Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 72

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 2: The Realms of True Love
Section 2: Grandparent's Love, 11
Section 3: The Love of Husband and Wife, 06


11 In the parent-child relationship, a baby pushes his way to his mother's breast to nurse. Would this be possible without love? No, it would not. A mother feels a mothers love toward her baby. When she holds her baby, rather than identifying her happiness with herself, she feels as if heaven and earth have entered a state of peace, and in that holistic atmosphere, goodness is growing. No matter how hard the baby pushes its way to its mother's breast, an embracing heart wells up within her. She forgives the baby's pushing and says, "Go ahead, little one!" This is because parents love their children immeasurably.

Parental love is the paradigm of true love

12 There is no limit to the love parents feel for their children. In one sense a baby is like an enemy to the mother. The infant is an enemy who takes a siphon and sucks out its mother's flesh and blood. However, through her baby, a woman gains new hope as a mother and finds new stimulus in her husband. In that place, there is an unspoken understanding. That place is not a result of regulations. It is connected to absolute love. So, by the power of true love, parents have the strongest standard of love, love that is absolute, not for them, but for God and for the whole. So you pledge to God that you will serve for the sake of the whole. If you are not standing on that standard, your speaking and listening and looking and promising count for nothing; all those things can change at any time.

13 Parents cannot discard their own children. They are the community of love. It is because the children are the fruit of love. Everything bears fruit everything seeks fruit. There is nothing that can deny fruit. No tree will deny its own fruit Fruit sustains eternity. The parents' fruit draws all the elements of love from a father and mother. It mobilizes everything. That is why when they look at it they say it's good.  Within me there is an eternal me, there is a history of me, and there is a developing me. Love in the present and future are connected in me. There is no principle allowing attacks on the love between parents and children. It cannot be struck. The universe naturally protects it. The law of the universe does not permit an attack on the place where loving parents embrace their loving children; rather, it gives natural protection.

14 To satisfy a baby's hunger, its mother's breasts swell with milk. When the milk accumulates, the breasts begin to hurt and the mother's entire body feels pressure. The feeling of a mother as she embraces and breastfeeds her child is beyond expression. When the swollen breasts empty, the mother feels relieved and happy.  Only mothers can understand this feeling. Moreover, as a mother watches her baby nurse at her breast and caresses it, love springs up in her heart. At that time, joy and sadness intertwine in a mother's heart in a way that only a mother can comprehend.

15 Original love is the love that enables parents to sacrifice their life for their children. Their love goes beyond their own life. The origin of the universe was not for the sake of life. It was created for the sake of love, and therefore love comes first. Thus it is life that appears from love, not love that appears from life. Thus, genuine love can sacrifice life and go beyond life. This is the love of Heaven, a love that can connect with the universe. In the universe, parents who sacrifice their life for their children are unmatched true parents.

16 We can observe that parents who have raised many children have hearts that are wide, deep and large. People who have raised many children cannot strike even their enemies. It is because they stand on a mysterious, broad foundation and live according to that broad and expansive law.

17 When a baby is born, it follows the electric current of love and automatically seeks out its mother's nipple. Whether its mother is ugly or beautiful by worldly standards doesn't matter. This is truly an image of supreme harmony and holiness.  People are born in love and grow up by receiving love. Each of us is the fruit of our parents' love. We are the visible, real fruit of our mother and father's love.  Because I am the fruit of my parents' love, they cannot help but love me. Through this fruit, infinite love will bear fruit yet again. This is the path whereby we can connect to individual love, family love, tribal love, national love, global love, universal love and even to the fundamental love of God.

18 The love between parents and children comes from the parents. We receive our parents' love from the moment of birth. As long as our parents are alive, we receive our parents' love no matter what age we reach. This is true when we are children, through our youth, and into the prime of our life. We receive our parents' love and grow up, and it is a matter of course that each of us then engages in the horizontal love between husband and wife. In order for the love of a husband and wife to continue, they must have children. If a husband and wife have no children, they don't know love in its fullness. We can feel true love only when there is an object partner to love. Brothers and sisters grow up not understanding what parental love is, but when they reach maturity, marry and have children, they begin to understand parental love. In other words, we come to know parental love only when we experience the cycle that is started by our parents and is completed when we become parents ourselves. Therefore we can say that only after we have children do we become truly mature people.

