Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 73

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 2: The Realms of True Love
Section 3: The Love of Husband and Wife 07-22

7 The question is whether a man and woman are united in mind and body. As much as the whole cosmos likes this perfect unity, it can occur only on the foundation of true love. As a man or as a woman, the question is whether or not you stand in that position of perfect oneness. Today this is the problem that philosophy and religion have to solve. We have not realized that a man absolutely needs a wife and a woman absolutely needs a husband. For a man, the being of greatest value is his wife; for a woman, the being of greatest value is her husband. Before meeting God, a man needs his wife and a woman needs her husband. The unity in flesh, the oneness of husband and wife, is based on love.

8  Love is the coming together of east, west, north, and south as one sphere. It is also the coming together of heaven and earth. This is for the purpose of possessing the universe. What is the purpose of marriage? Its purpose is also to possess the universe. It is to possess God. A husband represents the east and high places; a wife represents the west and deep places. When these two unite in love, they can possess heaven and earth. They can possess God and the universe.

9 A family whose husband and wife love God and humankind, and unite in an explosion of love for one another, enraptures God and the universe. Such love cannot but be oriented toward God and humankind. The root of this love lies not within the husband and wife themselves. God is the source of this love.

10 When we speak of man and woman, we are speaking of the horizontal plane.  When we adopt a vertical point of view, we speak of above and below. Because all ideal forms are drawn based on the realm of the object partner, all words are spoken for the sake of the object partner. When we speak of human beings, there are men and women. What unites men and women? Keep in mind: each makes up half of the human world. The common denominator among all groups of people, no matter how large, is that they are composed of men and women. In each, there will be bad men and bad women as well as good, but still, we can divide the membership of groups composed of any kind of people into two: men and women.  The force that drives these two to unite is love, not money, knowledge or power.

11 When a man and a woman love each other, a variety of things happen. When you know the way to God, when you really taste God's love, you realize that nothing on earth can compare with it. No suffering or sorrow can defeat one who has tasted that love. Please know this and attend God as our Father. Become sons and daughters who resemble God. Money and power absolutely do not transform us into sons and daughters of God. One who has tasted God's love is called to live according to divine law, uphold God's dignity and authority and protect His glory.  God's sons and daughters will never lead trivial, insignificant lives.

12 Loving one another as brothers and sisters sets up the foundation for conjugal love. This path restores three types of love that God had no opportunity to experience: sibling love, conjugal love, and children's love. When you harmonize these three types of love in your family, you can give and receive God's love.  Within the family, we strive to realize God's ideal of creation. This is the cosmos-centered Thought of the Unification Church.

13 On the way of restoration, as we couples work for the sake of the original world, we should always feel the heart and ideal that God felt at the time of the Creation.  Consumed with that feeling, we should risk our lives as we proceed along this path with a heart of gratitude, willing only one thing. From now on, this is the course by which blessed families will realize the purpose of creation. It may cause us suffering, but that is not the intention. God asks us to go this way so we may receive the even more bountiful blessings He has stored up for us. To know this evokes immense gratitude. We couples who were brought together through heart and love are called to build with that love. We are to build a family that goes beyond the realm of daily life. That family should go beyond life itself and be one with God's purpose. Otherwise, we cannot return to God's dwelling place, the kingdom of heaven. This is the purpose of creation, so we have to move toward making such families.

Inseparable loving couples

14 Man was born for woman; woman was born for man. A woman keeps a man's most precious treasure; a man keeps a woman's most precious treasure. They exchange these treasures with each other. Because a man entrusted his treasure to the woman, he cannot separate from her. Because a woman entrusted her treasure to the man, she cannot separate from him. This is the linkage of love. Therefore a woman is the owner of a man's love, and a man is the owner of a woman's love.  Throughout history, men and women have been unfaithful to each other. Furtively they steal from the owner, and now the whole world is corrupt and in decline. The woman has the key to the man's love, and the man has the key to the woman's love.

15 The love I value above my life is not my own; it belongs to my partner. That's why a man's wife is the owner of what he possesses, and a woman's husband is the owner of what she possesses. We face each other as owners. However, husbands play around, as if what they possess is their own; they wander about, cheating. This has destroyed everything. Wives are just as bad. Your reproductive organ is not yours. It has one owner, and that is not you. We are talking about ownership based on love, love that makes all the cells of your body come alive. A husband desires that his wife own him with this love, and a wife desires that her husband own her with this love.

