Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 87

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 4: True Person
Chapter 1: The True Human Beings that God Created
Section 1: True Human Beings Are the Embodiments of God, 15
Section 2: The Mind and Body of a True Person, 10

15 In the garden of Eden God created all things, and then He created the first ancestors as their lords. When He created human beings, He did not do so for amusement or as a hobby. The hard work and devotion that God invested in creating human beings and establishing them as the center of all created things cannot be described in words. God utterly devoted Himself to create His sons and daughters. He put forth All his effort. He gave All his heart and soul and the essence of His life. He totally poured out All his love and affection. He created human beings as His ultimate creations, to exist in a relationship with Him that no force could ever undo or sever. God created them like this so that through them He would find peace. It is through them that He will one day feel the full range of intimate affection and happiness.

16 God is the Father of human beings, and human beings are His sons and daughters. God created them by investing the core of His being. Truly, He gave the bone of His bone, the flesh of His flesh, and His very marrow. Thus, it is that when people pull on God, He cannot help but be pulled along. Conversely, when God pulls them, they cannot help but be pulled along. God created human beings in such a way that they would share His essence and purpose within their relationships. Human beings were created to receive God's praise. The stories and poems that He would write to praise them would be the greatest stories and poems ever written, far surpassing those of any writer or poet in this world. The object of this praise would not be God, nor would it be any of the creatures He had made.  That praise would belong to human beings, the epitome of all creations.

17 What kind of status should human beings have in relation to God, the subject partner, which would allow them to both govern and be governed by love? Human beings are not meant to receive God's love merely in the position of His disciples.  If God had daughters and sons, people would not want to be merely daughters-in-law and sons-in-law; their goal would be to go one step higher—to become His sons and daughters. People do not want any position other than that. God wants us to establish just such a relationship—a parent-child relationship—with Him. The ultimate truth of the universe is that human beings must recover this position. No one has struggled harder than I to understand this truth. I went into a mystical state and asked, "What is the highest truth of the universe, which all people are seeking?" The answer I received was the relationship of parent and child.

18 Human beings are meant to be the partners of the absolute God. Through absolute love, God and human beings are meant to become as one body. If Adam and Eve had become one body with God in this way, the sons and daughters born to Adam and Eve would have been not only the children of Adam and Eve, they also would have been God's children. If this had happened, God's family, tribe, people, nation, and world would have all been realized, substantiating God's lineage. Since the links between them would be rooted in God's eternal love, no one would be able to separate them. Such was to be the kingdom of God's lineage, founded in God's love. It was to have been the kingdom of heaven on earth.

19 God is the Absolute Being; that Absolute Being is our Father; and that Father is the Sovereign of the cosmos. In other words, from the perspective of the world, God is the sovereign Lord and the center of heaven, but when viewed from our perspective as human beings, God is our Father. How awesome is our Father! The word "Father" signifies that God is the closest being to all people in the spirit world; therefore, He can unite them all. It signifies that God is the closest being to all people in the physical world; therefore, He can unite them all. It signifies that God is the closest being to me; therefore, He can bring unity between Himself and me.  There is nothing more intimate than the word "Father," whether in the spirit world or in the physical world.

Section 2. The Mind and Body of a True Person

1 The world of creation has two axes: a visible axis and an invisible axis. They form a dual structure. The visible axis and the invisible axis rotate around the subject partner at their center, which also rotates along with the two axes. The give-and-receive action between mind and body works in this manner. All beings exist according to this principle. These two axes exist even in the fallen world, but to restore that world we have to repair them. In human beings, the center of the body is the mind. Since the body is connected to the mind with the mind as its center, the body should rotate around the mind. The body should move according to the commands of the mind. When the mind directs the body to go east the body should go east, and when the mind tells the body to go west the body should go west.

Mind and body in relationship

2 What is the mind? It is that part of us that received love from the vertical Father, the Creator. The body is that part of us that received love from our horizontal parents. Therefore, the mind is the vertical "I" and the body is the horizontal "I.” Their relationship is one of subject partner and object partner. When the circumstances are such that our mind and body are united, horizontal, and vertical unity finally takes place within us. With love, the vertical plus and the horizontal minus make a ninety-degree angle as they meet at the ideal and central point of unity. Nothing exists at that central point, but all power flows through it. Power jumps and dives into it; there is no resistance whatsoever. Everything there whirls about like a typhoon that nothing can stop. It is God who made the center in this way; He is truly the King of wisdom. The center exists in a vacuum state. When a vacuum is created, the pulling power becomes hundreds of times stronger, so everything is naturally pulled in. Its pulling power is so strong that it can swallow whatever He encounters, even a big mountain.

