Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 68

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 1: The Origin of True Love
Section 4: The Power of True Love, 23-37

(23) In the right season, a beekeeper gathers his honey with equipment designed for that purpose. Honeybees store the honey in honeycombs, but there are many holes. Bees save honey to get through the winter, but the beekeeper collects all the honey and provides sugar water for the bees to live on during the winter. So the bees live on sugar water all winter, Then when spring comes and they taste real nectar, they become intoxicated. When the flowers bloom in spring, the honeybees fly from flower to flower.  If you look at the bees on the flowers sucking their nectar, their abdomens are raised up and their heads are buried deep in the flower.  If you were to pull at a bee's abdomen with a pincer, it would still keep sucking, even if its abdomen separated from its body.  How delicious that nectar must be! Now, how does the taste of that nectar compare with the taste of love? Which do you think is better: the taste of honey or the taste of love? What kind of taste would God like most? If God were to smell many aromas, which would He like best? If He were to choose something to listen to, what would He like to hear, and if He were to seek something to feel, what would He like to feel? There is only one thing God likes, and that is love.  Nothing other than love can focus God's five senses and fill Him with joy.

(24) Is the color of love blue or red? What is love's color? It has five colors. Its taste is like the schisandra berry. It has five flavors. If something has five colors, won't that be dazzling? A rainbow has seven colors. Think of all these colors mixed together.  What color would that be? When you mix all wavelengths of visible light, you get white. What color do people like most? When God created all things, do you think He first created the color He likes most, or the color He likes least? He created the one He likes best. What color is the flower that blooms in early spring? It is purple. The color purple includes red and pink and all other colors. That's why all elegant things are purple.  In the spirit world, the most beautiful color is purple.

(25) A man and a woman embracing and kissing light up like two poles with opposite charges touching and sending out sparks. II that light is white, we must add heat to create five brilliant colors. When this colorful display is mixed with the vertical love of God, it is transformed into a world of ideal, brilliant hope, like the colors of the rainbow. Since human love is on a horizontal plane, it is simple.  People of original love want to combine colors, to see perfectly combined colors through the love of a man and a woman. When that occurs, vertical love will come down. Like a rainbow, God's love will descend to this horizontal love.

True love brings unity

(26) A sense of love is not one-sided; it is all-inclusive. Even cells function in that way. We sometimes say that people are intoxicated by love and that everyone should have this experience at least once. If you are intoxicated by love, when you call out to anything in the universe, it will respond without hesitation. You can sing for a thousand years while watching water flow. The whispering sound of the flowing water is infinitely sweet. Think of it! Through love, people attain the value of owners who harmonize with the entire universe. You want to go the way of completing this purpose. Once your heart has the capacity to capture God's love, you can sing and dance for thousands of years. At that time you will have completed everything; you will need nothing more. There is nothing on earth more precious than this. Once you capture God's love, you have no need for gold, silver or treasure, absolutely no need.

(27) True love fills everything completely. When God's eye perceives love, He becomes intoxicated. In a family, when the father is intoxicated by love, the mother likes it, the sons and daughters like it, and the whole family likes it. But if the father is frowning, the mother can't help but frown, and the sons and daughters frown too. If the mother is intoxicated by true love, that true love will melt the father. It will melt the sons and daughters too. If the sons and daughters are intoxicated by true love, their mother and father will melt in turn.

(28) True love is almighty. There is nothing it cannot do. If someone imagines the ideal, the ideal object that they imagine appears. Even if a husband is not handsome, when his wife comes to love him, he appears handsome to her. Love transforms unattractiveness. We don't know our own faces well. Even Though we see them in the mirror every day, we don't know them. When we see ourselves in a photo, we say, "Oh, so I look like this?" but when we look in the mirror, we don't think that way. According to our mood, we sometimes look like the most repulsive person, sometimes like the most attractive. Sometimes our faces look round, sometimes long. If we look with the eyes of love, no one is better looking than we are. When your eye is very close to something, can you see it well? You need a certain distance in order to focus.  If you are too close, you cannot perceive it.

