Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 75

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 2: The Realms of True Love
Section 3: The Love of Husband and Wife, 38
Section 4: Children's Love, 09

38 There is only one true love. The first love must be that which unites one husband and one wife. There absolutely must be only one true love.  This is what absolute sex means. Absolute sex will eliminate the attraction of "free" sex. Do you think a woman's fluttering eyes belong to her? No, they belong to her husband. If she makes sidelong glances at another man, in her spirit self her eyes are rotting and her bones are dissolving. The universe does not countenance violations of this principle of one true love. It is incompatible with salvation. God will expel her. She can be restored only through tens of thousands of generations of descendants.

39 We know the concept of fidelity. In Korea, who is the lady who represents fidelity? Her name is Chunhyang. Korea is the country of moral traditions that value fidelity. The model faithful wife is Chunhyang. The model daughter of filial piety is Shimchung. You ladies, you should be better than Chunhyang, better than Shimchung. Governor Byun asked Chunhyang to come to him, but she rejected him. Even at the risk of your life, you have to be able to do the same in such a situation. Since you are born for love, if you sacrifice your life to resist false love, in the end you will be revived in resplendent true love.

40 In a woman's mind, the most elevated state and the deepest misery are both related to love. If women are like that, what about men? Sure, men are gruff and assertive, but who has a more loving heart, women or men? Men more than women tend to suffer from being lovesick. This is because men have embracing hearts. A woman's love goes in one direction at a time, but a man's love covers all four directions. As a man's love can scan in all directions, this can lead to many conflicts in love.

41 It is not a question of virtue. Once a man is infatuated with a woman and becomes lovesick, he will be ready to sacrifice his money, knowledge, and power.  Even if he is lying on a bed of gold, he will lose it all with no thought to his dignity. He will just want to follow that woman. If God really enjoys true love, when someone appears as His object of true love, it's not a question of holiness; He too must follow that love.

Academic study does not teach us love

42 People do not need to study in order to know how to love. When a man and woman marry, they don't need someone to teach them how to behave on their wedding night. In the world of insects, there is no sex education, but they know very well what to do, and human beings are the lords of creation. There is no one who is incapable of conjugal love, so no education for that is necessary. If God had made men and women to need such education in order to love and become complete, then God would not be omnipotent. Without a need for sex education, you know the way of love. By practicing it, you obtain a qualification that can transcend heaven and earth, the whole world of creation.

43 Did you learn how to love in your family? What kind of lather would tell his child to learn how to love from him? Also, does a mother tell her child to learn how to love from her? Furthermore, did the parents learn from someone how to love their children? Did the bride and bridegroom learn from someone that they should love in a certain way? They were not taught it, but they know it well. This is something truly mysterious.

44 Does someone instruct parents on how to love their children? You, women, gathered here when your babies were born, did you have to be taught how to love them? Is there a school somewhere that teaches love? There is no such school, but everyone attains a perfect score in this. The more you feel your love is not enough, the closer you are to perfect love. That which is perfect does not need to be learned or improved. That which does not need adjustment is completed. That which is complete does not change and that which does not change goes on for eternity.

45 The meaning of love is vague.  Love is difficult to understand through words. No matter how much you explain parental love to a person without parents, he or she will not be able to understand.No matter how much you explain conjugal love, people living alone cannot grasp it. Those with no experience of giving birth and raising children cannot enter the domain of parental love.

46 People always need stimulation. Happiness does not come without stimulation; there has to be stimulation. Just as hunger makes each meal taste like something new, stimulation makes the love between husband and wife fresh. The more a husband and wife see each other, the more they should long to see each other even more, until they just want to be together all the time. In light of this, you need to research about yourself and about God.

47 True love is attained through life experience and is understood through the spiritual senses.True love is not something that can be mastered through words, writings, or general education. Its complete attainment comes only by living it. In their process of growing from infancy, Adam and Eve were supposed to reach perfection by experiencing and understanding in daily life, through their spiritual senses, the heart of true children, the heart of true brother and sister, the heart of true husband and wife, and the heart of true parents, step by step. When they experienced the whole of God’s true love, then for the first time the world would have seen ideal people who had perfected the purpose of creation.


