning over.  Thus, for a person to have an upright mind means that his or her mind stands straight. That is why human beings walk with an upright posture. A person can be spiritually upright only when his or her mind is vertical.  Hence, we have to make the mind completely vertical. Then our body becomes a horizontal line. When we establish the vertical and horizontal within ourselves, the force of the vertical that pulls inward and the force of the horizontal that expands outward are in balance and manifest as centripetal and centrifugal forces.

13 We each have both a mind and a body. When the mind and body are united, we do not feel distress. But when the mind and body are disunited, when they are not balanced horizontally, we feel inner torment. The problem arises when either the mind or the body is too overpowering, creating an imbalance. When the mind and body are balanced in horizontal alignment, however, we do not feel anxiety. Also, when the mind and body are aligned with the perpendicular, things begin to move.  A lively motion ensues, and we feel joy. That is why everything should be aligned with the perpendicular. The horizontal and the vertical must always be in harmony, joining on the perpendicular.

14 The kingdom of heaven begins from the love of a man and a woman. The original kingdom of heaven is where the horizontal line unites with the vertical line at the center, based on God's love. With God present, a loving man and a loving woman become a core within the love of God, and their minds and bodies together form a perfect sphere. There, the mind is the vertical self and the body is the horizontal self. Also, the vertical mind is God, and the horizontal body is True Parents. The two are united as one.

15 The mind is invisible and vertical. The body is visible and horizontal. The family is the microcosm of the great universe. The spirit world exists within human beings.  A spirit dwells within us; that is the mind. The invisible mind and the visible body represent the world. Even though they may travel all over the place, as long as they do not leave their orbit around the center of true love, they can form an ideal person. Further, when the invisible mind and the visible body become one with true love at their core, that person will become an ideal man or an ideal woman, a perfect individual.

The mind is the second God

16 Among ten friends, if one of them says, "Live for me," the others will flee.  However, if one of the ten is willing to give up his or her life for the other nine friends, he or she will become their leader. That is why if you live for the sake of others you will not perish. Rather, you will become the owner, the teacher, and the parent. God is not far away; He is within you. The mind within you is your master.  When you are tempted to do something wrong, your mind speaks up and says, "Don't do it." It interposes itself wherever you are and seeks to become the master.  Wherever you are it instructs you, like your mother and your teacher.

17 Your conscience or higher mind is your second God. God is your first God, in the plus position to your mind. Your mind, in the minus position to God, is your second God. You need to understand this. Again, the mind is your second God.  That second God, the mind, is always with you. It relates to you from deep in your conscience, from within the depths of love, life, and lineage. It is ever cleansing and removing anything impure, resolving your inner problems, and guiding you to a higher place in life. By doing so, your original conscience is also lifted up. The force of this conscience governs your physical self. This force and the physical self are naturally perfected when they unite and become one, as plus and minus. Thus, your conscience is your second God. It is your center, from which arises a powerful force that governs you all the time.

18 Your higher mind does not need a teacher. It is already your second God. Rather than follow a teacher, you should follow your higher mind. What is the nature of this mind? When you wake up alone at daybreak, and it is so quiet, and you do not hear even the squeak of a mouse or the buzz of a fly, you think to yourself, "I should do such and such good deeds today." Then your mind will tell you, "Good! Good! Go ahead and do them!" On the other hand, if you harbor evil ideas in your mind, it will chide you and say, "Don't you dare!" That is the way it is. Your mind is well aware of what is good and bad.

19 Your mind is your watchman. It protects you night and day. It tells you over and over again, "Do good deeds! Do good deeds!" without letting you rest. Have you ever imagined how exhausted your mind is? From the day you began to think for yourself, from the day you acquired the intellectual capacity to analyze situations in society, your conscience has always been following you around and telling you what to do. It will keep doing so until you die. It tells you to take after God, the saints, patriots, and children who practice filial piety. It commands you to resemble them all. It keeps telling your body, "My body, you need to resemble me!"

20 We never knew we had such a wonderful teacher within us. The original mind within you has the aspect of a great mother and father. The teachings of such mothers and fathers never contradict this mind. You should learn to obey whenever this mind counsels you, just as you would your mother or father. Thus far, the formula that could serve as the origin of a moral order and bring our whole environment into accord with that order has not appeared. Therefore, your original mind must serve as your teacher, as your parent, and as God. No teacher can teach that mind,

21 The original mind guides you better than God does. It existed even before you did. As a guide, this mind or conscience is better than your parents, better than your king, better even than God. It is that precious. When you are about to do something wrong, it does not say, Hurry up and do it!" No, if you are about to do something perverse, it says, "Don't do it, you rascal!" Therefore, you absolutely need to listen to your conscience. Once you make it a habit, you and your conscience will be in constant dialogue.

22 When you pray, you have to do it focusing on your original mind. How often do you act in the way this mind desires? No matter how much you call upon God, it is of no use if you ignore your original mind. You can connect with God only once you are united with your original mind. This is why your thinking should always be rooted in this mind. Always ask your original mind for answers. Instead of asking your parents, ask your eternal conscience. Your conscience will tell you before your parents do. You can leave your parents, but you cannot leave your mind. You can leave your teachers, but you cannot leave your mind. You can leave your lord, but you cannot leave your mind. It is a great sin to ignore your original mind, which lives in attendance to these three subject partners. Doing so is to ignore your parents, your teachers and God, the Lord of the universe. To ignore your original mind is to ignore these three as well.

23 You should set aside some time to experience the joy of being with your original mind. It may seem to others as if you are all alone, but in fact, you are becoming a friend to this mind. Sit down in a tranquil place and meditate. Enter a state of deep prayer. Then you will enter a world deep within, a world that no one else can know. You need to have such experiences.

24 Your original mind is your lord. It is your teacher. Because a mind gives birth to a body that resembles it, your mind is the root of your body. For this reason, the mind represents your mother and father on the horizontal plane. The original mind represents parents, teachers and owners.

25 Have you ever considered the value of your original mind, how precious it is? Whenever your body seeks to do something wrong, this mind admonishes it not to and tries to block its way. But too often the body ignores, abuses, and tramples on the mind and does as it pleases. Your mind is interior to your body. It gives of itself time and again to fulfill its duties as your subject partner, your comrade amid hardships, and your teacher until your death.

26 When you glance at someone, your mind can immediately sense what kind of person he or she is. Before you get to know him or her well, your mind already knows. That is why I declare that the teacher closest to you is your own mind. Hence, you should not torment it or cause it sorrow. If you do, you will sadden the Teacher and Lord of the universe. Your original mind is the lord of your life. When you grieve this mind, you bring sorrow to the lord of your life. Instead, you should follow a path that will cause your mind to rejoice.

27 Your original mind precedes your parents and teachers. That is because your mind is with you for eternity, while your parents, teachers, and lords are not. That is why the mind has such great value. Hence, before you ask your parents a question, you need to discuss it with your original mind. Then you may not even need to ask your parents. Because this mind is directly connected to God, when you go into a state of resonance with it, your body attains the same frequency and you get the right answer. For instance, if you ask your original mind, "Should I meet such and such a person tomorrow?" you will feel either joy or uneasiness in your mind. Your mind knows whether it is good or bad to meet that person. If it is not good, your mind will prompt you to withdraw.


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