16 Nothing a wife has is her own. That which is horizontal belongs to her baby; that which is vertical belongs to her husband. It is easy for a wife to think, "I have this, so it's mine." What a woman has, she does not need for herself. The one who needs what she has is a man. What a man has, he doesn't need for himself. The one who needs what he has is a woman. God switched the ownership between husband and wife. They have convex and concave aspects; this was the only way to bring about husband-wife unity. There is no other way to create that oneness.  When God created the reproductive organs, He said, "These are the most precious things in heaven and earth.” If a brave and ambitious man gets rid of everything but keeps what he wants most for himself, and if a woman keeps what she wants most for herself, there is no stimulation. You feel stimulation due to your object partner.  So what a woman possesses is owned by a man, her husband, and what a man possesses is owned by a woman, his wife. If they treat these as their own, the great and divine law of heaven and earth will be violated.

17 If a man insisted on absolute ownership over his reproductive organ, and a woman did the same with hers, both would remain exactly where they are without moving for all eternity. This is not right. In order to have the other come to my side, and for me to go to the other's side, ownership should be exchanged. Marital love is this kind of action. The value of the action of giving and receiving appears only when the ownership of the reproductive organs has been exchanged through marriage. When a wife faces her husband, is her reproductive organ her own? The owner of the wife's organ of love is her husband." The owner of a husband's organ of love is his wife. Since we haven't realized this until now, the world became licentious.  This law is absolute. This is why marital love is great, because, in it, ownership is exchanged absolutely.

18 What is the difference between a man and a woman? First, their bodies, including their reproductive organs, are different. With that in mind, who absolutely needs the male reproductive organ? And who needs the female reproductive organ? The male reproductive organ exists for a woman, and that of the female exists for a man. One is convex and the other concave: why are they made like that? Why were they not both made pointed, or both made flat? Why were they made different? It is because everything exists for the sake of another. This is why the woman should absolutely value her husband's organ, and the man should absolutely value his wife's organ.  We have not recognized that, on this basis, the woman's reproductive organ absolutely belongs to her husband, and the man's reproductive organ absolutely belongs to his wife.

19 When you listen to a person's voice, you can tell what gender that person is.  Whose voices are higher, men's or women's? Women's voices are higher. Why is it that women's voices are pitched higher than men's, even Though women have less physical strength than men? In terms of heart and affection, women are higher while men are broader.  Men love broadly. Women are higher, focusing on love for their husbands and children, but men have a broader heart of love for their tribe and country. This is why we learn from our mother how to love our sons and daughters and our family, and from our father how to love the world. That's how it is. Weaving these characteristics of love together creates a sphere of harmony.

20 Nowadays people tend to be self-centered, thinking, "As long as I'm fine, everything is okay." But now is the time to discard egoism and share our love with everyone around us. The family is the place for this. A happy family is one in which the husband comes home after work, discusses with his wife everything that happened to him during the day, and plans new projects together with her. A happy family is one that strives together to discover new things. When parents set such an example, the children want to contribute too; they will participate gladly in making such a family.

21 The place of conjugal love is the flower of the whole universe. A wife is a composite of all people in the museum of human history. She is the flower of her entire lineage. God is present on her wedding night. After waiting throughout history, finally, God can settle in the joyful place of a man and woman's love. How awesome is this place! she must think, "I have the role to open the way, to reconnect the broken path and to explode in love as a perfect minus, where this has never been done before." From here, the bright sun of love rises above heaven and earth. When a man enters his wife's room, he should do so as the embodiment of love and of the ideal.

22 A life with love as its center resolves everything. Even the tiger-like eyes of a greedy old man, when he is in love, will take on the shape of the moon in a painting, and his frozen mouth will break into a smile. Love can completely thaw out things that have been frozen—or freeze something that has melted. Love has the capacity to encompass extremes and go still further. If you look at the Chinese character ho (好), meaning "good," it combines characters for a female person and a male person. When a husband and wife fight, there seems to be no way to reconcile them, so what's good about that? Yet if the two of them are in love, even after fighting ten times they can come together again. That's the enormous power of love. There is a saying that a fight between a husband and wife is like cutting water with a knife. When you cut water with a knife, it doesn't leave a trace. Likewise, even after fighting, a couple can put their foreheads together and giggle, and everything is settled. Only with love can peace come.



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