Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 69

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 1: The Origin of True Love
Section 4: The Power of True Love, 38-57


(38) That which can harmonize everything is love. For example, when a girl marries and goes to her husband’s home, she discovers that his grandfather and grandmother, as well as his father and mother, are all living there. In the past, in a nobleman’s house, do you know how great their influence was and how great their authority? Do you know how complicated their traditions, their moral principles, were? In that environment, a wife could not even stretch out her legs as she wished. So when a bride goes to her husband’s home, what is her husband to her, such that she willingly leaves behind her mother, father, and brothers? The power of love is a moving force with the ability to harmonize.

(39) The word love cannot stand on its own. It absolutely requires a mutual relationship. Subject and object partners appear as two, but the two become one. If one becomes the top, the other becomes the bottom; if one becomes east, the other becomes west; if one becomes south, the other becomes north; if one becomes the front, the other becomes the back. Love has the active nature that brings two into natural balance in any environment, in any place. 

True love is the source of harmony and equality

(40) True love can transform even sorrow and pain into joy. More than our power, knowledge or money, what we want to leave behind in the universe is true love. This is our original desire. This has absolute authority in each individual. Where does this true love come from? Needless to say, it comes from the true love of God, the foundation of the universe. It derives from Him, and God also wants to experience that love. When you ask a man and woman, who are engaged to be married, about their future spouse, the bride will say, "I expect my husband to be better than I am." The bridegroom will also say, "I expect that my wife will be better than I am." Parents always hope that their children will be greater than they are. This heart comes from God. These words arise out of true love.

(41) Just as flowers bloom in many different colors, even though love comes from the same root, it appears in an endless variety of forms. This is love’s response to the action of its object partner. When you relate to someone who is sad, you feel sad; when you relate to someone who is happy, you feel happy. Love matches the feelings of its object partner. A loving wife’s face shows that she can accept everything from her husband’s past, even a dark background.

(42) God breathes true love. Since this is the rhythm of the universe, the universe continues forever, based on true love. In love, there is eternal life. Everything moves in one direction, with God at the center. True love is eternal, absolute and unchanging; once it begins, it lasts forever. It moves according to the shape of waves and circles. When it moves in waves, it connects horizontally; when it moves in circles, it connects vertically. When it moves up, it grows larger; when it moves down, it grows smaller. Thus, heaven’s side grows larger and earth’s side grows smaller. God’s true love is eternal.

(43) What makes someone an amicable person? If you fight with your wife every day, are you such a person? An amicable person is one who, while heading east, can turn around and head west without any problem. If someone grasps his head and pushes him down, he goes down without resisting, and as he rises up somewhere else, he does not change. The universe is round, and so is the sun. Everything is round. What is the source of all round things? They cannot become round by themselves. They become round only on the basis of a relationship with something else. The world is one existing entity, a substantial entity of relationships that integrates a realm of relationships. It continues on the foundation of this realm of circular relationships. Here, the source that can form circular relationships, the source of harmony, is the action of love.

(44) You should live enraptured with love. One who is enraptured by love is truly happy. An artist is enraptured by art. A person who loves literature writes books and is enraptured by them, or by the great masterpieces he or she reads. Such people are happy people. Your entire body should live in the rapture of God’s three-dimensional, ideal love, and you should follow only Him.

(45) Love flows into the heart of the individual, into the center of the family, and into the center of a people. Wherever it goes it enters as the mainstream. And wherever it flows, everyone welcomes it. There is no way to block it. God created people to relate with one another through the power of love. The one who lives and breathes along with the universe, connected through ties of love, can go freely to the Palace of God. He or she can open the gates to the Palace and enter at will. There is a sanctuary there, where God is attended. He or she can go in and call out, "Heavenly Father!" Then God will answer, "Oh, my child, you are here!"

(46) The word equality is meaningless without love. Equality is based on love. There is no equality that is not based on love. Then what is happiness? Happiness is the fruit on the branch of the tree of love. Happiness is the front side of love, the backside of love, the summit of love and the feet of love. These words are all correct. Since love is one, and round, these words are all correct. Without love, can there be happiness? No matter how beautiful a woman may be, she can find harmony only when she meets a man with whom she can be equal in love.