3 The mind is the vertical master because it has inherited God's lineage. The body is the horizontal master; it is the self that received the lineage of the perfected Adam. Thus, there are two masters in each of us. One is the master that inherited God's vertical lineage, but it does not suffice to have only God's lineage. We need a horizontal line that intersects with the vertical line of God's lineage. That intersection is the center where the directions of east, west, north, and south can meet. Each of those horizontal lines connects to the vertical line at a ninety-degree angle. When each line extends an equal distance from that perpendicular vertical line to the east, west, north, and south, together they form a sphere.

4 Looking at the mind and the body, the mind is the subject partner, in the plus position, and the body is the object partner, in the minus position. Even so, they fight each other. How did they come to fight? It is because the body became another plus. The body should be eternally the object partner before the mind, but it took over the position of subject partner. That was the Fall.

5 God's love is vertical, but there must also be horizontal love. Who can possess this horizontal love? The ones in the position to possess it are the true ancestors who have nothing to do with the Fall, who reach perfection and who align themselves with true love. If the human ancestors had become one with God's love in this way, then each of us would have been born through that love. In addition, our minds and bodies would have resembled God's mind and body, even as they resembled the mind and body of our father and mother, Adam and Eve. This is how it would have been for us.

6 The mind is the vertical "I" and the body is the horizontal "I.” The vertical Parent and my horizontal parents created me together. Had there been no Fall, I would have inherited true love, true life, and true lineage from them. That is how I was supposed to come into being. I was meant to be brought into this world when they united in true love. Therefore, I was meant to be a center of the universe and a representative of Heavenly Parent's love, a central manifestation of the formula for horizontal love, and a central being of true love formed through the union of horizontal and vertical love. That is who I was meant to be.

7 Looking at ourselves, our mind represents the vertical aspect and our body the horizontal aspect. We use the expression, "a mind that is upright and straight." Upright means the mind is correct vertically and horizontally. When it stands vertically it is correct, and when it extends itself horizontally it is correct. To the mind, which we consider to be vertical, the body is horizontal. Hence, if the mind and body reciprocate well according to the desires of the mind, the mind is at peace. In that case, we grow well. Physical suffering is painful, but the suffering of the mind is worse. That is because the vertical is central.

8 The mind and body are in different positions. The mind is vertical and the body is horizontal. Yet unless they are united, unless they are made level, we cannot form a perpendicular that is aligned with the direction of God's essential, absolute love.  There can be only one perpendicular, not two. So we have to do our best to unite our minds and bodies with our minds as the center, especially in our life of faith.

9 Each person has a mind and a body. The mind represents a person's vertical aspect and the body, his or her horizontal aspect. When you remark, "That person is upright," you say it with the horizontal in mind. To arrive at such an opinion, you did not look at that person solely from a vertical perspective. Inevitably you considered his or her horizontal standard. Believers in Buddhism, for example, try to comprehend the nature of the mind through meditation, but they have not yet discovered what the mind truly is. In fact, it is simple. The mind is the vertical "I" and the body is the horizontal "I." I am perfected as a human being when the vertical "I" and the horizontal "I" unite. What is the center that enables the horizontal and the vertical to unite? There must be an essence by which the two can resonate with each other and unite in a state of perfection. Neither money nor knowledge nor power can create this resonance. The only thing that can bring it forth is God's true love.

10 The body represents the horizontal and the mind the vertical. The vertical and the horizontal have to meet at a ninety-degree angle within you. When four ninety-degree angles are combined, they make 360 degrees. Unless this happens within you, you cannot be a perfect person. That is why you have to become one centering on the vertical, the mind. To attain unity of mind and body, the body should not be the center.

The mind should not vacillate or change under the body's influence. You need to control your body, the horizontal, in order to unite completely with your mind, the vertical. When you have done that, you must find the "I" who abides in complete mind-body unity, where they form a ninety-degree angle. You will find that real "I" only when you grow to perfection and experience conjugal love for the first time. In order for a person living in the east to look west and for a person living in the west to look east, they have to attain maturity.



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