19 Children, after becoming mature and experiencing conjugal love, attain the power to create, like God. God gave us a loving heart with which to love our children so we could experience His happiness when He created human beings as His children. God poured the best of everything into us. God created human beings with the expectation that we would live in the garden of Eden, in happiness and contentment, one with His eternal love. In this way, the original state meant for humankind was for all people to live happily as the eternal object partners of the absolute God. Centered on that love, it is impossible to be separated from Him.

Section 3.  The Love of Husband and Wife

1 Sacrifice goes hand in hand with love. The way of love flows downward, making sacrifices. This makes everything smooth. Without sacrifice, everything is thrown out of balance. It is the same for what we call conjugal love, which is the working of the heart that provides balance in the family. If you move alone and independently, problems arise. But as love grows bigger, it spills over to fill even the lowest places. Thus even people living in a slum can nurture the dream of love. They can say, "Since we came here out of our search for love, happiness is right here," and they will want to settle and live there.

Through conjugal love, we experience God's love

2  You need to go through the love of husband and wife in order to establish the four-position foundation. Only then can you experience the heart of children and the heart of parents. Man is the male or yang image of God, and woman is the female or yin image of God. A married couple is like heaven and earth wrapped up together in a cloth. Therefore they can feel the heart of God's ideal love. The four-position foundation is the cornerstone of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. One individual cannot establish the kingdom of heaven by himself or herself.

3  The place where a husband and wife unite in conjugal love is where they can experience the love of God, who created Adam and Eve and all the things of creation. Since in this place they become perfect representative children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife, and parents, they stand in the position of second creators, centered on the mind and body, in the position of God, the first Creator.  Because that place is filled with the love of children, of brothers and sisters, of husband and wife, and of parents, they stand in the position of both second creator and object partner. God gave them children so they could feel His joy of creation.  Children are the princes and princesses of the kingdom of heaven.

4 God's love, which is parental love, is vertical, and the love of a man and a woman is horizontal. The man and woman's task is to engraft their horizontal love into the vertical love. That is how the two can meet. The two loves can join nowhere but at a ninety-degree angle. A love that does not fit this, a love that does not meet the vertical standard, will end up drifting around. Such love will eventually perish.  When horizontal love connects to vertical love at an exact ninety-degree angle, energy is produced that can spread that love's influence in all directions. Hence when you enter the realm of love where the vertical and horizontal are aligned, you will be able to rule the whole universe through love. You will have a relationship with the whole universe, There you will not want for knowledge, power, money or even life.  Life also exists eternally within love.

5  You have to know the value of human life.  A husband is the representative of God; a wife is also the representative of God. A mother and a father, and each of you also, are God's representatives. A husband represents four generational positions; grandfather, father, husband, and son. An heir and heiress couple then appears, representing these four loves, that is why conjugal love is so precious.  When conjugal love breaks down, all human love—grandparents' love, parents' love, and sibling love—is shattered and disperses. This is natural because people live to serve God in this universe.  Starting from each person, the love of grandparents, parents, and siblings begins to bud.  Upon the foundation of thousands of years of life connections through lineage and through horizontal multiplication, there emerges a tribe based on the families, a people based on the tribes, a nation based on the peoples, a world, and then the kingdom of heaven.

6 After you marry, you cannot behave just as you like. You should live in such a way that you can receive the love of God. Human beings are born as a man or a woman for the sake of love. The husband and wife are to become one through love. What happens when two beings, separated according to the dual characteristics of God, come together in a perfect union? They receive the love of God. In order to receive God's love, a woman unites with a man and a man unites with a woman.  Otherwise, there is no way to encounter God's love. Only through God's love can you stand in the same place He stands. You are able to stand next to God. Why did God request this degree of love from Adam and Eve? It is because only based on this degree of love can people unite as one with God. Conjugal love is meant to connect with God's love. When you receive God's love, you can stand in the same place as He. In the presence of the concept that is called conjugal love, a man and woman stand firmly in the same position. In love, two become one. They cannot depart from each other. They have collective responsibility always.




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