Section 4. Children's Love

1 In the parent-child relationship, if the parents' love is the cause, the children are the fruit and result of love. The result and the cause do not begin separately but in the same place. The result and cause start from one place. What does it mean to say, "My parents' love is the cause and I have appeared as its result?" It means that "I" come as the result of my parents' love. Therefore in the parent-child relationship, the child is born with a value equal to the parent, because the cause and result are one in love.

The original foundation of the universe

2 The parent-child relationship is based on blood ties. The concept of a father involves love and lineage. To be children of his direct lineage, you and he should be one body in love, connected through lineage. Blood creates life. It possesses the life that transmits the parents' traditions. And it is based on love.

3 The original foundation of the universe is nothing other than the parent-child relationship. Joy blossoms from this relationship.  If sorrow begins, there is no place that creates greater sorrow. The joy with which children relate to their parents should be the emblematic joy of the world, and the joy with which parents relate to their children should be emblematic of what fulfills their desire and the desire of the world. Even if it means that parents have to lose everything due to some external problem, for them there is no place where they can live happily and with hope other than with their children.

4 Sons and daughters are co-participants in parental love. From whence do sons and daughters come? They come from their parents' love. So in this world, sons and daughters come into existence by participating in their parents' love and uniting with it. Where do I come from? I was born in a place where my parents' love blossomed fully. Children are planted as seeds in a place of joy, a place where their mother and father, who were born as man and woman encapsulating the universe, made their love blossom.

5 I am the one who participated in the fundamental root at the beginning of my parents' love; I am the one who appears as the result of my parents' love. Because cause and result start in the same place, our relationship cannot be severed. The source of parents' love, which is the cause, and of the love I have in my life, which is the result, are one. In this sense, we can say that a parent and a child are one body, based on love. Without love, we cannot talk about one body or oneness. Love is the cause. We receive our parents' love from the time we are in the womb. The love and all the attention of our parents focus on us from the moment our mother becomes pregnant with us through the essence of love. Why is that? It is because we are the fruit of love. So we are born in love and connected to life through love. When we grow up in love, and the time comes to meet our partner, we decide who our spouse will be.

6 As participants in parental love and conjugal love, children are born with the highest authority. In other words, children emerge from that unchanging, unified love and share the nature of that love. This is why, no matter what they do, nothing can sever the parent-child relationship. Since children have the subject-nature of their parents' love and life, cutting off that relationship would mean the parents are denying their own existence. Parents are unable to deny the results of their love.  This is why parents will sacrifice their lives for their children. This is very logical.

Participants in parents' love

7 It is from our parents' love that we were born. We were born from the love of our mother and father. Before life and lineage comes love, so it is through love that our life and lineage are connected to our parents. Why is person-hood so precious? It is not just because the person has life, but also because the person participated in his or her parents' love. It is their parents who loved, but the person is the fruit of their love. The one who is born as both the beginning and the result is not the mother or father; it is a new person. That's why each person is precious.

8 I am not only the one who combines the life of my mother and father, but I am a participant in my parents' love, as one body with them. Taking it further, I am one with my parents' ideal. The ideal includes everything: peace, happiness, and all else.  To parents, the joy of living a successful life on earth pales in comparison to the joy of meeting their child who has been lost. To parents, children are the fulfillment of their highest ideal.

9 My mother and father's lifelines are connected to me, their "love line" is connected to me and their "ideal line" is connected to me. No one can cut this off. Even God cannot cut this off, and the universe also cannot cut this off. To the contrary, all the power of the universe protects this. Thus wherever I go, my parents follow me. My parents always want to be with me, even in the spirit world. Thus it is the greatest sin if you dislike your parents accompanying you. This attitude is destructive of the entire universe. If you dislike the company of your parents, it means you are off track from the universal principle and are going the way of the Fall. Hence, thinking of and loving your parents as if they were your own body and carrying out your filial duty are of the highest value for human beings. That's why it is said, "Heaven's blessing comes to the harmonious family.”



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