Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 74

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 2: The Realms of True Love
Section 3: The Love of Husband and Wife 23-37


The holy of holies and the original palace of love

23 The way of love means looking for the place that is God's holy of holies. The Tabernacle was not the ultimate holy of holies. Fallen people built that Tabernacle.  Of greater value than the Tabernacle is the place where God's original love before the Fall can be found. The reproductive organs of men and women are the real holy of holies. If you misuse them, you will be struck by lightning. Just as God struck and killed any Israelite who violated the Holy of Holies, if we misuse our holy of holies we will bring ruin to heaven and earth. Husband and wife have to be the high priests responsible to protect love. A couple becomes the high priests who protect love. They are the high priests who pass God's love on to the next generation.

24 The reproductive organs of men and women are the treasure store of the heavenly nation's royal palace. Even God cannot do whatever He wants with them. The owner of a man's reproductive organ is a woman, his wife; the owner of a woman's reproductive organ is a man, her husband. Because God is the King of wisdom, in marriage He exchanges their ownership. Since these are the most precious treasures, to own them, a husband and wife must treat one another as the most precious beings. They must treat each other as more valuable than their own life, more valuable than their own children.

25 Both men and women have a place that is the holy of holies. This place cannot be bought with money. You can say, "Surely it is true, I cannot buy love for all of heaven and earth.” This is because love is the holy of holies. The holy of holies is the place that is connected with the center of the universe, and whoever is in this place can enjoy the privilege of becoming the owner of everything. Everything is in the holy of holies. It owns everything. Which is more precious, life or love? This has not been defined in human history. Why is love precious? No matter how much life there is, neither a man's life nor a woman's life can take the place of love. Life itself has no connection to the holy of holies. Only in love can we connect with that place. Therefore love is more precious than life.

26  Through marriage and the meeting of their reproductive organs, two half-beings become complete.  Man becomes complete through woman's love. Woman becomes complete through man's love. Man perfects woman, woman perfects man. They become one through true love. In that place, two lives come together as one, with love at the center. That place is the crucible where man's blood and woman's blood become one. From this place come sons and daughters. This place is more precious than your sons and daughters, your spouse and even God. It is a place that is more precious than your children, your spouse, and even your parents. If the reproductive organs did not exist, parents, husbands, and wives, and sons and daughters would be of no value. Since this place is that precious, the treasure of treasures, it is kept under lock and key, hidden from public view for an entire lifetime. Furthermore, the wife owns the key that can unlock a man's reproductive organ, and the husband owns the key to hers.

27 The reproductive organs, with which a man and woman make love, are the original palace of love, the original palace of life and the original palace of lineage.  Your grandfather and grandmother live holding on to this palace; your mother and father live holding on to it; your couple lives holding on to it, and your sons and daughters to come in the future also will live holding on to it. Then why have we turned this into something base and vulgar? The name of this original palace is actually something that is very holy. We must uphold it with holiness. It is because of it that eternal love is connected, and from it that eternal life and eternal lineage appear. It is the most precious thing. That is why whoever violates this will not be welcome in the world of life, the world of love and the record of history.

28 Because of the Fall, we have misperceived, mistreated and abused the word "love" to this day. In truth, love is the original, holy palace. The original place of love is the holy palace, the most precious place. The palace door cannot be opened just as you please. Only when you become the king and queen of love can you open that palace door. This is the original tradition of love for all people. The king and queen who have True Parents can open that palace door. From that palace, that original palace, God's beloved sons and daughters are born.

29  Your organ of love is more important than your brain. The origin of true love is not in your brain. The origin of true lineage is not in your brain. Where is that origin? It is in the reproductive organ. Everything is in the reproductive organ; in there is life, in there is love, and in there is lineage. It is the original palace of love. We find also the root of life and of lineage residing there. This is the most precious place, not only in the human body but also in the world and throughout history. Without it, the multiplication of humankind would be impossible.