(47) In a realm with true love at the center, there is no injustice. It is like the nature of water and air. The power of love always balances things out like water and air. Water always forms a level surface. High pressure in the atmosphere always transfers to a low-pressure area to create equilibrium. Love is the same. Love balances everything. With True Parents at the center, one culture—the world of the culture of Adam—begins. Starting from the individual, it connects eternally to the spirit world.

(48) In love, men and women are equal. In love, a mother and son are equal, even if her son is the president. In love everything is equal. When a husband comes home he should say, “I’m returning to my beloved wife’s house. I’m returning to my wife’s loving arms.” A wife should say, “My love, my husband, come into my arms!” This is peace and equality. In this way, a husband and wife become one. A husband wants to be held in his wife’s arms, and she wants her husband to come into her arms, so the two become one. There is no high or low between them; they are one.

(49) When you say people should be equal, what kind of equality are you talking about? When you receive original love, you have original equality. What kind of equality? It is equality based on love. The highest realm of equality is that based on love. The most important thing to people is love. Since love is also the most important thing to God, when you have equality of love, everything is magnificent. Everything can be accomplished.

(50) If you want to interact well with the universe, you have to give love. Without love, you will never experience interaction with eternal value. Love is said to be meek and humble, and indeed it is so that it can flow eternally and fully. This is the one method to create flow without resistance. Meekness, humility, and sacrifice are accepted everywhere. They cause no resistance anywhere. So it is not really sacrifice. One secret method for working without resistance is to live and sacrifice for the sake of others.

(51) Love transcends even national borders. God’s love has no national borders. It transcends all races, feeling no difference in value between black, white and yellow races. God’s love is great. The flow of love is not dependent upon the environment. As it flows it assimilates the environment, which does not resist. God will be pleased only when we adopt the perspective that can make this happen. 

True love is the origin of peace and happiness

(52) When you enter the realm of God’s love, it is as if you are intoxicated by the fragrances of a million spring flowers. It is like the indescribable feeling of sitting on the grass and looking up at fluffy, white clouds. At that moment you feel all the cells in your body dancing. That’s why we say that God’s love is the origin of the power of all living beings and the origin of all happiness. God’s love is the condition that is absolutely necessary for happiness, peace and all that we hope for in life, and it is an absolute element of faith.

(53) Men and women have to be absolutely united through love. When they become one, what happens? It is not conflict, but loving harmony. That is where happiness dwells, peace blossoms and the eternal heavenly kingdom begins to spread. From there, the eternal world rushes in. We are called to make love blossom. Love is the foundation of happiness for all people. That is why if we open the world of true love, everything else we want is guaranteed.

(54) Our first ancestors’ union in marital love should have been simultaneously the perfection of God’s love. It should have been an occasion for celebration, in which God, Adam and Eve, and all things were intoxicated naturally in blissful joy and blessings. It should have been a happy ceremony that marked the settlement of God’s love, life, and lineage in human beings.

(55) When a person who is the subject partner of love is full to the brim, everything is full. Because all things are complete when one is full of love, one can give boundlessly and authentically. Giving and receiving in this love is the realization of the ideal and the multiplication of the ideal. The world of love transcends distance. What is the speed of love? Not even light can keep up with it. Nothing travels faster than love. Also, nothing is brighter than love, and nothing surpasses the perfection of love. The fullest thing is love. Even a girl who is dozing off bursts into bloom at the appearance of the partner she really loves. Only love can make this happen. What love is this? It is true love, the love that is the source of the universe, the center of the universe and the owner of the universe.

(56) No one wants to unite if the purpose of doing so is only temporary. Everyone wants eternal oneness. What single element can bring that about? It is love. Love is the foundation for building unity. It is the foundation of happiness that is worth unending dedication. Without love, there is no happiness. Without love, there is no peace. Without love, there is only conflict. But when love is abundant, everything is harmonized.

(57) When we speak about love, we mean the standard that God has in mind. Love is like leaven. It is the cause, motive, and source that can break down the barriers between one person’s mind and another’s and bring them into unity. If we think of love as small, it is very small; and if we think of love as large, it is very large. Between the two of you, the blink of your loved one’s eye can make you feel as if heaven and earth are turned upside down. A smile from the one you love can make you feel as if all of heaven and earth are encompassed within your heart. If you think of love as sensitive, it is sensitive; if you think of it as small, it is small; if you think of it as big, it is big. If you think you can see it, you can, and if you think you can’t see it, you can’t. Love alone can melt barriers.


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