Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 76

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 2: The Realms of True Love
Section 4: Children's Love, 10
Section 5: Love among Brothers and Sisters, 06

10  People without children are said to be lonely. Our children enable us to experience deeply the heart of God, the subject partner who created the entire universe through love. Our children are born through us, through our motivation, but by having and loving them we come to realize, "Yes, this is how God loves people.” Once you have your own children, without anyone teaching you, you realize the importance of filial piety toward your parents.

11 You have to return the love your parents gave you. When parents are raising their children, they don't worry about their own hunger. If there is something to eat, they will hold their hungry stomach, keep a stiff upper lip and give that food to their children. By the nature of love, children will return such love to their parents. After the parents have gone the way of love, the children go the same way to comfort their parents. It begins with your heart to comfort your parents. Then your sons and daughters will become such sons and daughters to you. You need such sons and daughters in order for people of a good blood lineage to continue. You cannot become a filial child if you center your life on yourself and neglect your parents.

12 What kind of person can we call a filial child? The son who treats his parents as they treated him is a filial son. A filial son moves Heaven. Even Though parents devote themselves to raising their children, if the children don't care about their parents, that family will go to ruin. In order to gain a return on their investment, they need to establish an objective standard based on the principle of giving and receiving. When that happens for the first time, God will come and dwell in that place and the kingdom of heaven will be realized. What kind of children can reside in the kingdom of heaven? They are those who pay the debt of parental love on their own. When their parents become old and senile, the sons and daughters should endure the difficulties of their care without feeling it is difficult. They should possess the same heart their parents had toward them when they were little, cleaning up their urine and feces. This is what it means to be children of filial piety.

Filial piety is the duty of true children

13 What is a filial son? The filial son is the person who, throughout his life, sacrifices everything for his parents and does not assert his subjectivity. Then his parents' true love remains. Filial piety preserves and protects the realm of true love. Because of filial piety, we can build a bridge to the universe.

14 Fulfill your filial duty to your parents; become a filial son or daughter and a patriot.It is your parents who have led the nation and the world. Before becoming a patriot, become a filial child, and before becoming a filial child, become a proud family member who truly loves your brothers and sisters.”Family member" is the name by which siblings can praise each other. You have to show filial piety to a degree greater than when men and women married and had children, created a family, and fulfilled their filial duty to their parents in ages past.You cannot be a truly devoted son or daughter before you get married. You can become a truly filial son or daughter only after getting married. You can establish the realm of true filial piety only after you have married and the wife's filial piety is added to the husband's in front of his parents. Only through this foundation of devoted attendance to the parents can a true realm of filial piety be established.

15 In order to become a filial son or daughter, you have to align yourself always with the direction of your parents' heart To walk the path of filial piety, you should not do things separately from your parents. When your parents go cast, you go east, and when they go west, you also go west. If you are going one way and your parents say, "Turn around," you turn around. There should be no question about it. Even if you are told to go a certain way and then to turn back ten times, you should turn back again and follow your parents.

16 In your family, you have heard of filial piety. It means to attend your parents on the path of love they walk. The parents' path of true love follows heavenly principles. The parents are not walking alone; they are guided by vertical heavenly principles that move with them. Thus, becoming one with your parents means you are going the way that connects the horizontal and vertical realms of the historical heart. This is the reason to fulfill your filial duty toward your parents.

17 You have many gifts to offer your Father. Even though you may not have many possessions, there is one present you have that you can give to God, something other than things of which worldly people are fond. You must prepare yourself in front of God by shedding blood, sweat, and tears for Him. This is the best gift for our Heavenly Father, who is suffering in pain and bitter sorrow.

18 In the family, you as sons and daughters are responsible to fulfill your filial duty toward your parents. Why do you have to fulfill filial duty? The path of filial piety is connected to the path of patriotism, and a person who is loyal to his country should then walk the way of a saint for the sake of the world. There has to be one straight line. From this viewpoint, if you were unable to fulfill your filial duty and yet became a patriot, your parents would not say you had not fulfilled your filial duty. They would say, "You have done so well.” Even if you did not accomplish your filial duty but instead had abandoned your parents and left home, if you then became a patriot in your nation, your mother and father, even though they might have died and gone to the spirit world, would praise you, saying, "You did really well!"