30 In the Old Testament, we find terms such as "holy place" and "holy of holies.” The holy place symbolizes a person, and the holy of holies symbolizes the house of love, the house in which you can love. Every person has his or her own holy place and holy of holies. In other words, the holy place is a house where you can attend God. As for the holy of holies, since only God has the privileged dominion of love over it, it is the place where you come into relationship with God. The holy of holies is the place where you connect to Heaven. It is where you create a direct relationship with God. If you wonder where that place is, it is your reproductive organ. No one can touch this. There are surely not two high priests serving the holy of holies. There is only one. Long ago, the one who had the key to Eve's holy of holies was Adam, and the one who had the key to Adam's holy of holies was Eve.

31 Love begins with investment. True love begins with the act of giving. This is a universal principle. Because the universe moves according to this law and its rules have this content, if you act only to receive, that is a betrayal of the universe.  Heavenly fortune will repel that. When you have a mutual relationship between subject and object partners, the universe protects you and you grow until you meet your object partner.  When you grow up, you have to meet your partner. If you cannot do this, you have no way to go. The heart of a man wanting to marry a woman and of a woman wanting to marry a man comes from the universal force.

32 When you have a mutual relationship between subject and object partners, the universe protects you. But if you have no such relationship based on love, the repelling force of the universe will cause you to feel pain and regret. Why do you feel pain when you are sick? When a husband or wife passes away, why does the other feel sorrow? In both cases, the universal force makes you feel that way; it is a function of the universal force. This force protects subject and object partners. If the two come into conflict, the universal force repels them. Without a subject and object partnership, new things cannot arise. Therefore as long as you preserve your relationship as subject and object partners, the balancing force of the universe will protect both of you as its object partners. If something is missing, the universal force will repel you, and your suffering will be so great that you will cry, "I want to die!"

33 The infinitely vast universe is a place in which subject and object partners share a common purpose. It has the power to protect itself as it protects and nurtures entities comprised of subject and object partners. If subject and object partners do not unite, however, the universe repels them. This is how it is possible for existence to continue forever. This supportive energy is called attraction, and the opposing energy is called repulsion. They also can be called acceptance and rejection.

34 When your mind and body are united, you receive the protection of the universal force and you feel happy, but when your mind and body are not united, you encounter opposition from this same force and you feel pain. By this principle, disease causes pain. When subject and object partners are out of balance in your body, the universal protective force is lost and as a result, you feel pain. A doctor prescribes medicine to stimulate harmonious interaction between subject and object partners. As it is with the physical body, so it is for the individual and for the family.

35 Once a couple is married, they do not like interference from others. After marriage, when the subject and object partners are united, they feel happy and content under the protection of the universal force. At that time, if a second man or woman interferes, it presents a danger that the couple’s unified energy will be disturbed. So there is a repulsion. The protective energy accelerates the perfection of the couple so they can live eternally. In a similar way, electricity functions smoothly when plus and minus interact, but if plus and plus come into proximity, or minus and minus, there is a repulsion. All existing beings function in this way. By the same law, a good relationship between subject and object partners brings stability and joy.

36 Why do we feel sad when our father or mother passes away? It is because the universal force they embodied is swept away. We should go to the spirit world only after experiencing the love of our mother and father, love as parents for our children, and our love as a child for our parents. Only then does resonance occur through 360 degrees. When a woman's husband dies, she experiences a big void in a part of her life. The fortune of heaven and earth protects that which beats in accord with its rhythm. But when her husband dies, that rhythm is lost. All the force of heaven that he embodied is swept away. This sweeping away is experienced as pain. When you suffer from illness, it is similar. When you lack something, the force that expelled it from the protective realm of the universe and heavenly fortune causes you pain. The pain is the result of such an expulsion. Because it alerts us to protect the balance, this pain supports continuity.

The principles of absolute sex and education for true love

37 The thing that is absolutely necessary for a man is not convex. For him, convex repels. There is no happiness there. That which is absolutely convex needs what is absolutely concave. When absolute convex meets absolute concave, God is there, and when it is not like that, God leaves. The fact that it is not like that means that Satan's lineage still remains. Even Though 98 percent may be done, if so much as a shadow of Satan's lineage remains, God cannot come down. God can find your family and become its Lord only when vertical and horizontal meet at a ninety-degree angle based on absolute sex, absolute partnership, and absolute love.


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