Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 70

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 1: The Origin of True Love
Section 4: The Power of True Love, 58
Chapter 2: The Realms of True Love

Section 1: Grandparents' Love, 07

(58) There are so many barriers. Then what is the one central point that can break them down? In this world, money can overcome barriers. Knowledge and power can as well. But once you get past one barrier by such methods, you just encounter another one on the other side. Knowledge has a limit; money and power also have limits. Only true love can destroy barriers globally, above and below, front and back, right and left, from the past to the future, from the east to the west. The one point that can dissolve the barriers between all people is true love. Such is the power of true love. If you have true love, you can climb up on the crown of your father and mother's heads and they won't mind at all.  If you travel while focused on love, there is no door through which you cannot pass. You can pass through every nook and cranny of the world. True love can manage and govern the world.

(59) True love naturally upholds the proper order all the time. That is how absolute it is. The son or daughter cannot intrude into the positions of the father and mother.  The parents cannot intrude into the positions of the son and daughter-in-law. Such positions are absolute. Love arises when we maintain perfect order, one with another. Love is not disorderly. In true love, there are always front and back relationships, above and below relationships, and right and left relationships. These are not barriers; they define order and process.

(60) If you looked at the world through the eyes of love and saw a bird in song, you would say, "Why is that bird chirping? Oh, he must be missing his beloved.” You would recite poetry, or even just spout it off spontaneously, and write works of literature. The scenes of your everyday life reappear in constant repetition.  Ordinary people see water in a stream go by all the time, winding its way, following the lay of the land, meandering along. When it hits a rock, it sprays drops of water and flows on. But a person who fathoms the love behind this water's flow will receive unending inspiration—really! He or she will write poetry and novels about it for a millennium. How pleasing are the breath of love, the caress of love, the song of love and the words of love!

(61) Through love, happiness will come into the human world. Without the standard of love, people cannot realize the ideals that they themselves desire. Everything in the universe lives because of love. All things of creation originated through God's love. We human beings, having originated from a greater love than anything else, are the center of creation. We are to return to the spirit world having been born in love, attained maturity through love, led a life in society through love, and completed love.

(62) In this world, once we give something away it is gone. Yet with respect to love, the more we give, the more comes back to us. That is why we delight in love. We can always give love and in return be filled with love, so we can always be happy and joyful. Giving centered on money leads to collapse. No matter how much you like power, trying to accumulate it leads to misfortune. Knowledge also has its limits. But love is different. The more love is given, the more it circulates.

(63) Where does eternal life begin? It begins with God's love. I'm talking about God's love, not His money, power or knowledge. Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) However, he left one thing out, the most important thing of all: love. He should have said, "I am the way and the truth and the life and the love.” These words should be inserted into the Bible. When I say this, some people will say, "Oh! How blasphemous!" But if you ask God about this, He will reply, "Of course!" From this, we can see that God really likes love, but He likes true love best of all. This is very logical; I am not speaking out of ignorance.


CHAPTER 2 The Realms of True Love

Section 1.  Grandparents' Love

(1) The Korean family system is principled. The lineage and history are like that.  Three generations live together in one family: grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, and I. The Fall meant that God never had a chance to love His grandchildren. Adam never had a chance to love his own children truly. In more and more American families, you cannot go to your own children's homes freely. You cannot see your grandchildren whenever you like. You cannot go to your children's homes without calling them first. Where on earth did this tradition come from? If you look, you'll see how miserable they all are. Grandparents love their grandchildren more than the children's own parents do. Yet God never had a chance to love His grandchildren. A grandfather is like a heavenly ambassador. He is the representative of God. My grandfather is God's ambassador, my father and mother represent the king and queen of the world, and I am the future king of the heavenly nation and the world. This is what we in the Unification Church call the three great kingships.

Grandparents' love for their grandchildren

(2) If you want to make a good family, then help the parents, the children, and the grandchildren unite in heart. No matter what complicated problems occur in that family, the parents' love for their children and the grandparents' love for the grandchildren will not change. You have to set up this absolute standard, go beyond a fragmented personal view of life and beyond the environment, and adopt a four-directional perspective.

(3) A grandfather and grandmother need to have an affectionate relationship with their grandchildren. Only this will start the vertical line of love. Also, the grandchildren must become one with their grandfather and grandmother. Since the grandfather and grandmother are in the position of God, they should be attended like God. Otherwise, the axis of love will not be set in place. Horizontal love arises after this is established. Horizontal love reaches out in four directions, but vertical love moves in only one direction. What is horizontal can move east, west, north, and south, throughout 360 degrees. What is vertical comes down from one point alone and cannot be divided up.

(4) There is no fundamental difference between the loving hearts of a grandfather and grandmother, those of a father and mother or those of a son and daughter. It is the same love. If the grandchildren barge into their grandfather and grandmother's room, the grandparents are happy; and even if the father and mother barge into their room, the grandparents are happy. Because there is such a principle, grandparents love their grandchildren even more than they love their children. So as the grandchildren grow up, they prefer their grandparents raising them to their parents raising them. The logic, principle and formula lead to this. A family based on the ideal of the four-position foundation is a unified realm of rounded, balanced love. The unified world is found within the ideal family.

(5) In the presence of true love, even God can kneel down and fool around. A grandfather will happily become a horse for his grandchild to ride. Even if the child grabs his hair and tries to climb onto his back, the grandfather will say, "Get on! Get on!" Heaven and earth become earth and heaven, father and mother become mother and father, father and son become son and father; this is all fine. In this way, love flows down from above and up from below; all is in harmony. So if you have true love, you can buy everything in the heavenly nation.

(6) God is not someone to fear. He is the one closest to us. If you meet God, even if you ride on His back and pull His hair. He will enjoy it. It is as when a beloved grandson grabs his grandfather's hair and climbs on his back; the grandfather enjoys this. God is our Parent, is He not? When you know this, He is not someone to fear. He is the one closest to me. God is closer than a parent, closer than a husband, closer than a son. When I come to know God as the one who is closest and most precious to me and who will live with me forever, then everything goes well.

(7) When a grandfather meets his grandson, it is the happiest time. Old people's forgetfulness is designed to enable them to become friends with little children. That makes their loving heart bigger and more beautiful. Forgetting extraneous things, they raise their grandchildren with that loving heart. This is not a bad thing. It is in tune with the heavenly world and is part of God's process of creation. Forgetfulness has a downside, but those who are forgetful have a stronger desire to see those they love. Living like this before going to the spirit world means you go to a higher place. This is God's love.



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