19 Even though parents and children are unworthy, they at least have to communicate. If they don't, parents are not really parents and children are not really children. A filial son is not one who receives his parents' love because he accomplished something easy or something beneficial to himself. He is one who, in order to take responsibility for his parents' sorrow, seeks out the difficult tasks and fulfills his responsibility. This brings joy to his parents. If the parents have done ten units of work and the child has made the effort to do fifteen units, the five-unit surplus will translate into that much joy for the parents. The one who makes effort to serve his parents and thinks how to take on some of their work is a child of filial piety.

Section 5.  Love among Brothers and Sisters

1 Why do we need brothers and sisters? It is so that a brother, by looking at his younger and elder sisters, can understand, "Oh, that's how our mother was as she grew up!" Through them, he sees the process of his mother growing up. Also, a sister observes carefully how her elder or younger brother grows up to understand how her father grew up and lived. This is the love among siblings; you become one by growing up like this. That's the value of loving your brothers and sisters.

The love of brothers and sisters is the model for loving all people

2 The relationship of brothers and sisters is connected to both the vertical and horizontal planes. If we say the relationship between Adam and Eve is horizontal, then that between God and Adam and Eve is vertical. East and west form only a horizontal line. This is why two linear dimensions that form a plane are necessary.  And then the front-back aspect gives the required third dimension. Only the love between brothers and sisters expands the love of the family to a new dimension.  Only through adding that love can a sphere of love come into being. That ideal sphere represents the highest standard of hope for men and women. The sons and daughters in substance are the embodiment of the love God hoped for at the time of creation. These sons and daughters will be able to inherit heaven and earth and the love that represents God. These sons and daughters grow up as brothers and sisters, and they mature. When these children grow up, they have to find their father and mother, and the father and mother have to find their sons and daughters.  Through this encounter, they become complete. This is the principle of counterparts.

3 When we embrace the world with the love of humanity and the love of brothers and sisters, everything will compose an ideal sphere. Once that happens, collisions will not create any shock. For the first time, in that place the entire substantial world will bear fruit as God intended. God's ideal children will come to that place, bear fruit and unite. They will become substantial children of love. Next they will become the substantial fruit of brothers' and sisters' love, the substantial fruit of conjugal love and the substantial fruit of parental love.  When the invisible God fulfills the plan He made at the beginning of creation, then up and down, right and left and back and front will unite in harmony.

4 Man is the subject of life who contains the seed of life that woman receives.  This is why we say that man represents the east and woman the west. The sun rises in the east and the west receives the sun. An axis plus east and west together make four directions. Up and down, east and west form a cross but not a sphere. That's why we need brothers and sisters. Through brothers and sisters, a nation arises and all humankind arises. So it is brothers and sisters who form the sphere.  Brothers and sisters expand to become a people and the world. So the love of siblings is connected with the love of the world. A family in which many brothers and sisters grow up is like the model needed to create the ideal, the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom of God on earth and in heaven.

5 In the world, normal circumstances do not bring about unforgettable love between friends. You cannot forget the friend who protected you or even risked his life for you in a crisis. No matter what may come, you can't forget him. If you have such a friend, you will tell your children. You will write in your will that you are leaving something for him when you die. This is your duty toward your friend and benefactor.  No one can interfere in this deep connection and relationship.

6  The desire for harmony and unity with God, the desire to praise Him, the desire for equality in the world, the desire for all humankind to live in prosperity and peace originate not in the body but in the mind. The wish in our original heart of goodness is not malice or enmity toward one another; it is not bloody struggle, fighting and killing each other. Instead, our heart of goodness wants to live in freedom, peace, and happiness, loving one another as brothers and sisters. This is the hope of all humankind.


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