(29) Love has great power. Even if someone is a farmhand working in the fields, when he forms a love relationship with the owner's daughter, the owner has to give him all he has. Love can leap from the lowest place to the highest place. It can break down any barrier, no matter how strong.  No matter how confused the world is, once you experience God's love, you can leap beyond it. If the American president falls in love with a country girl who is naive, ignorant, unqualified and lacking in many ways, from that day forward she is invested with the right to participate with him in his position. Likewise, if you have true love, no matter how low you are, you can leap to the highest place in a flash. Today, no matter how miserable our circumstances, once we have a love relationship with God at the center and can say, "There is no doubt that You are my Father and I am your child," we can freely go in and out of God's master bedroom; we receive that privilege.  Only love can make this possible.

(30) When you meet your beloved, you want your love to be a flower that blooms forever. You want to explode. When two lovers come together there is such an explosion. Love conquers everything with its brilliant power. There is nothing that can suppress that power. Love has that explosive quality. All beings are in awe when thinking of love, and all cells open their gates.

(31) Would you prefer to hold on to someone because of love, or because the person had earned a doctorate? Why do you prefer true love? No amount of money has the power to make your mind and body one. No amount of knowledge can make your mind and body and five senses focus on one thing. These cannot make your eyes, nose, and ears focus on one thing.Power cannot do that either. But love can. That is why love brings the greatest joy. Our five spiritual and five physical senses can unite their focus through love. In love, we enjoy explosive happiness by having the five spiritual and five physical senses unite in one focus. We feel tremendous stimulation in love. We ignore everything else and all our cells unite into one. The power of true love unites the spiritual and physical cells as one. Nothing else can do this. True love is the highest peak.

(32) Love is the power that unites man and woman. When two people love each other completely, they think, "I am in you, and you are in me.” It is like St.  Paul; when he had his spiritual experience, he could not say whether he had been in his body or out of his body. What binds subject and object partners together? If one man and one woman just casually meet and live together, that is not love. In love the direction should be right, the physical constitutions should match, and there should be a common base. One is minus and one is plus, which makes for a perfect mutual relationship. Love is when I say I would die without you and you say you would die without me. When two people are bound together completely as one, their two personalities combine and become as one personality, and they have greater value than they do as two individuals.  They then become owners who can build a world of higher dimension.

(33) Neither money nor knowledge can give rise to unity between mind and body. A Korean maxim says that a habit you adopt when you are three years old will last until you are eighty. It is very hard to change your habits and your deep-rooted fallen nature.  These have a historical and global character.  Only enlightened people who can crush such things underfoot, clear them away, and transcend the world, are able to overcome this problem. Man and woman are physiologically different, and the components of their original natures are different, but they can unite in love.

(34) The very cells of a mind and body are made to resonate with each other when united in true love. If there is no true love, this is not possible. When you hit one side of a tuning fork, the other side resonates automatically with the same vibration. When they resonate, the frequency is the same. Likewise, when our original mind and original body reach maturity and blend with God's heart of true love, and the environmental conditions are right to allow that, they move automatically and harmonize perfectly. Power is put into action.

(35) When you enter the realm of resonance with true love, you have a wide view of heaven and earth. The Buddha said, "Throughout heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one." Why did he say this? If you reach the center of the realm of resonance, the whole world is in your hands; God is inside you, and you are one with heavenly law. This is why he could say such a thing. If you enter the realm of resonance of true love, you don't need a religious faith. You don't need a Messiah.  This is liberation.

(36) When can the mind and body unite? If the vertical and horizontal had been united, then the great law of heaven and earth would have united the mind and body forever. Only when I love do I attain my true value and find myself. For a man, it is possible to realize his full value as a man only through marriage. That means that the fullness of human potential is realized through marriage.Only by knowing love can a man become complete as a man and a woman become complete as a woman.  Completion occurs with love at the center.

(37) Among the things people seek, the most precious is love. We are driven to seek precious things, precious people and precious love. God, the center of love, has no beginning and no end. To God, governing heaven and earth is not a one-day operation. He will do this for eternity. The center of all precious things is human beings. The center of precious love is God. God sacrificed the things He created to find humankind, and God sacrificed human beings to find love. Love makes two into one. God wants to give humankind that kind of love.  In a place without relationships of love, everything scatters, but if you make love the center, everything is drawn together.

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